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LUND, ALBERTA, CALGARY, 1923 Marriage, 1905 to 1923 - searching for my Grandmother and her family

LUND, ALBERTA, CALGARY, 1923, 1911 to 1923 Helen Mary Lund (aged 18 years, Roman Catholic) ) married Arthur Le Gros (aged 24 years, Church of England) in Alberta, in St Mary's Rectory, Calgary, on 26th Feb 1923, I am trying to find out more about my Grandmother and her family in Canada from the time she was born until she left Canada, soon after her marriage to travel to Jersey in 1923. On her marriage certificate her father is named as John Lund (from Ireland, Cork) and her mother is named as Margaret Smith (surname before marriage), John did not sign the marriage certificate, Margaret did sign, others who signed the marriage certificate were Arthur Le Gros, Helen Lund, and Arthur Lund, who I believe was Helen's brother, and George Fraser. Helen was either born possibly in Ireland (although my mother thought Edinburgh (?)) before the family emigrated or in Canada. A further mystery is that on Helen Mary Lund's 1931 death certificate held in the Jersey, Channel Isles Registry Office, she is recorded as Helen Mary Dillon not Le Gros (her married name) or Lund (her maiden name).The Jersey Registrar has stated that the record is definitely that of Helen Mary Lund due to the other details recorded at the time, and thinks that Dillon may have been written in error. Helen Mary died aged 26 years of Scarlet Fever. From the 1911 Irish Census, I have found that her father was possibly (?) a gamekeeper in Dunblane, Ireland and her mother's full name was Margaret Ellen Lund ( a copy of the full 1911 census details are given below this message, however Helen is not recorded on this census). As mentioned above, Helen Mary Lund died in Jersey at the age of 26 years when my mother Ethel Sarah Le Gros was just 7 years old. I am trying to find out more about Helen for myself and my mother who is now 94 years old - she knows very little about her mother and has never seen a photograph of her. I would like to find out more about my Grandmother to share these details with my mother and my family. If anybody can help me with this research I would be very grateful. Many thanks for reading and considering this query. Best Wishes Pamela Black (maiden name Viney, daughter of Ethel Sarah Viney 94 years-old (maiden name Le Gros) Age Sex Relation to head Religion Lund John 50 Male Head of Family Church of England Lund Margaret Ellen 46 Female Wife Church of England Lund Arthur 12 Male Son Church of England Lund Harry 10 Male Son Church of England Lund John 7 Male Son Church of England Lund Mabel Margaret 5 Female Daughter Church of England

Pamela Black - 2019-03-28 19:51:18

1926 home

Just looking for info on our house built in 1926. It is in Allendale on 105 st and 63 ave. We know that a man named frank erlam worked for the Canadian biscuit company built it. Would love more info on frank of my house or houses from the 20s.

Danielle - 2019-03-19 23:17:58

Searching For LAMOUREUX Sr.

Searching for the father of Alcibiad Lamoureux. Alcibiad was Born 17 May 1858. It is beleived he is one of the two brothers that came to Lamoureux Alberta. We are Looking for his Father and Mother.. Thank you.

A EMBLAU - 2019-01-19 17:28:58