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I am looking for a woman born in Edmonton during 1914 & lived in Medicine Hat in the 1916 census She was adopted & her ADOPTED name was Ruth Lucille Thomas I believe she is from a Scandinavian family In 1916 her adopted family was attending a Methodist Church in Medicine Hat please contact me with any info I will also pay a fair price to someone for any leads or research

Kell Koch - 2015-03-27 14:43:50

seking family tree information

I am searching for relatives of Dr. Catherine (Kate) Campbell Brodie Andrews, of Lethbridge ALTA, Born 19 July 1895, died 9 January 1967. Dr. Andrew was was a respected and lifelong teacher in the Lethbridge area. I am interested in locating her family members or other information about extended family. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

Mrs. Barbara Ewart - 2015-03-27 14:43:12


I am looking for a genealogist to help me research my family. I was born in Edmonton June 1952 Theresa June Pojalow. Thank You Any advice is deeply appreciated.

Pojalow 1900 - 2015-03-18 16:26:29

George W. Curtis

Looking for any information, such as marriage certificate info or obituary for George Warren Curtis. George married Lily Louise Butler in June 1913 in Edmonton (?) Family stories indicate that George was born Cecil Pearl Reed in WVA, USA, the son of J. Warren Reed in 1879. He moved to Canada and changed his name to George Warren Curtis. Any help in completing the story would be appreciated. Thank you.

Randy Sheik - 2015-03-18 13:29:15

Old Farm Between Mundare and Vegreville

Hi there: I am wondering if anyone knows the history behind an abandoned farm (house and 4 barns) that sits just a few hundred metres up Range Road 155 near the TC 16 Hwy? I stumbled upon it the other day and am wanting to know the story behind it. It's a very nice house that looks like it was just up and left it and I'd like to possibly find out why. I can go an look at land titles but that doesn't give much of a story. Anybody have any insight? I can send photos as well. Thanks so much, Kelly

Kelly - 2015-03-15 14:11:06

Fred Day

Fred Day, son of Thomas Jefferson and Margaret Rice Day, was living in Dewberry in 1965. I am seeking any information about him--wife and children, if any, death date, cemetery and tombstone. Same for wife, if any. Information or leads very much appreciated.

H. Ellsworth Steele - 2015-02-13 16:03:11

Bayrak/Bayrack, Constantine 1916 to 1949 - Edmonton and Edson

Bayrak/Bayrack, Constantine 1916 to 1949. Hi I am looking for any information on Constantine Bayrak - I know he died on Oct 10, 1949 in Edson Alberta. I would like to know what his wifes name and children's name where. I know he had a son out of wedlock in November 1939 in Edson Alberta. I am looking for any relatives or family. Thank you

Sonni Jones - 2015-02-10 00:12:27

Trynczuk/Semenituk 1909 Marriage

The spelling of the surnames could be quite different. The bride Marguerite) was b. abt. 1897 in Au. immigrated 1897/8. The groom (John) was b,.1886 and worked on the railroad all his life. They had 7 children. The first. Lucy was born 1909 Nov. 15. On the 1911Census shows the family of Senituk John (1876), Margaret (1887), Lucy & dau Margaret and Mother Wid. Mary J. b. 1843. They were living at Kootenay, Okangan, B.C. Would like a copy of the marriage, if possible or other info. Thank you, Catherine

Catherine Johanson - 2015-02-09 17:01:03

my mom

Yes me and my sister have been trying to find my mothers birth name.. Her adopted name is Madeleine Carol Ross. We would figure that she was born February 7 1947 and adopted sometime after that.. We dont know where she is or if we will ever be in contact with her again. My father had a stroke many years ago. if anyone can help that would be great. We believe she went up for adoption either in Calgary or Edmonton maybe even in Elk Point. thank you Tanya

tanya baldwin - 2015-02-08 00:04:31

Looking for 1/2 brother

Fall 1939, our mother gave up a baby boy for Adoption. She gave birth at the Misercordia Hospital in Edmonton. Alberta adoptions wont provide any more info to us other than he was adopted by a well respected couple who resided in a rural area with recreational, educational and medical facilities nearby. They were of the Protestant faith, the adoptive father was 29 at the time and the adoptive mother was 25. Our mother passed many years ago..but having to give up this baby boy haunted her till the day she died.

Barb - 2015-02-01 12:18:07

Ernie Lange

Trying to find the above subject. He is a cousin of my husband's family. We know that he is a cattle rancher in Edmonton. Ant assistance is very much appreciated.

T. Lutz - 2015-01-29 09:41:59

Family who emigrated to Canada from Cardiff

I am trying to get in touch with cousins and second cousins I have in Canada. Your mother or grandmother would have been born in Roath, Cardiff UK, in about 1890. She was Theresa Donnelly and had lots of brothers and sisters, those I can remember are Mary Ellen, Mabel, Helena (Lena), Elizabeth (Liz or Lizzie), Patrick, maybe more. She married a John I am sure, they emigrated to Seskatchewan in either the late 50s or early 60s. One of Theresa's daughters was Mary Whaley who married Doug Pople. Perhaps Theresa's married name was Whaley. Hope someone may know something, thanx.

Sheila Bell - 2015-01-23 15:23:36

HENRY George Donald, CHALMERS/HENRY? Elizabeth died 2007 EDMONTON, decendants. Please contact family in NZ.

The family of Mary Ann HENRY, b. 22 Jun 1866, Forfar, ANS, SCT d. 26 Dec 1941, Auckland, NZL (Age 75 years) Recently learned that her twin George McKiddie HENRY, b. 22 Jun 1866, Forfar, ANS, married on 11 Mar 1896 Dundee, ANS, to Isabella Luke DONALD, b. 6 Jan 1870, Dundee, ANS, SCT Had Children George Donald HENRY, b. 1898, St. Peter, Dundee, ANS, SCT d. UNKNOWN Gertrude HENRY, b. 1897, St. Peter, Dundee, ANS, SCT d. UNKNOWN George Donald HENRY married Elizabeth CHALMERS, b. 4 Aug 1908, 3 Meadow Place, Lochee, ANS, SCT d. 12 Aug 2007, Edmonton, AB, CAN (Age 99 years) and had at least three children. Their gender, names and DOB and whether they are alive or dead is also unknown. There is family in New Zealand who would love to make contact and would be grateful for any information; we presume the family is in Canada as the only clue which we have been unable to verify and unable to get any leads from is the death of George Henry?s wife. Elizabeth CHALMERS who died 12 Aug 2007, Edmonton, AB, CAN (Age 99 years) we have been unable to find a funeral notice or obituary which may have been able to give us some clues about living decendants. It is unknown if Gertrude (Georges sister) was married had children or when or where she died Any help or information to find our relatives would be appreciated. Thanks.

Debbie Cee - 2015-01-21 00:09:22

Ian Watts

Looking for information on Ian Watts born July 29,1958 in Edmonton Alberta

Ian Watts - 2015-01-20 22:02:49

Dorothy Joan Jackson

Seeking information about Dorothy Joan Jackson, born 1932 in Didsbury, AB.

susan Aubertin - 2015-01-04 14:54:22


Searching for Collick history North of Edmonton. Was told that father-in-law Nick was abandoned on a doorstep in the early 1930's. I would really love to fill in the blanks for the family. Not sure his real name was originally even COLLICK. They spoke Polish or Ukraine.

COLLICK, Nick - 2015-01-04 14:53:58

Looking for information about Alice Elizabeth Fuyarchuk.

Hello: I am wondering how to find more about this lady. If you can point me in the right direction any information would be appreciated. Thanks for reading this. Her married name might have been BAILEY. She was born in Edmonton.

Barbara - 2015-01-01 16:53:59

Hart Cafe Location in Edmonton 1950s

Hart Cafe, Edmonton, 1950s Looking for location of "Hart Cafe" or "Heart Cafe" in Edmonton. This may not have been its official name but could have been the restaurant in the Hart Block (would like to know the address of that too). My grandfather said he met my grandmother there and I would like to know where it was located. I believe it would be around Jasper Ave within walking distance of the Edmonton Auto Springs Works Building (now gone) where he worked. Thank you.

Tammy Gordon - 2015-01-01 16:53:30