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Trynczuk family

The Trynczuk family emigrated to Canada in 1892/93. One member Margueripe (Margaret) a daughter was b. in 1891; married 1909 to John Simituk who worked for the C.P.R. They went to Red Deer in 1920. I am helping a neighbor search her grandparents history. I did find 3 homestead records taken out by Trynczuk, Oleksa, Turko and Urko in the Two Hills area. Any help or suggestions most appreciated. Thank you. Catherine

Catherine Johanson - 2014-03-25 17:05:06

Margaret Dorothy Orgill

We are seeking anyone with information as to our morther. She was born, Margaret Dorothy Orgill to Eliza and John James Orgill,in Edmonton in 1925 or 1926.They were originally from England and immigrated to Edmonton in 1910/11. In 1942 she married John Paravicini and they lived in the Fawcett area before moving to Westlock and then to Edmonton. She later divorced and married one Fred Hayman. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

G.A.(Jerry)Paravicini - 2014-03-25 17:00:02

Kinal Obituaries, Edmonton Journal

Kinal, Obituaries, Edmonton Journal - comments I am researching my grandfather and I believe his brother was Walter Kinal. I have the date of Walter and his wife, Antonia's, obit from the Edmonton Journal, but can't access them. I would really appreciate leaning what is stated as to Walter's parents, siblings, and children. If anyone could grant me this favor, the obit date is 30 March 1965. Thank you.

ann harmuth - 2014-03-25 16:58:53

Porter family of Innisfail and later Olds Alberta

Looking for any information about Mary E Porter who died in Nov. 1915 at Innisfail, AB. Her children were Mary and Willie Porter - age one and three years at the time of the mother's death. The children then went to the Wood's Orphanage in Olds, Alberta. The father - first name unknown, Porter - returned from the Great War and reclaimed the children.

Frank Dwyer - 2014-03-25 16:58:29

George Wilson

Jacqueline Saville, you email address does not work.

Kate Hall - 2014-03-13 12:19:21

Jacob, Rudolph Robert, born Feb. 1916 born in Edmonton

My good friend Gertrude is 100 years old on March 24, 2014 and I would like to find for her grandson Ryan and the rest of her family, information on Rudolph (Rudy) Jacob her younger brother named for his father Rudolph Jacob senior Pastry Chef at the Hotel MacDonald in 1916 and then Alberta Dairy Lunch. Rudy left home and no one has much information on him. We think the family got notice of his passing in the 1950's or early 1960's in Calgary, Alberta. He may have had a jail record and the family lost touch of him probably because of that as the rest of the family was a very proud family. Any information greatly appreciated. .

Deb Boelstler - 2014-03-11 10:30:55

Angelina from Mundare

Hello, I am looking for a woman named Angelina (not sure the last name). She also has an older sister. Angelina would be 34 or 35 today. Someone told me years ago that she had passed in car accident. I have been looking for her....endlessly. Please, if you know who this girl is and where I can find her, please contact me.

Shannon - 2014-03-06 19:12:47

Family search

Searching for info re George Wilson family. George born 1879 Glasgow, Scotland. Children Gladys, Minnie, Margaret, Eddie and George. Farmed outside Edmonton, began with fur farming. Gladys worked for Muttart Homes, Minnie took over the farm. Anyone with more infor, please contact. George was my grandfather's brother.

Jacqueline Saville - 2014-03-06 19:11:56

FREE - 2 Microfiche Readers - both in Working Order

I have two michrofich readers, both in good working order to GIVE AWAY. Please email me at jnisbet@sherrittmetals.com

Jennifer Nisbet - 2014-02-23 16:03:34

Helen Margaret Szeles

A correction to my mother's number of siblings: 6 sisters and 2 brothers and fthe amily settled in the Touchwoods in Sask. near Cupar or Q'Appelle. Her parents emigrated from Hungary in early 1900. Still unable to find her place of birth and it is believed to be in one of three provinces: Alberta, Sask. or Manitoba. My mother married William P. Laslo in 1919 in Arbury, Sask. Any leads would be grateful.

Vera Nolan - 2014-01-27 23:37:58

Looking for my mom's brothers and sister

Hi I'm looking for my mom's three siblings. Her name is June Feschuk. Her sister's name is Marie and she had twin brothers Richard who went by Ricky and the other is Robert. They were put into foster care because their mother was murdered by their Uncle. At the time, their father was charged but later found innocent. The name of the family that took them in is Tippy not sure about the spelling. This happened in Edmonton Alberta in 1958. Please if you have info we would love to hear from you..... Mom's name Rose Feschuk Dad's name William Feschuk Uncle's name John Feschuk

Brenda Mercer - 2014-01-22 00:41:16


Lac LaBiche community has lost my brother's burial records. If anyone knows of burial sites please let me know. He was buried in a grave with a cross for a headstone, but vandals destroyed them all, and now I don't know which grave is his. In the row he's buried in, all the graves all unmarked. Thank You.

darcy tremblay - 2014-01-22 00:37:42

1964 drowning in Lac la Biche, Lydia, Mark, Philip Whitford, Arsene Cardinal

Anyone with information regarding the drowning of Arsene Cardinal, Lydia and Mark Whitford, and Philip Whitford in Lac la Biche in 1964, please contact me at the above email. Thank you.

Louise - 2014-01-18 21:20:53


I am looking for family on my mother's side, last names on grandma's are Ghostkeeper's, Bouragan, Capotvert. I don't know who my bio grandpa was or any other relation's.

Annette Cyr/Ghostkeeper - 2014-01-18 21:19:03

Robert Laurence May b 1907

Dad's cousin was born when his Scots father Andrew McLean May (mother Grace) was working in England, then they moved to Coleraine Ireland. R L May was Landed Immigrant in Quebec headed for Toronto as a 'farmer' in the 1930's. Busby AB is one possibility.

Eileen May - 2014-01-17 10:29:31

Tupper, William

I am looking for my father's birth father - William (Bill) Tupper. He worked in Nordeg, a small coal mining town outside Edmonton in the 1950s. May have passed away in 1977 from a heart attack. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Nicole Meister - 2014-01-13 21:41:09


Seeking info on Mom's cousin Lloyd St.Germain, born about 1922 in the Peace River area. He joined the armed forces and served in Korea. Married Edith __?____, they were living in Calgary in 1953.

Caron Paulovich - 2014-01-13 20:31:48

Searching for Father

My name is Michelle Gauvreau. My biological Mothers name was Terra Lynn Gauvreau. She was in the Army in Edmonton in around 1976. I have been informed my Birth Father was in the RCMP Stationed in Edmonton at the airport around the same time. I am in need of a name. I have since lost all my family and want to fill the empty part of me. I want nothing from this person but to find out where the other half of me comes from. I am now 37 years old with no family and to find information would help greatly.

Michelle Gauvreau - 2014-01-10 13:12:57

Edmonton !970's

Just an ad on to my last message, David A Smith Van Patten worked as a janitor when he met a young girl ether 1969-1971 south side Edmonton ,she tried to contact him by mail, his mother got it and hide it for years, she did say maybe she was from St Albert, my girls would like to meet the person .Still in High Level AB.

Mary Van Patten - 2014-01-06 10:25:31

alberta plaque1955

I am in touch with Wilson Akitt's grand daughter and would love to find family or friends who may have memories or PHOTOS of my gt uncle. A picture of his 1955 Alberta plaque would be a treasure.. Wilson emigrated from Chester,UK 1906,died 1949 He was granted his land rights in about 1911,farming at Ribstone,Battle River at 44.2.4. So looking foreward for any scrap to pass on as Elaine has no knowledge of her ancestors. Many thanks ,in anticipation, carolyn jones.

akitt,ribstone1949 - 2014-01-06 10:24:33

Information on Mother who passed

Hi, are you able to provide me with any information on my mother who passed away around 1975, 1976, she worked at the Charles Camsell Hospital as a registered nurse . . . ANYTHING! Please and thank you.

Sheryl Gurney (nee Foster) - 2014-01-06 10:23:24

Looking for Josef Tischler

Josef Tischler immigrated to Canada in 1963. He had a residence at : 7844 Hunterslea Cr., N.W., Calgary, Alberta, T2K 4N2. He had this address for 10 to 15 years Any help would be appreciated, even if you know a relative of his to pass this on to.

Johnny Tischler - 2014-01-03 01:24:04