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Lorenz, Edmonton, 1980

John Schaub - 2010-12-26 20:26:02

Research on surnames of Simon and Predie in Vegreville

surname Predie-Vegreville early 1900's, confirmed through census records-1906 and 1916. Looking for Constantin, Lena (Elena) Wasel, William, Nicholai and any others

surname Simon (1916 census) prior version of surname could be Simonuik, Siminuik or some semblance---Vegreville First names of Nicholai (Nicholas) husband, Veronica wife, John(maybe Ivan)Born 1910 son, Dominica (maybe Dorothy) daughter, Gregory son (possibly died in Vegreville at the age of 13 circa 1927, William

Both families related through marriage and all were from Bukowina area of Austrian empire, which is now part of the Ukraine. All were known to be members of the Greek Orthodox Church. all ived acording to census records of 3rd Ave W in Vegreville in 1916.

Looking for any and all clues related to these 2 families. Nicholai/Nicholas Simon was my great grandfather.

Thank you!

Glenn Simmons - 2010-12-20 12:42:32

Looking for maternal grandmother or relatives

Hi, My mission is to help my own mother find any and all information pertaining to her own birth mother. She only knows a couple things about her... 1. her name was Marian (or ) Marion Alice Stevenson.
2. She may or may not have been married to my grandfather and could have used the last name Stanley.
3. She had a girl child in july of 1948 in Edmonton Alberta.
4. She may or may not have lived in or near Lloydminster.
5. She may have had other shildren but noone seems to know.
This is very important to my mother as she know sonly these things about her mother and she would like to reach out and learn more. Thanks for any help

Jodi Hall - 2010-12-19 13:15:14

birth family or friend


Looking for birth family, father or friend possibly James Bedford or Robert Case, mother possibly Lillian Ina Miller (but this info given on birth paperwork may be false or slightly inaccurate to keep births secret). Birth mother had at least three children that she gave up for adoption in Calgary, Alberta. Birth mother apparently we are led to believe came from and/or lived in small towns/farms in Saskatchewan (Regina or Moosejaw area?). She may have worked for AGT for a short time in the 1950's. My husband, his birth sister or half sister, and their birth brother or half brother were born in Calgary in the mid 1950's and given up for adoption, have recently located each other and are co-operating on this. My husband was named Gary James Bedford before he was adopted. His birth sister was named Debra Penny, we believe. My husband was born in 1954 in Calgary. Birth mother probably date of birth in the early 1930's. Birth mother may have worked as a fruit picker. Family may have been musical and/or have some musical background.

Donna - 2010-12-13 20:48:22

Lola Jean Cooper

I am trying to find information on my Grandmother, Lola Jean Cooper, born in St. Paul, AB around 1923. In 1943 she was living at 1560 Comox St Vancouver BC and working as a Canteen Stewardess.

Pam - 2010-12-13 02:16:02

Pomerleau, Imbeau

I am looking for descendants of Edmund (Edward) Pomerleau and Laura Imbeau. I believe they had a daughter Jeannie. Laura was my great aunt.

Claire Hughes - 2010-12-04 09:21:33

Gallahad, Alberta

Michael Gilgenbach emigrated June 27, 1878 (Date of arrival) via Rotterdam to New York with his children Gertrud, Maria and Anna Maria. The name of the ship was "WA Scholten" Maria married Anton Kuefler at Lake George in Minnesota. I have much information of the ancestors in Germany. But of the descendants, some should have emigrated to Gallahad, Alberta, Canada, I have not much information and so I look for the book "The Heart of Herresbach" by Father Juniper Kuefler. Can someone help me to buy a book or a copy of the book?

Kind regards

Herbert Scholz - 2010-12-03 00:35:02

Death Record

Garvey, Leo Francis Edmonton Alberta,
Died on or about Oct. 7/1999

Adeline Starr - 2010-12-02 11:16:29

looking for family history

I'm looking for information on my grandmother Victoria Swain Powder born oct 03 1901 in Medacine Hat Ab died in Uranium City Sask April 05 1977

Donna Powder - 2010-11-23 23:57:34


1911 census finds Samuel Watts married to Jemima Thirlwall, with step cildren Charles W., Harold, Arthur Leslie, Agnes Jeanette and Amelia Margaret is missing. Amelia was listed in the 1906 census with her mother and siblings. can anyone tell me what happened to her as the family later moved to BC.
Thanks, Linda

Linda Donsberger - 2010-11-21 08:22:03

Norine Elizabeth Mulligan, Jack King

MULLIGAN, KING, CALGARY, 1914-1930 - Information concerning Norine Elizabeth Mulligan, Anna Agnes Mulligan, Jack King, Phillip Daniel Mulligan.

Pennington, Garfield - 2010-11-20 00:11:17

Re: Mulligan Family History

MULLIGAN - PEACE RIVER, EDMONTON, CALGARY, 1900-1932. Information needed re John Daniel Mulligan, Anna Agnes Mulligan, Mary Julia Ward, Minnie Marie Schwertfeger, Phillip Daniel Mulligan, Norine Elizabeth Mulligan, Sophie Desjarlais, Marielle Boule, Flora Mulligan. Thank you.

Pennington, Garfield - 2010-11-20 00:07:44

My Father

My Father Frederick Howard Herbert farmed east of edmonton and went to the gold rush of 1898. Looking for any gold rush records.

John Herbert - 2010-11-17 13:45:51

Ruis,Frank slide area

I am looking for my family Angus and Annie Ruis. They are mentioned in the 1901 census of Alberta & SaskaTchewan,Canada. I have not been able to find out more information about them. All help welcome.

Loretta Preston - 2010-11-13 18:01:26

Fred Brewster

Does anyone have information about Azalia Adams, who married Fred Brewster, who owned a trucking company from Alberta in the early 1900s?

Maureen Jebb - 2010-11-13 09:27:50

Henry Norwest

I would like to know if you have any record of the birth of Henry Norwest a Metis Indian born May 1884. Henry Thank you for your time.
Sabrina Paradis

Sabrina Paradis - 2010-11-09 18:19:23

Gallagher & Madden

Hi, I am researching the family of Ann C Loretta Gallagher, nee Madden born 7 July 1891. Lived in Okotoks. Thanks Danny

Danny Colgan - 2010-11-08 04:57:08

McManus & Madden

Hi, I am researching the family of Catherine Justine Madden who may have married Patrick Joseph McManus. Catherine born Lily K. Madden 29 November 1887. Thanks Danny

Danny Colgan - 2010-11-08 04:55:00


I'm looking for any information on my g-grandfather, Joseph Lenoch, who was born in Bohemia in 1856 and died in Lavoy in 1927. He was married to Mary Hendricks who died in 1945 also in Lavoy.

Ann - 2010-11-06 21:44:17

james dawson lamont

I am trying to find details of the death of my uncle James Dawson Lamont who I believe died in Canada in the last 20 years. I never met my uncle as my dad was given up on birth but would like to meet his family. Any help would be gratefully received



fergus lamont - 2010-11-02 16:17:58


Am looking for information on Samuel Seymour, Bertha, Children: Gordon, Audrey, Robert, Barry and Jack Christie. Do not have birthdates, marriage dates or their children's information.
Diane Wheeler

Diane Wheeler - 2010-10-30 01:26:16

Looking for information

Gladue (Zuber) Enoch reservation.
I am looking for information on my birthmother. She was born on the Enoch reservation in Alberta, west of Edmonton. Her last name was Gladue. She had many different names, Thelma,theresa,Valerie,Veronica that i know of. She married a man who's last name was Zuber. She passed away around 1983. She had 5 children. She had a large family,her fathers name was chewmi, her sisters names that i know of was Rena, her brother that i know of was Robert, she had more sisters and brothers. I am looking for family history, and family members, i hope someone can help me, do you know the family? help me please.

Veronica - 2010-10-29 12:43:55

Proper spelling of Grandfather's name and location of father.


I was named, 'Christopher Brian Jordan' at birth by my parents Brian LeRoy Jordan and Brigitte Sziegaud. My parents divorsed and I was later adopted and renamed as Christopher Brian Hall. Foolishly I changed my name to Christopher Loveall. Upon becoming better aquainted with my father, I learned that he had been adopted while young after the death of his blood father and subsequent remarriage of his Mother to Bruce Jordan of Rimbey. Although respecting my Grandpa Jordan, I wish to be in proper accord with the true blood line. I understand that my father's father had the last name 'Norem' or 'Norheim'. I have been using the last name Norheim officially for quite some time, but I feel a little uneasy... not knowing with certainty as to what is written on my Grandfather's gravemarker.

Looking forward to your reply,

Christopher Brian Jordan - 2010-10-29 02:00:06

Bethel Lutheran Church

The above church was built in the Burnt Lake district in 1901 but by 1912 both the land and the church were sold. Apparently there was a burial of a child and no records exist.
Very interested if anybody knows where these records would be so that this burial can be recorded.
I thank you in advance for any help.

Catherine Johanson - 2010-10-25 22:04:50

Christie Family

Christie,Edmonton, Alta.
Samuel Seymour Christie, b:unknown ,d:16/05/1964,
married:Bertha (Clausen),date unknown,
1.Gordon, b:6Jan1916, d:19/01/1981,
married:unknown ,His children:unknown,
2.Audrey Velma, m:George Ross Younie,date unknown,
Audrey, b:unknown, d:17/01/1978 ,Children:,unknown, maybe girl-Karin,
3.Barry, b:unknown, m:Louise unknown,
4.Robert, b:unknown, m:Jean unknown,
5.Jack ,b:unknown,
Would like to find all the missing information

Diane Wheeler - 2010-10-25 16:30:31

Donovan-Flatbush AB.

Donovan,possible Donald (first name)Searching for any info on a "Donovan" possibly in Flatbush AB in 1940-41-42. There may also be a connection to Irma Alberta.

Roger Gleddie - 2010-10-22 17:41:48


I am looking for the death dates and burial place of my great-grandparents, Hiram and Lucretia Burritt MERRICK.
Hiram was alive in the 1911 census of Stony plain, but was dead by 1916. Lucretia was still alive in the 1916 census and also testified as to her son Thomas's age so he could enlist. in the 1916 census, she was classified as a widow.

CAROLANN WESTBROOK - 2010-10-17 18:32:12

Clarence FOWLER

FOWLER, EAST, Edmonton, c 1880 - 1990
trying to find info on a Clarence FOWLER who married Ethel Maud EAST,the marriage probably taking place in England.
As far as I know Clarence went to England with the Canadian army in WW1. After marrying, the couple lived in Edmonton and had 3 daughters but I can't find any records of any of the family.
I know 2 daughters married in Canada, the other (Clarice) married a New Zealander and moved there.
Can anyone help with any further info please?

Eileen - 2010-10-12 20:32:12

Maccie and Wanda

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Wanda and Maccie Golden. The only information I have is that they are twins who past away when they were a month old. It would really mean alot if anyone had any information. E-Mail me, cavewoman_16@hotmail.com

Madisyn - 2010-10-12 01:21:24

Randolph (Ran) Currie

RANDOLPH (RAN) CURRIE, born near Edmonton, Alberta, 1907, son of Theodore and Mable Currie. Brother of Myrtle (Miriam), Wilburt(Wilbur),Katheline and Adelia.
Have an early photo of Ran Currie while he was employed at a creamery in either Chipman or Mundare, Alberta. He is pictured in the creamery with my father, Gerald Hosler and believe this photo was taken around 1930.
If any descendant or other relative of Ran Currie is interested will be happy to e-mail photo to them.

Charles Hosler - 2010-10-11 18:49:07

Edmonton Ranch owner/worker 1929

Researching a James Morton who was born in Durham England in 1870.Sometime after 1914 it is said that James came to Edmonton,where he eventually owned a ranch.He was visited by his brother Thomas at this ranch in 1929.
James did return to England sometime later as he dies in Nottingham in 1952.
Any help would be appreciated.

Anne Douglas - 2010-10-10 17:27:30

Gosling, Strathcona, 1931

Hi, a long shot!
Anyone related to a Charles Gosling who was living at 9318 81st Avenue, Strathcona in 1927?
He married a female Collins from England, trying to find which one!

Dave - 2010-10-08 11:18:10

Twin Ronald and Donald father Victor Russell

I am looking for my two half brothers. Their names were Ronald and Donald. I believe they were born in Calgary. The father was Victor Russel, born approximately 1938 or 1939.

Sharmaine Tremblay - 2010-10-06 10:31:33


trying to trace my great great grandfather John Morrison who emigrated to Canada in early 1900's. I have been told he had a farm/ranch near Mannville, central alberta in Minburn county and died there in the 70's. he was born about 1885 in keith banffshire scotland.Any help tips etc appreciated greatly.

keith morrison - 2010-10-03 15:35:00

Gordon Family

My father whos' name was John Gordon had family (his mother) in Lac La Biche
Alberta. I was adopted so never met him
and he passed on I had heard. I am looking for family of his so I can prove I am Cree. I would be 1/4 cree so don't know if that would qualify me
for status but would love to know and to know about my heritage. Thank You.

Renee Ford - 2010-10-02 12:01:00



Caroline Hoover - 2010-09-30 15:40:01

Locate Step Brother

Looking for information on EARL FREDERICK CLARKE,born Vancouver BC in 1950. Mother's name Marion Clarke. (lives in Calgary). I would like to make contact with you.

Lou Oneski - 2010-09-19 23:57:47

Death Record

My Grandfather Harry Gordon lived in Smith, Alberta Canada. He lived there many years. We did not know or have any contact with him. We know he died in 1961 and as a family we would like to know about him. Thank you for all your help Helen Farina

Helen Farina - 2010-09-19 09:01:11

Biological family

If Wayne Jensen (born March 2 1952 in Calgary) or any descendants would like to meet his biological family, he can phone 780 - 454 - 6216.

JENSEN, Wayne - 2010-09-16 00:30:24

ward of court 1924 Edmonton

Looking for history of my father Leopold Sobko, left at Edmonton shelter Mar.02,1925, estimated birth June 01,1922. Ward of court Feb.24, 1926. Left by a Mrs. J. Dupuis, who was delivering for C.W.Smith apparently in Ft George area. Parents deceased, but no record.

Dave Tompson, Vernon,BC

Sobko, Smith, Dupuis, - 2010-09-14 10:49:33

Paul Stewart

Interested in any information someone might have on "Paul A. Stewart" born late 1930's? ... moved around Canada ..specifically in the Toronto area during the mid to late 1960's.

Karyanne - 2010-09-12 17:52:50

Born Oct. 17 1946

Do you know anyone who had a baby girl on October 17 1946 ,in Calgary Alberta . Was put up for adoption.
May have native blood ?????
Just want contact by e mail . Do not want to cause a problem for any one .

Sheryl Treber - 2010-09-11 15:40:36



LAROCQUE, LISA JEAN - 2010-09-10 09:45:17

looking for Smith

Looking for any connection/genealogy on Albert Smith born in Lawrence Kansas 1895, immigrated to Boyle Alberta in early 1900's, had a sister 'Ethel'b1896. Mothers name was Belle Warren, aka Isabelle Smith, aka Belle Leroy.
Albert changed his name to Oneil, unknown reasons, he married Nora Sumner, father Charlie Sumner of Athabasca. if anyone has any knowledge on the said names, please make contact.

Susan - 2010-09-09 21:30:53

Andrew Findley

Findley, Andrew - post 1906 - We are looking for a deceased family member who came to Canada from Scotland looking for his daughter Isabella Brown Findlay in Kievisville Alberta. We believe he is buried somewhere in the Peace River Area, perhaps McLennan.

Jennifer Norgaard - 2010-09-06 14:50:22

I'm looking for...

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Therese Marie Pottelberg, please contact me! Therese was married to John Pottelberg and they lived in Cherhill, AB around 1995 to 2000. John passed away in Barrhead I think but I haven't heard anything about Therese or where she might be. Thank you for any information that you can offer!

Leslie - 2010-08-26 12:12:49

Fred Wilson

Looking for my husband's father's biological father showing as Fred Wilson who father a son with Elizabeth Yarwood Billings in about 1917. Fred Wilson was about 28 years old and working as a seedsman in Saskatchewan and/or Alberta at the time of the birth. Fred Wilson was not married to Elizabeth but recorded on his son's birth certificate.

Sylvia A. Wilson - 2010-08-22 10:05:00

John Edward McDonald

Looking for an old friend from the University of Alberta in 1972. John Edward McDonald was born December 3/4, 1946.

Sylvia Mandziuk Wilson - 2010-08-22 10:02:14

lambert handlon

Looking for Mary Lambert nee Handlon, mother of Elaine, last known residence in Elk Point or Derwent. Living in 1997 but passed by 2009. Any clues where I can look for a cemetery or land record. I am searching for any clues to what happened to Mary.

coleen handlon-shaull - 2010-08-17 06:23:51

finding infor grandmother

Paulson, Betsy Alliance 1900
I am trying to find infor on my grandmothers family. Lived in Alliance and Stettler. Married Joseph Albert Ashmead July 2, 1919. One son Maurice Joseph Ashmead born April 24, 1920

Gwen Sayles - 2010-08-15 16:56:11