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Looking for half birth sister

Looking for my birth sister born in the 1950\'s in Edmonton. Her mother worked at the Corona Hotel and her father\'s last name was \"Albrecht\"

Lisa Rollheiser - 2019-09-24 22:11:04

Half Brother

My Mother gave birth to a son out of wedlock in Calgary Alberta prior to 1940. Her name is Alice Louise Helland. No information on the Father! No other information!

Ron Martel - 2019-09-24 19:25:34

Gloria Fraser 1926

Looking for anyone who may have known a Gloria Fraser born around 1926 in Calgary. She was adopted by John anderson Fraser and May have had a foster family before that. She was in the CWAC in Edmonton in 1945-46. She didn’t have a close family and I cannot find her. We would love to have a photo of her.

Gloria Christina Fraser - 2019-09-16 09:16:33

Birth Mother

Searching for birth mother, of baby boy (Erick Michael Sloboda) born June 25 1971, in calgary Alberta. Need info for Health reasons, it is very important that we find some info on mothers and fathers side, Thank You.

Sloboda - 2019-09-09 12:23:29

Birth mother

I am looking to see if anyone knew of a Gloria Christina Fraser born around 1926 in Calgary. She was my birth mother and wrote in my papers that she was also adopted. I have done my dna and I believe she was the daughter of Nellie Taylor born 1907 to Ernest and Clara Taylor. Nellie was part native and a housekeeper for Thomas Malin in 1926 in Camrose. Gloria was adopted or given to John Anderson Fraser. She said she left that home when she was 12. She served in the CWAC in Edmonton in 1945-46 then left to the USA where she got pregnant with me. I was born in SLC, Utah in 1947 then put up for adoption 18 months later in Calgary. I have found two half siblings that were born before me in 1945 and 1945 and were placed for adoptions as infants. We are all three trying to find more information about our birth mother. I would love a picture of her. I'm sure she's deceased but hoping someone may have known of her. She was about 5'3, brown eyes, and brown hair and was said to be quite beautiful and stylish. She was a nanny in Calgary for the Lough family during 1944-46. Thank you

FRASER, MALIN, TAYLOR ALBERTA, 1926 - 2019-08-28 03:42:21