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Seeking contact number for ED and DARLENE BITTNER, who lived in Calgary, in 2007. Brother Anthony Jackson, Campbell river, b.c. Urgent we talk. sister joan

joan nunweiler - 2016-09-16 20:23:25

Sydney G Smith

SMITH, EDMONTON 1962- 1968. Sydney Smith went to the University of Alberta in 1963 and 1964 and was in the Arts program. She may have been there still in 1968 as she is listed as a student. In 1968, she lived in Edmonton at the Garneau Tower Apartments suite 605, 86th Ave and 111 Street. Her room mate was Enid L Jones who went to UOA and had become a teacher by 1968. Please contact me if you have any knowledge on either Sydney Smith (female) or Enid L. Jones. Thank you

Janice Davis - 2016-08-31 12:42:51


I am just staring on search the Bowles family. My grandfather was John Thomas Bowles passed away December 13, 1976. He was married a third time. The last time to my grandmother Marie Kathleen Hugo (passed away Nov. 12, 1988). He lived in the Clyde, AB area and later they moved to Edmonton, ab. If anyone has any information that would be great. I am also - trying to gather information from other family member. There also Bowles that moved to BC and ON. Thank you!

Shelley - 2016-08-31 12:41:36

Stierle family from Volhynia to Grande Prairie, Alberta

Hello to all ... Does anyone have access to the local history book "Along the Wapiti" (Wapiti River Historical Society, 1981)? In this book is an article published about the Stierle family in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I found out that theyare originally fromVolhyniaand that they belongto my relatives. Any help is greatly appreciated! Regards from Germany, J?rgen

Jurgen Mundt - 2016-08-18 13:56:41

Gainer Block Murder 1902

I'm looking for any information on a murder that happened in Edmonton at Gainer Block which at the time was a Butcher's building. Today it is a bar\ lounge. I'm told a 9 year old boy was murdered there... any information would be great thanks.

Trista - 2016-08-08 12:28:28

lillian mclaren [nee tickle]

I am looking for information on the McLaren family who lived in Calgary Alberta Lillian emigrated from England with her parents Daniel and Ellen Tickle in 1911/1912 my last known address 05p Calgary east alberta 421, 30a, nw Calgary I think Lillian died in 1977 she married into the McLaren family and Lillian visited England in 1962 any help would be appreciated at kenbenson@talktalk.net

kenneth benson - 2016-08-04 16:16:08

Looking for info on detected family

Herald Gerald Hoines, born 1910 in Viking Alberta. Married Delta Mae (missing maiden name desperately want) born 1914 Alberta. Looking for herald Gerald Hoines parents info. Settled in Viking Alberta.

Tiffiny - 2016-08-04 16:15:09


I'm looking for my siblings, Paul, Mark, Pauline. Do not know last names... Our father has passed away some time ago whom I never meet.. Siblings in Alberta... I'm the oldest sister to them Tammy Ilkuf, All I know he was on the Namao army base in Edmonton. I was born in 1966...It's been a long hard road trying to find and look for information that you have no answers too. Mother will not tell me anything...... grrrrrr I would be very excited to find anyone of my siblings.

Tammy Ilkuf - 2016-07-24 21:02:40

Myrtle Iverson

I am looking for ANY information regarding Myrtle Iverson who was buried in Beechmont Cemetery in Edmonton in April 1924. She was originally from Saskatchewan of Norweigan descent. She was 19 when she passed away.

Michaela - 2016-07-20 01:06:40

Harry Bailey

He was my grandfather George Bailey of Port Credit Ontario brother I remember he and great Aunt Margaret coming to visit when I was very young. I know he homesteaded, Are you related, I would like to know what happened to him.

Margaret stevens - 2016-07-13 22:07:51