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van Swelm, Drumheller, Between about 1940 to 1960. Alex van Swelm, owned a hotel in Drumheller and Wayne. Trying to find family links, and link to family name in the Neatherlands. , Cape Town, South Africa

Keith van Swelm - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

Marshlain, ,after 1890 – when and where did John Walter die? , Canada

sue burnay - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

ZAHARICHUK…looking to connect with my mom’s side of the family. Immigrants from Romania to Hairy Hill, Alberta. , ON Canada

Donna MacLean - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

Dixon (Brother of George dixon from Pinxton Derbys) , Canada

George Dixon - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

L’Hirondelle, Archange. b. abt. 1803, m. abt. 1824 at Lesser Slave Lake to Hypolite Brisset (Brissette). Archange may be daughter of Jacque L’Hirondelle and Josette Pilon. Seeking marriage records and any additional information. Any help would be appreciated. , Concord, Ma US

Lou Hills - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

I was born Leonard Bradford James Atkinson on aug. 14 1956 in/or near the town of Vermilion Alberta Canada.I was adopted at an early age/ From the information I have gathered. Ii am of native descent. My Father was Cree and my Mother was Cree French. I understand I have two other siblings, either brothers or sisters or one of each. Iam trying to locate any or all of my birth family. My adopted parents names are Gabriel Noel Solway and Leota Annabel Solway. If any-one has any information on my birth family please E-mail any such info. to me. It would be greatly apreciated. , Kelowna, B C Canada

Leonard Bradford James Atkinson - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

Casper, Wainwright,Ab. 1915 Seeking information on ggfather:Samuel Casper, ggmother_____? birth & death data, places of birth and their parents. Any info would be greatly received! Mac McCallum , Portland, OR USA

Mac McCallum - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

McCallum, Castor, Ab.Ca. 1909 +/- 10yrs, my father. His Father: William?McCallum. Mother: ? Dunnington ? Married I.Casper 1934-6 Wainwright,Ab. 3?Brothers & 1+? sisters? Mother Dunnington died when my father was 5. Interested in finding relative information as to birth, death, remarriage, brothers , sisters, etc.. Thanks, Mac , Portland, OR USA

Mac McCallum - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

HEATON WILLIAM b.1843 father of Thomas Bullcraig Heaton b1884 grandfather of Katherine Heaton(Kay Sales) of Alberta , United Kingdom

val - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

REID, William Russell, born 1846 in Ont. Married Martha Stevens. I am looking for anyone who has any information about this family. William died 1927 in Westlock Alberta. Thanks Sue , Brockville, Ont. Canada

Susan Bow - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

OLDS, Alberta about 1890. I am looking for any information about George Abraham OLDS born in Gloucestershire in 1832. He worked for Canadian Pacific Railways as a Traffic Manager and had the town of Olds named after him. He is believed to be buried in Airdrie Cemetery. Lindsay Olds , Padstow, Cornwall England

Lindsay Olds - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

Garbutt,Syvester,Coronation,(1866-1933)Looking for further information I have Syllvester married to Henrietta Atkinson, no known info on children. I am very new the research world any assistance would help. Sylvester was my maternal grgrandfathers brother. , St Catharines, on Canada

Deb - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

Tracy, William Herbert (died 1946 Kitscoty AB) Looking for names of Will’s two wives and for any descendents as well as any background info on William himself. He was born to William and Sarah Tracy of Minesing Ontario. A career soldier fighting first in the North-West rebellion, later in the Boer War and finally settling in Kitscoty AB and perhaps lived in Lacombe AB for a while. Any info deeply appreciated. , Oakville, Ontario Canada

Frank Tracy - 2001-12-26 10:40:40

cunningham,redcliff,alberta,1925. my father was born joseph cunningham on nov. 8 1925.the post adoption registry gave me this information-“the birth mother was not married at the time of birth.she was deceased as a result of pneumonia.her mother was living and she had a brother(hugh cunningham?).the birth father was married with a family(robertson?}.he had not lived with his family for a number of years.he was a miner and he belonged to the protestant faith.the birth parents were living in a common-law relationship for some time before the birth and up to the death of the birth mother. an information would be greatly appreciated. , aleza lake, bc Canada

donna goldthorpe - 2001-12-22 04:42:00

gaspar,marieta,1946-she lives in the philippines but I do not know where. She is married to serafin gaspar and she have three children name shyra mae gaspar, abdel gaspar and alexander gaspar. please help me find her where she lived in the philippines. , subic, philippines

marieta r. gaspar - 2001-12-21 11:51:00

Searching for Arthur Laurendeau, borned in 1866 I think, he is my grand uncle. I found a LAURENDEAU Haly 43 Calg-W, may be could be him because he named one of his children Arthur. He leaved his village of Cap-St-Ignace near Montmagny (one hour from Quebec) after violent argument with his brother Magloire I think. His father was Thomas Laurendeau and mother Sophie Richard. May be I have a lot of cousins and I don’t know. I think it could be time to be reunited. Thanks. , Quebec, QC Canada

Laurendeau,Ghislaine - 2001-12-21 10:53:31

LAMOUREUX — Looking for names of ancestors/sibs/cousins of PHILIP E. LAMOUREUX, b. 1872 in Quebec. See URL for all info I have. Thank you! , Rochester, NY USA

Sender's Email - 2001-12-19 11:32:24

Claveau,Alfred. Worked in Kitimat at an Aluminum smelting plant in the early 50’s when it was being built. He was born in 1890 in Canada, possibly in the Lac St. Jean area. Any info would be much appreciated. , Kitimat, BC Canada

Fred Claveau - 2001-12-18 21:50:20

Claveau,Alfred. Worked in Kitimat at an Aluminum smelting plant in the early 50’s when it was being built. He was born in 1890 in Canada, possibly in the Lac St. Jean area. Any info would be much appreciated. , Kitimat, BC Canada

Fred Claveau - 2001-12-18 20:04:50

Kulakowski,Edmonton,1969- I have a birth father that was in edmonton at this time. I know that he lived with his mother and younger siblings. He was Polish and his mother was from poland. In 1969, I think that he was around 17-19 yrs of age… I don’t know a whole lot about him excpt that he had blonde hair and blue eyes and that his father had died before I was born. He may have lived on the north side… by northgate mall…could you help me find him…or maybe give me a bit of advice as I am new to this. , Grande Prairie, AB Canada

Val McGovern - 2001-12-13 23:54:10

TODD, EDMONTON, 1915 – I am looking for TODD family members in Canada. Lived in Edmonton area. Only name I have is of an uncle, ARCHIE ??. My father, Hary Bramwell Todd was born in Edmonton on Aug 18, 1915 Thank you , Winlock, WA United States

Danual J. Todd - 2001-12-13 02:50:00

Munson, New Norway, 1875- comments , Medicine Hat, AB Canada

Robert - 2001-12-12 10:54:00

Tremblay- McDougall- Landry. Marie Landry supposedly married Duncan McDougall in ca 1800. Had daughter Catherine in 1800 in BC. Catherine married Raphael Tremblay and lived out their life at Lac la Biche, AB. Now Duncan McDougall died in fall of 1818. So am thinking Marie was remarried. Marie also could have lived to be quite old so may be alive yet in ca 1875. A guess but am grasping for straws now. Thank you. A ggggranddaughter. Viola. , Lac la Biche, AB Canada

Viola Seward - 2001-12-11 20:12:51

Awatte, Hobbema, abt 1900 – I’m looking for information about my grandmother, Anna Awatte. I have very little to go on, though, all I know is that she was Cree, possibly from Hobbema. Her and her sister, Madeline, were in Fort Ware, B.C. when she met my grandfather and she spent the rest of her life in the Yukon. Any help will be greatly appreciated. , Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

Diana Jimmy - 2001-12-08 12:50:14

BRADLEY, CALGARY 1901 CENSUS —I am looking for any descendants of either Jonathan & Elizabeth Bradley who settled in Alberta in late 1800’s as well as well as descendants of Levi and Mary Bradley who also settled in Alberta around the same period. They are tabulated in the 1901 census of Alberta district 202. I am preparing a comprehensive family history on this Bradley family and would appreciate any info I can obtain. Please contact me via e-mail at jas.bradley@sympatico.ca l , Prescott, Ont. Canada

John Bradley - 2001-12-05 03:20:00

LONG – Calgary – 1872/1960. John LONG died in Fairview, Alberta, in 1945 and was buried there. His spouse – MAGGIE – moved to Calgary and worked in the Children’s Hospital there. We are sure she died there also. Her birth would have been after 1872 and her death would have been after 1945. I know this isn’t much to go on, but we really need help. , Calgary, Alberta Canada

Mary McMahon - 2001-12-03 13:30:40

Anderson, Andrew -born August 15, 1889 Beltrami County, Minnesota Anderson, Carl Leopold -born March 4 1893 Humboldt, Saskatchewan Anderson, Einer Emil -born 1895 Humboldt, Saskatchewan Anderson, Gunnar Paul Frederick -born November 18, 1899 Humboldt, Saskatchewan Anderson, Ellen -born November 18, 1899 All children of Nels Magnus Anderson & Anna Mathilda Mattson. I am a great grandchild of Andrew Anderson (later Andrew Bergquist), who lived in Beltrami County, Minnesota and had these children : Leslie Ray Bergquist Sr., Kenneth Bergquist, Elizabeth (Bergquist) Wernberg and I am searching for living descendants of the Andersons in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, or elsewhere in Canada. Thank you ! ~ Mark Andrew Bergquist , Northridge, CA United States of America

Mark Andrew Bergquist - 2001-12-03 10:51:51

REHAUME, Edmonton, Alberta Looking for any relatives that I may have out there. Please email me at more4Him@msn.com Thank you! My grandparents were Edmund and Clara Rehaume. , Maple Valley, WA United States

Cheryl Togashi - 2001-12-02 20:41:44

Geiger,Lethbridge, 1946 I am looking for information on John C Geiger & Sophia Dorothea(Heiland)Geiger in Lethbridge, Alberta. My Grandfather Henry C Heiland, visited Sophia, his sister in the summer of 1946. Any & all information, deaths,children & etc to present day. , Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

John C & Sophia Geiger - 2001-12-02 12:50:00

OOPS – regarding the recent post on Brenda Sweet – I made a mistake – her name should read Donna Sweet rather than Brenda – sorry. , Canada

Tiare - 2001-12-01 15:34:40

SWEET, BRENDA – I am searching for Brenda Sweet (maiden name – Fisher). I believe she is my half sister and would greatly appreciate any information anyone would have. She may have gone to school in Barrhead, Alberta in the late 60’s. , Canada

Tiare - 2001-12-01 15:30:54

Decoine from wabasca alberta area born 1800. I would like any info anyone knows about decoine family ( spelling could also be Decoyne, Descoignes) , Canada

Moise - 2001-12-01 15:21:50


ANN GROVE - 2001-12-01 15:10:44

I would like to locate Catherine WHITE who was adopted sometime between 1917-25. She was put up for adoption by Thomas Benjamin Oliver after his wife Catherine Oliver passed away in 1925, buried in Jan 1926. My name is Don Mc Donald, and my mother was her natural sister, adopted and later married as Millicent Mc Donald. , Fort Saskatchewan, Ab Canada

WHITE,EDMONTON,1925 - 2001-11-30 12:15:20

I would like to locate Alice Brodie who was adopted sometime between 1917-25. She was put up for adoption by Thomas Benjamin Oliver after his wife Catherine Oliver passed away in 1925, buried in Jan 1926. My name is Don Mc Donald, and my mother was her natural sister, adopted and later married as Millicent Mc Donald. , Fort Saskatchewan, Ab Canada

Brodie,Edmonton,1917 - 2001-11-30 12:11:40


stern - 2001-11-30 10:23:40

Fisher/Trudgeon, Deidre – Looking for family information – email? address? phone? Possibly in the Edmonton area , Canada

Tiare - 2001-11-29 13:22:00

Looking for BASSETT; descendants of Thomas and Isabella of Medicine Hat, late 1800s. , Vancouver, WA USA

Beverly Casswell George - 2001-11-29 00:15:00

hi there im looking for anyone with information on the family name plecas, i have afriend who was put up for adoption and this wa his birth name , his birhtmom was plecas and she would have been 18 years old, he was born jan 6 1966 in alberta, his birth father was in the canadian navuya the time ,not sure of his name but he is deceased , ,if anyone see this and knows a plecas please tell them to contact me at my e-mail , thanks very much everyone ,anne marie, quebec canada , quebec city, qc Canada

anne marie - 2001-11-28 15:55:30

PELLETIER, DUPLESSIS, EDMONTON (or ALBERTA) – Am searching for relatives of my father’s parents: Gilles George PELLETIER (1868-1945)and Evelina DUPLESSIS (1877-1954). I would like to get in touch with any of their cousins or their siblings’ descendants. My father was Joseph Robert ‘Bob’ PELLETIER, born in Edmonton in 1903 and died in England in 1941. , Weyburn, SK Canada

Gloria - 2001-11-26 12:51:10

Williamson, Rose – Hanna, Alberta d. 1931. I have a piece of information in a scrap book that indicates Rose was buried in Hanna Cemetery in May 1931. I cannot find any Hanna Cemetery in my on-line searches. Does anyone know if the name of this cemetery has changed? or Who should be contacted regarding the records keeping? Please help. , Hanna, Alberta Canada

Jessica Hayes - 2001-11-23 10:44:00

BRANDNER, FRED AND DANIEL We are looking for info on husband and son of Ruth who disappeared in 1945 in Surrey BC. , Surrey, bc Canada

Ken Brandner - 2001-10-22 10:10:40

RYAN, Vegreville, d.1916. I am looking for information on Thomas Ryan, b. Tipperary,IRE; lived Knox/Fulton Cty, IL; d. 7/10/1916 at Vegreville. 1901 census shows Thomas (52), Mary (36), Ellen (9), Corah (9), Leonard (8), and Harry (6) at BRUDHAM, AL , Vegreville, AL Canada

John Madigan - 2001-10-21 04:25:10

TRUMAN/DOBSON Adam Scott, born in Edmonton, Alberta on October 13, 1982. Any one knowing of Adam’s current phone or address, please contact me at, karentimmann@hotmail.com Thank you for any information , Edmonton, AB Canada

Karen Timmann - 2001-10-19 10:45:20

HARRISand family,Chauvin,A.B.: Am looking for any information on this family. According to my mother, her Gr.Uncle Will and hisfamily moved from Manitoba in the early 1900’s and settled in the area. I have a obit clipping for a Chas.Arthur, killed in WW11, son of Mr. and Mrs W.O.Harris, Chauvin, W.O. is probably one of the children of William Harris. Is there any family left in the area? Would greatly appreciate any information.Thanks, Grace , AB Canada

G.Weldon - 2001-10-18 13:10:40

SMITH Annie(nee Kitson) Arthur, Frank and Lewis emigrated to Edmonton 1914 from Elland West Yorkshire. Family in England searching for their children and grand children. Jean Smith (married name unknown)daughter of Frank and Elsie. Allan Louis Smith son of Lewis. Also Bobby and Debbie son and daughter of Jean. Have family album dating back to early 1900,s up to 1953. Elderly cousins of Frank and Lewis would like to know whereabouts of any surviving relatives. , England

Hazel Kitson - 2001-10-17 14:14:44

KAYS,COUTTS ALBERTA,?-1939-? We are seeking information on Riley H. Kays. Born in Warsaw Benton County Missouri on July 9, 1886. He had lived in Sweet grass Montana and we assumed moved at some time to COUTTS TOWN, Alberta Canada. We recieved information today that He died Feb 8th, 1939 at age 52 years old. and is buried at COUTTS TOWN( OLD ANGLICAN) CEMETARY, at Coutts AB. Any information would be appreciated as we know nothing about what happened to him or if he has family.We have much to share about his family in the United States. Thank you and God Bless you your effort on our behalf. Sincerely Shirley and James Kays , Missouri , Marshall , Mo United States

Shirley Kays - 2001-10-17 12:00:00

EIDE, CHESTERMERE, AB, 2001 Looking for information on my family from the Leslieville, Ab area. Parents Albert Sr. and Sofie, both deceased in the Leslieville Area, approx. 1949 for father and approx. 1940 for mother. Any info would be appreciated. thank you. , Chestermere, AB Canada

Al [Albert] Eide - 2001-10-16 12:40:34