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John Dubetz (RCAF - WW2) brother of Lawrence Dubetz (RCAF) missing in action 1943

Hello, I am looking for information from any family member of John and Lawrence formerly of Edmonton, Alberta. Both men served in Europe in WW2. I am going on the IOFF Pilgrimage tour (In Our Fathers Footsteps) for the 75th anniversary of the Dutch Liberation. I have been asked by the tour organizer to find information about Sgt Lawrence Dubetz for the memorial. Sgt Dubetz passed away (missing in action) May 1, 1943. While doing research at the Alberta Archives I discovered that his brother John had also served in WW2. I believe John returned to Canada in 1947. The brothers are sons of Peter and Lena Dubetz. Any family info would be welcome to acknowledge the brothers. Thank. you.

Dubetz, - 2020-02-23 00:56:57

Looking for Mabel Elise Poitras My GREAT GRANDMA

Looking for Mabel Elise Poitras born in Athabasca 1933 would be around 87 years old , My mother was taken away 1951 from Mabel and put in O'Connell Institute Edmonton my mothers name is Mary Poitras she was named after Mabels mother . Looking for any living relatives of Mabel's her parents names were Mary and Adolphe Poitras. I think they are from the Athabasca area as thats where Mabel was born. Mabel had other kids one son names robert who was adopted.

jennifer Anderson - 2020-02-12 23:14:19

Location of land near Freedom/Naples Alberta

My grandparents emigrated to this area in 1923. Wondering how I can identify land where they farmed

Lydia Graham - 2020-02-12 22:49:51

Malcolm McKinley

I am doing research on the history of Leduc City. We are trying to establish when Malcolm McKinley filed his homestead in the Ft Sask area (Lavoy). We believe it was in 1875. The reason for this inquiry is that Malcolm was the first telegraph manager for the station built just south of Edmonton. It was built by the Dominion Telegraph Co and the station was used by those living in the Edmonton area. One of Malcolm's responsibilities was to name the station. He decided to name it after his first customer. Sometime after that Father Leduc walked in to send a telegram to Bishop Grandin and the rest is history. We are trying to tie down the actual date and if possible the contents of the telegram. We believe it happened in 1876 as the office went on line in January of 1876. Any help regarding this matter will be deeply appreciated.

Tom Dirsa - 2020-01-23 21:28:29