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Lockwood, Saskatchewan 1967 History Book now online

The 1967 Lockwood, Saskatchewan history book "The Story of Lockwood Community" is now online on the Town of Nokomis website.

R. Isherwood - 2006-02-13 17:32:26

Red Deer

My ancestors came over from England in the early 1900s and settled in the Red Deer District of Alberta,the surname is PEET and Annie Peet the sister married a Robert Beck on arrival,any info would be appreciated.

Carole Traynor

Carole Traynor - 2006-02-13 09:27:46

John J. Barr, Edmonton 1908-1968

Looking for information on John Johnson Barr, Who was born in 1876 in Lanark Co., Ontario. He moved west with his wife Laura, first to Manitoba then to Edmonton about 1908. They had a daughter who was born and died in Manitoba then two sons born in Edmonton, Garfield D., born 27 Aug 1909 and Victor Jack, born 22 Aug 1914.

Kurt Barr - 2006-02-12 15:39:36

Soren Peter Nelson

Nelson, Soren Peter.
I am looking for any information on this man who came from Denmark. He participated in WW1 and was demobilized in 1919, expressing intent to work in farming, in Cadogan Alberta.
He was born in 1885.
While serving in the CEF, he assigned some of his pay to a S. Espedal of Cadogan Alberta - any information on Soren Peter Nelson and S. Espedal will be much appreciated

Henrik Frank - 2006-02-12 09:21:32

Half Sister

Searching for half sister Marline Joan (Dixon). She was born in 1951 in Toronto Ontario. The adoption was private between a doctor and a lawyer. She may not know that she is adopted. Birth parents are Mack Marlatt and Mrs. Lillian Dixon. Hope to hear something.

Patricia Marlatt - 2006-02-11 18:51:16

RCAF Plane Crash 1943

Looking for relatives of Field, Charles William Thomas died February 14, 1943 was with the RCAF was with the No. ^ Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron out of Alliford Bay BC. Next of kin was a wife listed as Mrs. CWT Field. Also lost my grandfather Joseph Orr Gilmour on the same flight. Field was listed as home town of Edmonton, Alberta. Any help is appreciated.

Field, Charles William Thomas - 2006-02-11 11:29:58


Thompson, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Edmonton,
12/28/1967 - I would like to find an obituary for a Hewson Thompson who is buried at the above cemetery in Edmonton.
Also, is there a wife buried there as well and if so, I would like to know her name.
Thank you!

Ron Stewart - 2006-02-10 21:18:23

Fatal Accident-Marion Mearns

Interested in finding any information on an accident that claimed the life of Marion Travers Mearns, also possibly her husband C.M. Mearns. Her death occurred Feb 17, 1914 in Grouard, Alberta. Any information would be greatly appreciated. They were originally from Gaspe Quebec region.

Daphne Horan - 2006-02-07 07:25:27

Thomas Young

I would be interested in receiving any info about Thomas Young of Ribstone, Alberta who ran 100 yards in 1912 in under 10 seconds.

Dale Briggs - 2006-02-06 22:19:02

Names and spelling of my Father's parents

1)Zelenski, Bassano, 1920(?)- father of Armand Pter Randall born 1920
2)Barazacka, Bassano, 1920(?)- mother of Armand Peter Randall born 1920

tricia randall - 2006-02-06 16:08:25

United Brethren

I am looking for information on the Merrill/Collette family who came from Idaho. Some settled in Taber, Alberta.

Punky Russell - 2006-02-02 11:03:07

Judson's of Manville

Judson, Manville, early 1900's. Looking for the farm location of Wilfrid and Norah Judson (my grandparents), or any other info on them that anyone may have.

J. Battensby - 2006-01-31 20:12:50

looking for son

named Leo Hugh, born August 17th, 1970

Doyle - 2006-01-31 02:57:16

Moerke or Seward names

If any one has information to share/exchange, I hope you'll contact me. I'm researching the Moerke and The Seward families from Strome and also Hawkins and McAllister from the Strathcona area -- in particular Colchester. All help will be received with gratitude.

Moi - 2006-01-29 16:35:57

poho family

Looking for any living family, or death of Peter Poho,Lethbridge?,1946?. Thanks Sharon

Poho - 2006-01-24 23:56:10


Louise Grandmother
Louise ?, Excelsior, Alberta, Canada - Does anyone know anything about Excelsior, Alberta, Canada? The only info I have is that it is north of Edmonton. My Great Grandmother's death certificate states that she was born in Excelsior, Canada Sept 6, 1892. Louise, passed away in 1938 of cancer at the age of 45 in Miami Florida. Her past is a complete mystery to us before she met my great grandfather Joseph/James/Jack Buynar around 1927 and together they had 4 children (Esther b. 1928 Indianapolis, Indiana, Joe b. 1931, Al b. 1933 & Estelle b. 1935). She may have lived on or near an Indian reservation, where may have Jack found her and brought her to the US? He once said he found her in Canada near the US border. She may have left another family behind, about 4 children, in Canada. She might have spoken French or have been American Indian (Blackfoot) and French. My grandmother, Esther, never knew her mother's real maiden name, maybe something like CABRERA, CABERA, CABEIR??? She may have had a brother who could have been a mounty. We would greatly appreciate any insight into our family. Thank you, Geri Ellen.

Ellen - 2006-01-24 16:43:43

Daysland Cemetary

I am trying to locate any information on the Heyne family that lived in Alberta from at least 1918-1924. Sylvia and Daniel/Alec Heyne lived in Daysland in abt 1919 and they had a son while there - he died within a month of his birth. I am trying to locate any information on this family, especially any records on this child who I believe was named Alec Heyne. Thanks.

Sharon - 2006-01-24 13:45:36

Information on Elizabeth Appleby

Elizabeth Ann Appleby, D.O.B. October ???, 1880 died March 12, 1918 and was interred at Edgerton , Alberta ( Section A, Block 17, Plot 1 )

I am trying to find my grandmothers exact D.O.B. and if possible Cause of Death . I am hoping that her Death Certificate or Burial Records might also show her Place of Birth and her Parents names.

Appleby - 2006-01-24 13:12:33

Trying to find a lost great-uncle

I am trying to find out as much as possible , for my grandmother about her long lost uncle.

His name is George Ruff, and we have pictures and letters from him, dating back to the 1920's, from Bashaw, Alberta.
If anybody knows of him or any living family members, we would be very happy to hear from all of you. We also have pictures of the stores he used to own in Bashaw.The name of the hardware store was RUFF & WITZKE, The Bashaw Hardware Co.
Thank you so much for your help
Andreea Cote

andreea cote - 2006-01-23 19:55:21


Looking to find people who knew the HUMPHREY family in Grande Prairie during the years of aprox 1940's to 1980's....Robert (Bob) Humphrey or Cay (Catherine) Humphrey...they were my grandparents...thank you

cathy - 2006-01-22 02:24:26

tracing descendants.

Dawber,Dennis,Worden,McCann,Montreal or
Edmonton,c 1924.
I am looking for any family descended from James & Mildred Dawber who emigrated from England to Canada after 1924.James was born in Warrington,1884,died in 1961 in Montreal.He worked for Levers(soap works)in Port Sunlight,Cheshire before
emigrating with his family,and his sister,Rhoda.
He was my uncle by marriage,my late husband Frederick Dawber was his brother Peter's son.

doreen foulkes - 2006-01-20 08:15:34


I am searching for descendants of James Dawber & Mildred A.Dennis who were born in Warrington,England and who then lived in Port Sunlight,James worked for Lever's in Soap Mfg business.
They emigrated to Canada with their family and James's sister,Rhoda,some time in the 1920's./
They lived in the Montreal area but I believe there are many descendants in other parts of Canada.
I would love to know what happened to them over the years.

doreen foulkes - 2006-01-20 02:18:49

Lloyd or Floyd Catagas

Lloyd or Floyd Catagas DOB August 28. Might have changed his real name from David Floyd Smelski to Lloyd OR Floyd Catagas. Mother Marie Madeline Catagas DOB April 7, 1931. Father Maurice Smelski from Dauphin manitoba.
We are searching for you and would like to find you. Let the past go and come and meet with us. You have a sister and a older brother who would like to meet with you. We are getting older and we would like to see you.
You once met our uncle Thomas Eagle and you told him that you did not want to meet us.
Please email me dorris_gab@hotmail.com or (204) 638-1279 or cell number (204) 647-0146.


doris gabriel - 2006-01-19 23:15:32


I'm looking for any information on my fathers family. His name on my birth certificate is Joseph Peter Gail Johnson. His Mother's name is Florence Maria Johnson but she re-married to William Edmondson and lived in Carstairs Alberta.I have also just found out that she died December 23, 1999. My father was born in Wetaskawin Alberta and was married and lived for a bit in Prince George, British Columbia, where I was born. Does anybody have any information on the Johnson and Edmondson family. Please email me a.s.a.p.

Velvet Johnson - 2006-01-19 13:07:38

Pamela (nee Jones)

Trying to track down a cousin who married (new surname unknown)and set up a fruit farm in (I think) Alberta around 20/25 years ago. She came from Swindon in Wiltshire, England and her parents were Eric and Ivy Jones.

Barry Jones - 2006-01-19 05:46:06

Staying in touch

Hi my name is Ella Carlson and I lived in Big Valley in the 1930's and I would just love to be in contact with anyone that was in my classroom at that time...Ella Carlson, Violet Carlson, Phillip Carlson, Rosie Carlson,
Eva Dahl, Leonard Dahl, John Hewett, Margaret Hewett, Glades Hewett,
Violet Hewett, Betty Hewett, Edna Lee, Hellen Lee, Harry Lee, Lola Lee,
Sylvie Lee, Wilma Lee, Joan Lee, Dorthey Lee, Robert Lee, Marjorie Lee who
Played piano, Violet Duncan, Dorthey Duncan and Carl Wilkie.If you have any information about the Jake Butte School outside Big Valley please send me information about it..It will be so greatly appriciated...Yours Truly Ella Carlson. email: eileen_carlson5@hotmail.com

Ella Carlson - 2006-01-18 14:06:51



Jarrod - 2006-01-18 13:20:10

Guske family

Looking for information about Augustand Ida (Kretschmer)Guske. They had 7 children. August and Ida homesteaded at S.E. 33 - 11 20 - 4, at Diamond City, Alberta, just outside Iron Springs. Would very much appreciate sharing any information with other people related to this family.

Guske,Diamond City. 1875 - 2006-01-16 02:03:52


Looking for all info pertaining to Alexander Stanford (Stan) Battist and Florence (Boucher) Battist. Lived Lethbridge, AB @ 1905-1925. He was brakeman with CPR, born NS 1886 and died Vancouver 1976. She died Lethbridge 1972. Four children: Bessie (married Louis Hopper), H.Ernest (also married to a Florence),A.Roy and Louise. Ernest died 1882 North Vancouver, Roy died Lethbridge 1974. Any info appreciated.

Julie - 2006-01-15 16:32:36

need info.

looking for info about my mothers family .mom was born at picardville ,as was her mother ,born hazel barker,she later married jess davis and moved to1940s bc.any info on the barkere davis family would be greatly appreciated

joe myers - 2006-01-14 21:07:43

Oline Nilson

NILSON,DUHAMEL,1950- I am a Norwegian searching for relatives in Canada. My greatgrandfather's sister was Oline Nilson. She lived in Duhamel, and died around 1950. I would be interested in getting in touch with any descendants of Oline.

Bj?rn Eriksen - 2006-01-14 19:03:30

Drake Cemetery, Saskatchewan now online

The Drake Cemetery & North Star Mennonite Cemetery are now online at:

R. Isherwood - 2006-01-14 17:37:41

Cambell Watt

Looking for Campbell Watt or members of his family. He is my mother's cousin and she has lost touch with him. He has a sister Julie and a brother, I think Alistair. His mother's name was Peggy (my grandfather's sister) and they lived in Calgary at one time.

Helen Ball (Hancock) - 2006-01-10 09:07:49

Seeking obit for Mrs. Catherine 'Minnie' Lawrence, wife of E. E. Lawrence.

LAWRENCE, EDMONTDON, 1929: Searching for an obituary for my grandaunt, Mrs. Catherine 'Minnie' Lawrence, who died abt 14 Jul 1929, Edmondton. She had previously been married to Arthur Brock, Brantford ON, after his death she married E. E. Lawrence. Any information will be appreicated. Thank You.
J. McDonald, Alaska

J. McDonald - 2006-01-08 12:54:40

Searching for my biological brother

I am searching for my brother who was adopted in 1960. His name at birth was Ronald George Lackey, born on June 21st 1960 at the Holy Cross Hospital(I think) in Calgary, Alberta. He was adopted to a couple that lived outside of Calgary, Alberta. If anyone has any info. about this or if my brother reads this please contact me. I can be reached at my e-mail address.

Thank you,
Karen Holyoak

Karen Holyoak - 2006-01-07 16:12:23


Hoping to find a connection for my fathers first cousin who lived in Claresholm, only know maiden name was
McRAe, Angeline and that she had at least 2 children pretty well grown up
in 1965 time. One a son (I believe was called) Roddy or Roderich died in the 70's somewhere in Cal. area.
Also any other McRae
originating from GLENGARRY AREA as I
believe there was an older relative living there also in 1965 time period.
Am working on family tree project.
Any help would be appreciated.

Brenda Mason - 2006-01-07 13:57:15

Winnifred Gertrude Bullock

I posted a query in Nov/2005 and apparently the wrong email address is on it please use this email.

Laura - 2006-01-05 17:32:29

Cameron Macklin

CAMERON MACKLIN,EDMONTON,AB.Looking for an old friend who I havnt heard from in years.Anyone know the where abouts of CAMERON MACKLIN please contact me or have him contact me..thanks

Shirley - 2006-01-05 10:01:57

Amanda Hornquist

Hornquist, Edmonton, March 3 1913.

I am looking for any information about my great grandmother, Amanda (Gavelin) Hornquist. Hornquist could also be spelled Hornkvist. I believe Amanda died of the spanish influenza in March 3 1913. I would like to know where she is buried, if there was and obituary, and death certificate.

Sincerely Wayne Hornquist

Wayne Hornquist - 2006-01-05 02:14:58

Kitty Keray/Kerry

I am looking for information on a Kitty Kerry? born in Edinbugh Great Britain round about 1899? Kitty's Mother died at the age of 29. Kitty was 9 years old. There were 2 sisters and a baby brother. When kitty was 17 went to Edinburgh Nurses Training graduated in Honours in Surgery. Married in 1932, had 3 sons John, Donald, Hugh Andrew. She had High Mass for My Grandmother Maggie McCormack Riddell Fri 9th

Liz Whitworth - 2006-01-02 16:02:01

Appleby / McEwen / Jackson

I am looking for any information on my Grandmother who lived in the Edgerton Area. I would like to confirm the following ;

1) date of death ( 12 Mar 1918 )

2) interned at Edgerton cemetary ( Edgerton Cemetery - section A, block 17 & plot 1 )

3) cause of death

4) Marriage record to Fred Appleby

Appleby - 2006-01-02 14:20:54

searching for

SAUNDERS, GARIEPY, BOCHAR, SERNA I am looking for a few people. One being Donna Saunders(maiden name) she went to school with my mom in Lacombe AB and mom would love to hear from her. Any information on Roy Allen Gariepy would be greatly appreciated, he is my son's father and would like to know some family history. Last known he lived in Calgary AB was married to Crystal and has 3 children divorced then married Amanda cofell and 2 daughter (also searching for Crystal and the kids as they are my sons siblings) Also any information on Mary Marcella Bochar (spelling?) who passed away roughly 32 years ago, also Thomas Serna (spelling?) Mary Marcella had 6 Children, Thomas, Kirk, Randy, Donna, Janice and Linda. Thomas Serna was father to the youngest child Thomas. Would love to find out some family background or find out where he is.

Donna - 2006-01-02 03:51:53

ARMOUR, Whitecourt, 1974

ARMOUR, Whitecourt, 1974
I believe Leslie Edson Armour died on Feb 2, 1974 in Whitecourt:
(1) Is he buried in Whitecourt?
(2) Is his wife (Gladys) also buried there? If so, what are her dates?
(3) How can I get a copy of his obituary?

Gerry Mattinson - 2006-01-01 15:58:33