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KEMP, EDMONTON, 1900s Edward Kemp born circa 1885, migrated from the UK to Edmonton, saw service in WW1 and is thought to have been a Methodist Minister in Edmonton and was still living in the 50s. Would like to make contact with his family. , Yeovil, Somerset UK

John Kemp - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

HENDERSON, CALGARY. Looking for any information re GUncle Peter HENDERSON, believed to have emmigrated to Canada prior to WW1, when the War broke out he returned to Scotland and enlisted, believed to have returned to Calgary after WW1. His parents were Thomas and Helen Alexander Henderson residing at 23 Baxter Park, DUNDEE, Scotland in 1915. , Maitland, NSW AUSTRALIA

Julia - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

LEE CALGARY ca 1901 Thank you for the 1901 census information which shows TSC Lee (42)in Calgary. Family folklore says he migrated as a boy but lost his land gambling and returned to England where he died in the 1920s. His full name was Thomas Somerville Charteris Lee and I have only found this one reference. Although someone from Calgary contacted his brother in 1958. He could not decipher the writing and lost the letter before showing it to anyone else. This suggests that TSC Lee may have had a family still in Canada. Can anyone help? , Canada

Anne Wakeham - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

TALMA, Barrhead county. Any information on John and Lois (White) TALMA, Ray and Jeraldine TALMA and Timothy, Troy and Trevor TALMA. Reference found in book called Country Crossroads (part 4). Also when was this book published and by whom? Thanks in advance , Netherlands

Sender's Email - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

Vegreville..McGowan/McGown…specifically descendants of Carey McGown..early 1900’s , GREENVILLE, OH United States

JAMES DEETER - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

McGowan/McGown,Vegreville,Alberta,early 1900’s..Carey McGown moved from Ohio,USA..Looking for descendants. , GREENVILLE, OH United States

JAMES L DEETER - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

Arrowsmith,Francis,b.1836,Chatham,Kent,England,,emigrated from London to Alberta between April 1871 and 1879 , Alberta Canada

Sender's Email - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

McClymont, Edmonton,-I am searching for William McClymont and wife Elizabeth (Davidson). Son James Roy was born in 1884 in Goderich,ON, CA and moved to Michigan. His 1957 obit listed a brother and 2 sisters in Edmonton, but no names. Thankyou in advance for any leads. , Grand Rapids, mi USA

Bob McClymont - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

BROWN, John residing in Edmonton in 1914, son of John E. Brown and Eliza Early of Kent County, Ontario. Any one with a connection to this man please contact me to complete family history records. , Penetanguishene, Ont Canada

Pam Tessier - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

Selvey Edmonton Anyone having information on the selvey’s family grandfather’s name was Ernest father was Hank/Frank Selvey Ernist’s 2ed wife died in 1995 i believe im only interested in family information Im at RevJeremy@aol.com Jeremy F. Selvey , Edmonton, Canada

Rev Jeremy F Selvey - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

NELSON & HOWSE, NORTH BANKS, late 1800s to mid-1900s – Henry Nelson immigrated from Sweden. He married Elizabeth Ann Howse, who had an illegitimate baby Harry, who took the surname of Nelson. Elizabeth Ann Howse was born at Portage a La Prairie, Manitoba. I do not know when they came to Alberta or the date of the marriage or when either of them died at Alberta. My Grandmother, Sybil Nelson was born in 1903 at North Bank, AB. Henry Nelson was the operator of the ferry across the N. Saskatchewan River there. I know that they stayed in that area into the 1920s and maybe longer. There were many children and several of the children died. My unconfirmed list of children,which I have no information on except the birthdate of my Grandmother are: Harry Howse or Nelson, Arther Nelson, who may have died as a baby, Marie Nelson, who may have died as a baby, Jane Nelson, who may have died as a baby, Sybil Nelson, born April 27, 1903 and died September 10, 1993, Rose Nelson , who died around the age of 16 years, Margaret Nelson, Florence Nelson, Dan Nelson and John Nelson who died around one year of age. Any informtation or direction would be greatly appreciated. , Victoria, BC Canada

Charlene Heather - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

JOHNSTON, CALGARY, 1887+ Seeking desc of George Hope JOHNSTON & Amy Georgina YOUNG. ch: James Llewellyn Hope, George Elwyn Hope, Roland Hope, Amy Fanny Hope (1894-1895). Amy Georgina died in 1894, both possibly buried in Rosebud Cemetary. Also desc of John Lee JOHNSTON & Catherine Rebecca YOUNG. ch: James Judson Lee, Isabell E, Nora. Catherine still living in 1915 in Calgary. , Red Cliffs, Vic Australia

Di Metcalfe - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

I can barely make out the columns on the census printout – can anyone tell me what they represent…I can see name, age but beyond that is vague. , Spruce Grove, AB Canada

Shawn Ross - 2000-12-30 10:20:15

HAMERBERG, LETHBRIDGE, 1901 – Mother Clara Hamerberg with doughters Annie and Elsie from Sweden. Looking for information about the family. , Husum, Sweden

Christer Olsson - 2000-12-26 05:02:20

WARREN, MARR, EDMONTON, 1957 Attempting to contact any of the family of G.B. and Joyce (MARR) WARREN or that of Avard MARR who resided in Edmonton, 1957. Jim Marr, Moncton, NB , Moncton, NB Canada

Jim Marr - 2000-12-26 02:11:20

GROVER – 1909 brothers – Sam, Earl, Frank, Owen, Samuel & cousin Earl move from Hurdfield, Wells Co., North Dakota to area of Lacombe, Canada. Looking for all descendants. They descend from Thomas (1514-1579) & Elizabeth (Wilks 1516-1598) Grover of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England. Making up a Grover book has over 4300 names now. Willing to share since 1961. , Independence, MO USA

Robert L. Grover - 2000-12-24 04:21:00

Christian Collison 1915ish lived in Edmonton with wife, later remarried, looking for any possible leads. , Norwich, England

Sender's Email - 2000-12-21 10:50:10

Book- New Pioneers Our Alberta Heritage series II by Jacques Hamilton, calgary Power Ltd. 1st printing Sept. 1975 Archives in Edmonton the “Gauvreau” papers found by my sister at least 10 years ago, we have been unable to locate any further info , Markstay, Ont Canada

Marcel Gauvreau - 2000-12-21 03:11:50

Baby Girl Shepard born October 14/1957 at University Hospital Edmonton, Alberta at 3:50 AM . Looking for history of birth mother and father (both from Alberta) for medical history. Mother from Alberta and mothers father was a lawyer and her mother was a legal stenographer. Birth Father also from Alberta , Qualicum Beach , BC Canada

S. McGarry - 2000-12-20 15:22:42

I noticed there is a website called findagrave.com that allows people to access information agout gravestones, locations, cemeteries, etc., in the U.S. I was wondering if a similiar website exists in Canada with all information on Canadian cemeteries, headstones, locations, etc? , Carmangay, AB Canada

Sender's Email - 2000-12-19 10:50:42

Wardstron, August Daysland 1919 , Slave Lake, AB Canada

Lee Webb - 2000-12-17 10:25:34

Seeking any information on KNISLEY surname. Family lived in Canada and moved to Michigan. Will appreciate any help I can get. Claudia , st cloud, fl usa

claudia beardslee - 2000-12-16 11:20:40

Albuschies/Albushies, Alberta, 1870-1900 Looking for any information about my relatives with the preceding surname. Please email me. , Woburn, MA USA

Brian Albushies - 2000-12-14 12:30:14

DAWKINS, female born about 1917 to 1919, lived either Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta. Please contact me if you know someone who might be this person. Thank you , Victoria, Canada

Nancy Newland - 2000-12-13 13:35:30

Gambler,Athabasca,1952 I need to know anything about who I’am. Help I was adopted Sept. 1956 out of Edmonton. Someone must know something. Birth date Aug. 17,1952 name Elizabeth Pearl.Are there any siblings out there? , Olalla, Wa United States

Debra L Nadeau. - 2000-12-13 10:01:30

caruk, william(wasyl), Myrnam ,date of birth unknown(1800’s) I am looking for information on the location of burial of my great grandfather. anyone with information related to the caruks’, please contact me. , calgary, ab Canada

elizabeth - 2000-12-11 10:50:00

mawhinney,edmonton,1900 , San Francisco, CA US

Rick Smith - 2000-12-09 10:23:11

PEDERSEN, JOANNA born April 28, 1962 at Calgary General Hospital. Am searching for birthmom and any other birthfamily members. Please email me at: bunni32@hotmail.com , Prince Albert, SK Canada

Debbie Dahl - 2000-12-08 04:03:20

Waldbrook,Red Deer,1901 I see in the 1901 census of Red Deer Alta., there is a Klara Waldbrook who was 43 years of age at that time. Would appreciate any kind of information on her or the Waldbrook Family of any type. Thank You , Jarvis, Ont Canada

Melvin Walldbrook - 2000-12-07 10:50:00

Kenney, New Brunswick, 1900 Hamilton, New Brunswick, 1900 , Hanwell, NB Canada

Steven Kenney - 2000-12-05 10:03:00

STRINGER, Harry and Dellar, Ellen Edmonton, c.19009-1914.Harry and Ellen were traveling from UK to USA. Were married and had children (Frank is my grandfather) before moving to California. Thank You. , Klamath, OR USA

Stringer - 2000-12-02 14:23:54

WILLIAMS, Edmonton, c 1954. Searching for details re the drowning death of Albert Eliel WILLIAMS c 1950 to 1955, possibly 1954. No ID or wallet found on body. Listed as John Doe until identified by sister. Body brought back to Ontario. Seeking any information re newspaper article, obituary, funeral home records, death certificate. Albert served in WWI and WWII, about 60 yrs. old at death, unmarried. Any help or suggestions most welcome. Thanks. , Guelph, ON Canada

Sharon Neely - 2000-11-29 12:50:10

dixon,calgary,1918who was he born to , fruitvale, bc Canada

vikki - 2000-11-27 10:41:00


vikki - 2000-11-27 10:40:10

CALLIHOO, BABY BOY. Born June 26 1979 in Edmonton – Searching for any information on my birth parents. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Sender's Email - 2000-11-27 04:53:20

GARNIER, NFLD, 1800’s Constant GARNIER b. France 1817, came to Canada as a young man and settled in NFLD. He supposedly had a brother who went West to Alberta. Any info would be greatly appreciated. , Yellowknife, NT Canada

Barbara Murphy - 2000-11-26 13:14:30

SYDOR, DRAYTON VALLEY. 1977-?. I am seeking any information regarding individuals with that surname, who lived in the Drayton Valley area. My brother was born there in 1977, to a young woman with surname Sydor. She would be about 36 yrs. old now. Thanks. , Lethbridge, AB Canada

Sandi - 2000-11-25 22:20:31

Pelletier/Parker Dixie Rose Born Calgary Grace Hospital July29/1945 adopted two weeks later searching for family.Birth mother had two brothers one in Merchant Navy and one married sister. Grandfatherwas a grain buyer. , Prince George, BC Canada

Myrna Relitz - 2000-11-25 10:42:30

QUAIFE ALICE 1934, she resided at, 12137 106st, edmonton alberta, had 4 children by one thomas william quaife, perhaps never married to him, the children were DONALD, THOMAS, ALICE,{babe], and PHYLLIS, if you know anything of this family i would love to know, alice was my mother. ty leona wraight. , surrey, b.c. Canada

leona wraight - 2000-11-25 05:04:20

LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON: SCOTT, Sarah Margaret – Born 24 May 1852, in Caledonia, Ontario Canada. She married John Huff in East Tawas, Michigan USA 2 July 1874. Her father was David Scott and her mother was Cynthia Sims. , Genoa City, WI USA

Fred Riley - 2000-11-24 12:30:50

Harkness,Annie,Wetaskawin Alberta, This is my grandmother found on the 1901 census. Had brother Charles, sisters Marion and Margaret. My grandmother gave birth to my father (Edmonton)out of wedlock and moved to U.S. Sound familiar to anyone? , rancho mirage, ca us

Michael Hayden - 2000-11-24 12:20:00

UTLEY, CALGARY, 1949 Would like information on a family named Utley residing in Calgary in 1949. Thankyou. s.a.lutz@home.com , surrey, B.C. Canada Canada

S. Lutz - 2000-11-23 14:14:10

Endiang AB 1900 to present. The community of Endiang has started to compile data for a community history book. If there is any one out there who knows of someone who has lived in Endiang or surrounding area please contact me so we can make our book as complete as possible. Thanks Shellbea , Endiang, AB Canada

Shellbea Paulsen - 2000-11-22 15:33:30

Daryl Wayne Cederstrand,born Nov.2,1958,weight 8lbs 10 0z, Grace Maternity Hospital in Calgary Alberta.Birthmother, Helen Cederstrand would like to make contact. hceder2000@yahoo.com , Osoyoos, BC Canada

Helen Cederstrand - 2000-11-22 10:20:10

Ubert DeBoice,Edmonton , Vernon, B.C. Canada

DeBoice James - 2000-11-20 14:22:40

Bourgoin, Edmonton , Edmonton, AB Canada

Bourgoin - 2000-11-20 01:22:50

Looking for relatives. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Bourgoin - 2000-11-20 01:14:00

Banford, Edmonton, early 1900’s, I am looking for information on a Robert Banford who may have been editor of the Edmonton Journal. He may have had a twin brother named Jackson Banford who lived in Vancouver British Columbia. Both Brothers originally came from Lachute Quebec. Their father, William came from County Antrim Ireland in 1847. , Canada

Gary Larkins - 2000-11-19 14:35:00

Chalmers, Edmonton, 03/26/78, searching for biological parents, Don’t know who’s name it is. Born at Charles Campsell Hosp. Any info. would be appreciated. , Saskatoon, SK Canada

Amanda Haigh - 2000-11-18 20:10:21

Born March 12, 1971 in Edmonton. Looking for birth parents. Please email with any information. , Calgary, AB Canada

Steven Schultz - 2000-11-13 12:30:13