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We lived in Edmonton when I was born on 10013-115 St., Edmonton. I am not able to find this location on my map, I simply find 115 NW St but would like to pinpoint it, if possible. This would have been in 1946 to 1949. Thank you

Susan Titterton - 2013-03-27 11:04:53


Looking for any descendants of George John Brotherwood, husband of Ester who lived in Lomond area, George remarried my Great Grandmother between 1935 and 1942. I know George is buried with his first wife Ester, but I have not been able to determine what became of my Great Grandmother, I last have a border crossing for her going to her Daughter in Whitefish Montana listed as a widow of Mr Brotherwood. She is not buried with her first husband John Murray in Fernie. Any help or contact details would be greatly appreciated Marion

Brotherwood,George,LOMOND - 2013-03-27 06:38:29

Child in Edmonton 1970-71

Looking for child born Edmonton 1970-71.father worked as janitor at Strathcona high school.. mother in that area.maybe.she tryed to contact father once Father David VP Smith..

Marie Van Patten - 2013-03-21 13:35:58

Looking for Evelyn Georgina Boucher

I am looking for Evelyn Georgina Boucher, born in Lac La Bische, Alberta in 1938.

James Bennett Boucher - 2013-03-19 16:02:47

Looking for my mom's birth certificat

My moms name is Ida Belcourt born in 1913 maybe in Lac St Anne Alberta or St Albert Alberta. She did stay in the convent for three years from 1926 to 1929. I have not been able to locate her long form birth certificate or any birth certificate for that matter

Edna Maclean - 2013-03-16 13:30:10

Searching for sister

Hurl, Edmonton, 1952 Looking for adopted sister. She was born in the Royal Alexandria hospital in Edmonton Feb. 1952. Birth mother's name was Hurl, birth father's name was McGowan. The adoptive father was Scottish and a geologist, adoptive mother was English. They were of the Protestant faith and had a 4 month old daughter at the time of adoption.

B. Attrell - 2013-03-04 00:15:12

Coates, Allen & Selma, Edmonton

ry to help a friend of mine to find descendants of Selma and Allen. 1974 they still were in Edmonton: Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980 Name: Allen C Coates and Selma Coates. Location: Edmonton; Strathcona, Alberta Occupation: Radio Tech Electoral District: Edmonton-Strathcona Year: 1974 105 Street, nbr 4735 Source Information: Ancestry.com. Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2012. Selma was nee Stohl, her mother Selma Stohl nee Lofstrom was born in 1895 in MN. The latter was in Beatty Sask as of 1916 according to Census. Then she was not married to Fred Stohl yet. It has been told me Fred(Walfred) and Selma had many children. My friend has relationship with Stohl/Lofstrom and plans to travel in BC and California in April 2013, she would like to connect with "living relatives" of course. Thanks in advance. Bo Nordenfors, Lund, Sweden

Bo Nordenfors - 2013-03-04 00:14:51

Obituary Request

RUPPEL, EDMONTON, 1998 David Henry Ruppel's obituary appeared in the Edmonton Journal on September 7 or 8, 1998. He died on September 5 in Nelson, BC. Would anyone be able to send me a copy or transcript of the obituary? Thank you,

Carol Annett - 2013-02-25 16:24:27

Dufva Family - Water Glen District

Looking for marriage announcement of Albert Dufva to Elvira M. Olson Aug. 17, 1934 and also an obituary for Albert Dufva on Feb. 1949. They had 3 children Norman, Alfred & Elmer. Thank you, Catherine

Catherine Johanson - 2013-02-25 16:21:22

Rose Williamson / Oscar Williamson

WILLIAMSON, ALBERTA, HANNA, 1931, OSCAR, ROSE Looking for information on Rose and Oscar J Williamson. Lived around Hanna, Alberta Rose died 1931, she comes from the John Peter Pruden (JPP) family line. Oscar J Williamson comes from a Norwegian background. Could be possible that his former last name was Williamsen/Wilhelmsen in records.

Marie Williamson - 2013-02-19 17:37:55

BAIRD: Benjamin

I am trying to locate a birth record for my father, Benjamin Franklin Baird. He was born on Dec. 30, 1913 on or around the Michel Reserve. His older sister (by 18 months) was born in Mosside, Alberta and it is possible Ben was born there also. The provincial archives have record of his sister's birth but not Ben's. We tried checking St Peter's Roman Catholic church records but were told that records before 1930 were lost in a fire. We were told by his sisters that he went to Youville Indian Residential School but I have been unable to find out how to access those records. Any help would be appreciated!!

Myrna Driscoll - 2013-02-08 23:08:55

Florence Hilda Moncrieff (Thompson)

I am trying to locate the cemetery in which Florence and her husband Ansel are buried. I am a relative from NH doing geneology.

Pat White - 2013-01-31 22:10:41

Kenneth Read, RCAF

I am looking for information on Flying Officer Kenneth Read, RCAF, son of Thomas Matthew and Ethel Reed of Edmonton. He was killed on active service on 17/18 Oct 1944 in England. Thanks.

David Fuller - 2013-01-31 22:10:13

Cristiolus WILLIAMS

WILLIAMS, Edmonton, 1968 - I am looking for the family/descendents of Cristiolus (Chris) Williams (b 1893 Regina). His parents were (William) Parry Williams (b 1846 Wales - d 1907 Regina) and Emma Elizabeth Thornton (b ca 1868 England - d 1918 Winnipeg). He served overseas in WWI, and gave his mother, Emma Elizabeth Williams (also known as Thornton-Williams), as next of kin, living in Winnipeg. He returned from the war and married Maude _______. They had 2 sons - Ken (in Calgary in 1968) and Bill (in Edmonton 1968). There were 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren in 1968. He was a telegraph operator from a young age to his retirement. Cristiolus and Maude lived at 9308 109A Avenue from 1947 to 1968. He died 23 Oct 1968 and was to be buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens. Cristiolus was a half-brother to my grandfather John Williams born Wales 1881. Cristiolus is a very unusual name - it came from the name of the church in Llangristiolus, Anglesey, Wales, beside which William Parry Williams spent many years in his childhood and youth.

Marion - 2013-01-31 22:09:54

Tor Vindal

I am trying to find out more about my second great grandfather. His name was Tor Vindal, and he was born in Seljord, Norway, in 1887. He married my second great grandmother in 1907, and they got 6 children in total. In april 1927 (when he was 40 years old) he left his wife and 6 children (!) in Norway to go to America. I have found his name on the passenger list of the vessel "Caronia", going from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia. In the passenger list it is listed that his final destination was Edmonton, Alberta. But all leads end with the passenger list. I have searched cemetery records from Edmonton, but I could not find the name there, or anywhere else.. I would be tremendously greatful if anyone has any information about Tor! I am really curious to know if he married again and got a second family and what happended to him after he left Norway. I don't think he was very popular with his wife when he left her to search for "a better life" in America, so I think they stopped having contact completely after that. Thus, nobody in my family knows what happended to him. I hope somebody knows something about him!

Silje Eriksen Holmen - 2013-01-31 22:08:54

Searching For My 7 other siblings or more.

Dorreen Gauthier was a native lady from Saddle Lake Reserve. She had lots of kids including me and 2 siblings that I do know. I, Charmayne Gauthier, was adopted in 1991 and when I was 13 I was told she died, possibly in 2002. I'm now searching for my siblings and more answers. I want to know what cemetary she is placed in. If anyone knows anything please help me.

Dorreen Gauthier - 2013-01-25 01:07:07

My Grandfather

I'm looking for any information on William Newton Hall. Immigrated from Whitely Bay around 1920. Settled in Vermilion, later moved to Edmonton. Wife Jane and two children.

Richard Paul - 2013-01-24 15:11:16

RE: David Lloyd Smielski Found

This message is for everyone who are searching for their family members. I want to let you know that this website help me to find and locate my brother David Lloyd Smielski DOB August 28, 1955. All these years I have put it on this website, through adoption agencies, ancestry.com. I even phoned all over the Canada to search for him. I even wrote letter to adoption agencies many years ago. Thank God, he answered my prayers. Keep searching and never give up!

Doris Gabriel - 2013-01-10 22:51:24


I am trying to find out what happened to an Uncle who passed away as a teenager, born in Niebyliw poland in 1884, immigrated to Canada in 1894. He was listed on the census in 1901 living with his parents Ivan and Domka Yurkiew. I know he passed away sometime after that but nobody remembers him. When did he die and where is he buried. He is not in the St. Nicolas Cemetary at St. Michael where his parents are buried. It could be that the cemetary wasn't there yet. Perhaps it was Chipman catholic. Can you help me? Leona Stewart

irene leona stewart - 2013-01-09 14:06:53

Guthire Logan

Searching for information about my mother's family. My mother was born in Calgary, AB in 1932 and was adopted by the Vlassalaert family also of Calgary in 1935. Her birth parents were Emma( nee Kelly) Guthrie and David Logan. On her adoption papers birth parents are listed as living in Calgary. David and Emma also had two sons, Kenneth and Jimmy. Any information that anyone can provide would be very appreciated.

Hazel Martin - 2013-01-05 20:28:08