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John Dubetz (RCAF - WW2) brother of Lawrence Dubetz (RCAF) missing in action 1943

Hello, I am looking for information from any family member of John and Lawrence formerly of Edmonton, Alberta. Both men served in Europe in WW2. I am going on the IOFF Pilgrimage tour (In Our Fathers Footsteps) for the 75th anniversary of the Dutch Liberation. I have been asked by the tour organizer to find information about Sgt Lawrence Dubetz for the memorial. Sgt Dubetz passed away (missing in action) May 1, 1943. While doing research at the Alberta Archives I discovered that his brother John had also served in WW2. I believe John returned to Canada in 1947. The brothers are sons of Peter and Lena Dubetz. Any family info would be welcome to acknowledge the brothers. Thank. you.

Dubetz, - 2020-02-23 00:56:57

Looking for Mabel Elise Poitras My GREAT GRANDMA

Looking for Mabel Elise Poitras born in Athabasca 1933 would be around 87 years old , My mother was taken away 1951 from Mabel and put in O'Connell Institute Edmonton my mothers name is Mary Poitras she was named after Mabels mother . Looking for any living relatives of Mabel's her parents names were Mary and Adolphe Poitras. I think they are from the Athabasca area as thats where Mabel was born. Mabel had other kids one son names robert who was adopted.

jennifer Anderson - 2020-02-12 23:14:19

Location of land near Freedom/Naples Alberta

My grandparents emigrated to this area in 1923. Wondering how I can identify land where they farmed

Lydia Graham - 2020-02-12 22:49:51

Malcolm McKinley

I am doing research on the history of Leduc City. We are trying to establish when Malcolm McKinley filed his homestead in the Ft Sask area (Lavoy). We believe it was in 1875. The reason for this inquiry is that Malcolm was the first telegraph manager for the station built just south of Edmonton. It was built by the Dominion Telegraph Co and the station was used by those living in the Edmonton area. One of Malcolm's responsibilities was to name the station. He decided to name it after his first customer. Sometime after that Father Leduc walked in to send a telegram to Bishop Grandin and the rest is history. We are trying to tie down the actual date and if possible the contents of the telegram. We believe it happened in 1876 as the office went on line in January of 1876. Any help regarding this matter will be deeply appreciated.

Tom Dirsa - 2020-01-23 21:28:29

McGillis, St. Germain, Salois - Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana

Does anyone have any information regarding a Violet Rose St. Germain, born 11/45 in Alberta, Canada. Possibly connected to McGillis and Salois families, but undetermined.

McGillis, St. Germain, Salois - 2019-11-11 03:11:02


Hi I am looking for information regarding our father. My mother Margaret G McQueen was born in Lamont, 1937 and has passed, never disclosing any details on our father. She had 3 children, (1961, 1962, and 1964 born in Edmonton). This would be late to be having children so I/we feel that she may have had others prior to that. Her parents are George Albert McQueen and Cristena (Mohr) McQueen. Both from the Lamont/Vegrevaille area.

Sherrie Harvey-Erfle - 2019-11-06 01:29:59


CAMPBELL, LORIE LESLIE, I am looking for any information on Lorie Leslie Campbell. He was from Arcola Saskatchewan came to Alberta, married Norma McLeod and had one son Evert Lorne William Campbell in May 1958. Any information would be wonderful

Marlene Frisch - 2019-10-20 04:29:52

Family history

Hello there, I am trying to find out more information regarding my grandma Marcella M Bochar. She was born April 21st 1935 and died September 3rd 1972. She has 3 daughters: Linda, Donna and Janice And 2 son's: Thomas and Kirk That I know of. I'm trying to find out where Marcella was born and her other family as my mom Donna was only 7 when she lost touch. Thank you in advance,

Marsha Lessard - 2019-10-12 17:25:57

Looking for half birth sister

Looking for my birth sister born in the 1950\'s in Edmonton. Her mother worked at the Corona Hotel and her father\'s last name was \"Albrecht\"

Lisa Rollheiser - 2019-09-24 22:11:04

Half Brother

My Mother gave birth to a son out of wedlock in Calgary Alberta prior to 1940. Her name is Alice Louise Helland. No information on the Father! No other information!

Ron Martel - 2019-09-24 19:25:34

Gloria Fraser 1926

Looking for anyone who may have known a Gloria Fraser born around 1926 in Calgary. She was adopted by John anderson Fraser and May have had a foster family before that. She was in the CWAC in Edmonton in 1945-46. She didn’t have a close family and I cannot find her. We would love to have a photo of her.

Gloria Christina Fraser - 2019-09-16 09:16:33

Birth Mother

Searching for birth mother, of baby boy (Erick Michael Sloboda) born June 25 1971, in calgary Alberta. Need info for Health reasons, it is very important that we find some info on mothers and fathers side, Thank You.

Sloboda - 2019-09-09 12:23:29

Birth mother

I am looking to see if anyone knew of a Gloria Christina Fraser born around 1926 in Calgary. She was my birth mother and wrote in my papers that she was also adopted. I have done my dna and I believe she was the daughter of Nellie Taylor born 1907 to Ernest and Clara Taylor. Nellie was part native and a housekeeper for Thomas Malin in 1926 in Camrose. Gloria was adopted or given to John Anderson Fraser. She said she left that home when she was 12. She served in the CWAC in Edmonton in 1945-46 then left to the USA where she got pregnant with me. I was born in SLC, Utah in 1947 then put up for adoption 18 months later in Calgary. I have found two half siblings that were born before me in 1945 and 1945 and were placed for adoptions as infants. We are all three trying to find more information about our birth mother. I would love a picture of her. I'm sure she's deceased but hoping someone may have known of her. She was about 5'3, brown eyes, and brown hair and was said to be quite beautiful and stylish. She was a nanny in Calgary for the Lough family during 1944-46. Thank you

FRASER, MALIN, TAYLOR ALBERTA, 1926 - 2019-08-28 03:42:21

Searching for Bawura/Бавура

Hello, Searching for my great grandfather Michal(Michael) Bawura (born 1892 in Austrian Empire, nationality Ukrainian, but could mark himself as Polish). I know for sure he migrated to Canada from village Iwanowce, Poland (now Ukraine). Ship Alaunia arrived from UK to Quebec on 03.05.1926. Then he went to Alberta as probably he had there relatives or friends. I know from Canadian archives that he had a land somewhere near Cold Lake in Alberta. Thank you in advance. Vlad

Vlad - 2019-06-03 13:23:22

My sister seeking family, adpoted

Sister was born June 29th, 1954 Edmonton, Alberta. Last name was BLOCK.

J A King - 2019-05-05 23:15:57

Deley Family - Jay Deley

Hello, Jay Ronald Deley! I am part of the Ludwig/Skitsko/Woitas family tree. I have seen on geni.com that you have added some information about my great great grandfather onto our family tree both on my grandfather\\\'s and grandmother\\\'s side - I would like to know how you have come to know so much about our family tree and how you are related as it seems Tekla Plachner was a relative of yours and was married to my great great grandpa. She would have been 150 years old as of today and If you are open to providing more information I am happy to hear from you! I am looking for more information into both sides of my family and it seems you also know of Jacob Ludwig or have been doing some digging yourself. I would love to help. Please contact me.

Amanda Ludwig - 2019-04-10 21:02:47

Ludwig/Ludwikiw/Kozdrowsky Ancestry

Curious individual looking into her grandfather\'s family tree to see if we have any other relatives on his side that may be living yet. My grandfather goes by Marion last name Ludwig. His brothers are Tom Ludwig of Norway and Edward Ludwig of Tofield (deceased). His sister was Genevieve Ludwig (deceased). His father\'s name was Jacob Ludwig. This name is very hard to trace as Jacobs father is Austrian and changed his name from \"Kozdrowsky/Kozdrowsky\" to Ludwikiw and then again to Ludwig after the Austrian war in 1800s . Just looking for information into relatives. Anything helps thank you.

Amanda - 2019-04-06 19:52:29

LUND, ALBERTA, CALGARY, 1923 Marriage, 1905 to 1923 - searching for my Grandmother and her family

LUND, ALBERTA, CALGARY, 1923, 1911 to 1923 Helen Mary Lund (aged 18 years, Roman Catholic) ) married Arthur Le Gros (aged 24 years, Church of England) in Alberta, in St Mary's Rectory, Calgary, on 26th Feb 1923, I am trying to find out more about my Grandmother and her family in Canada from the time she was born until she left Canada, soon after her marriage to travel to Jersey in 1923. On her marriage certificate her father is named as John Lund (from Ireland, Cork) and her mother is named as Margaret Smith (surname before marriage), John did not sign the marriage certificate, Margaret did sign, others who signed the marriage certificate were Arthur Le Gros, Helen Lund, and Arthur Lund, who I believe was Helen's brother, and George Fraser. Helen was either born possibly in Ireland (although my mother thought Edinburgh (?)) before the family emigrated or in Canada. A further mystery is that on Helen Mary Lund's 1931 death certificate held in the Jersey, Channel Isles Registry Office, she is recorded as Helen Mary Dillon not Le Gros (her married name) or Lund (her maiden name).The Jersey Registrar has stated that the record is definitely that of Helen Mary Lund due to the other details recorded at the time, and thinks that Dillon may have been written in error. Helen Mary died aged 26 years of Scarlet Fever. From the 1911 Irish Census, I have found that her father was possibly (?) a gamekeeper in Dunblane, Ireland and her mother's full name was Margaret Ellen Lund ( a copy of the full 1911 census details are given below this message, however Helen is not recorded on this census). As mentioned above, Helen Mary Lund died in Jersey at the age of 26 years when my mother Ethel Sarah Le Gros was just 7 years old. I am trying to find out more about Helen for myself and my mother who is now 94 years old - she knows very little about her mother and has never seen a photograph of her. I would like to find out more about my Grandmother to share these details with my mother and my family. If anybody can help me with this research I would be very grateful. Many thanks for reading and considering this query. Best Wishes Pamela Black (maiden name Viney, daughter of Ethel Sarah Viney 94 years-old (maiden name Le Gros) Age Sex Relation to head Religion Lund John 50 Male Head of Family Church of England Lund Margaret Ellen 46 Female Wife Church of England Lund Arthur 12 Male Son Church of England Lund Harry 10 Male Son Church of England Lund John 7 Male Son Church of England Lund Mabel Margaret 5 Female Daughter Church of England

Pamela Black - 2019-03-28 19:51:18

1926 home

Just looking for info on our house built in 1926. It is in Allendale on 105 st and 63 ave. We know that a man named frank erlam worked for the Canadian biscuit company built it. Would love more info on frank of my house or houses from the 20s.

Danielle - 2019-03-19 23:17:58

Searching For LAMOUREUX Sr.

Searching for the father of Alcibiad Lamoureux. Alcibiad was Born 17 May 1858. It is beleived he is one of the two brothers that came to Lamoureux Alberta. We are Looking for his Father and Mother.. Thank you.

A EMBLAU - 2019-01-19 17:28:58

John W (Jack) and Gladys Violet Chapman

Chapman, Beeney, Alberta, 1976, 1986 I am trying to trace my mothers birth mother as she was adopted in the UK in 1943. Gladys Violet Beeney married John W Chapman in england (I believe he was in the Canadian Military) and they emigrated to Canada through Nova Scotia in 1948. Both are apparently buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetry, Edmonton. John apparently died in 1976 and Gladys 10 years later in 1986. Thank you in anticipation of any help anyone can offer.

Philip Burlingham - 2018-12-21 14:17:44

MAHOOD, gave birth April 24, 1969 at Misercordia Hospital

Looking for birth mother, last name Mahood. She would have been 16 (born 1953?) living in Edmonton or area. She was of Irish ancestry. She named the baby BRIAN JAMES, born at 32 weeks in Misercordia Hospital. The birth father was 19 (born 1950?) a university student who was Métis. Anyone who knows who this mother might be, please contact me.

Jodie Dickin - 2018-11-18 21:51:34

Set of Twin Girls

I\'m trying to locate a set of twin girls born in May 1940 in the Beulah Home for Unwed Mothers in Edmonton. Mother was Alice Amanda Young and was only 19 at the time. Twins would be 78 now and their half sister who is 74 is looking for them. Adopted father was 41 at the time and a grain buyer and the mother was 38 and a nurse. Birth mother was originally from Wetaskiwin. Twins may not know they were adopted.

Young (Birth Name) - 2018-11-09 15:07:19


December 3 1972 my aunt was forced to give away her son..believed to be born in Fort McMurray Alberta to Jean Ann Moyer deceased less than a year later. Auntie Jean has a living twin in Alberta currently. THANK YOU for your time. 200 some descendants are currently at our family reunion.

Tammy Hopfe - 2018-08-18 13:09:20


The Nanaimo Family History Society (NFHS) received a collection of pictures and memorabilia and would like to return them to their rightful owner. If you know a K.E. Ross (nee Boyle) please contact the NFHS so arrangements can be made to return them.

Dean Ford - 2018-04-12 22:59:06

Burial Place

Searching for resting place of my Grandmother and her baby stillborn near Seba Beach November, 1936. Grandmother's name: Mary Daciuk, baby was named Vassily. Does anyone have the contact for All Saint's Cemetery, near Seba Beach to see if she is there?

Robin Casas - 2018-03-22 11:49:19

Ganske families

I am searching for information on the Ganske families who homesteaded near Yorkton, Saskatchewan in the 1890s, came to Leduc, Edmonton and Tomahawk in the early 1900s. For example, the families of Charles and Julia Humph Ganske, and of Wilhelm Ganske and Emelia Conrad Ganske. Can't trace them out of Canada back to Germany/Russia (e.g., Galicia).

Frank Jenkins - 2017-12-12 21:26:05

Muriel Phillis Hall Greene

Born and baptized Montreal 1923 and 1926. Got married Montreal 1944 with Thomas Scotland who died in 1945. I just learned that 3 or 4 years ago she was still alive and probably living in Edmonton where she could have made a second marriage with Mr. Greene. No more information. Thanks to anyone who will help me.

Michel Marcil Hall - 2017-10-10 00:36:59

garry grey

to find out if he is still around. This is for my mom. He lived in edmonton, and was a sailor in the 50s and was probably born in the late 30s. He may have lived in calgary alta for awhile

audrey hjelden - 2017-06-24 14:12:20

Lyle Brady and family

I am looking for any information on the lyle Brady family. I was told that lyal is deceased, and I know he lived in Edmonton Alberta. I do not know who his parents were, but the family came from the Mountain Park of Alberta at one time. Thank for any assistance.

Barbara Ost - 2017-05-31 07:41:08

Searching for Bio Sister

DANIELS (?) , EDMONTON, 1983 or 1984 I am helping my brother search for his birth sibling born March 3, 1983 or 1984. Her given name at birth was Rose, middle name Lynn. She was fair and had reddish blond hair and blue eyes as a child. Her adoptive father was a salesman at the time and her adoptive mother was a dental assistant and of English descent. They had no other children when she was adopted.

Erin - 2017-04-08 14:29:06

Schur, Mennie, Edmonton 1944-1955

Looking for information for Walter Carl Schur and/or Helen Mennie. Interested in marriage details, photos etc. Both born and lived in Alberta.

K Carlson - 2017-03-29 12:57:25

In Search of

Baby girl was born April 12 1968 @ Misercordia Hospital in Edmonton. Mom was Jackie Frere born 1951. She later married Bruce Pennock and lived in Edmonton. She has now passed. Dad was Neal Milton Armstrong born in 1950 in Elnora. Neal died in a MVA in 1969 just after turning 19. We do not know the name of the child. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Armstrong/Frere - 2017-03-29 10:07:42


I am searching for information about Lieutenant James Joseph MOORE. He died during WWI at Vimy Ridge,France on April 9, 1917. He was 37 at the time, so was born around 1880. At the time of his death, his parents, James and Nancy Moore lived at 8825, 85th Avenue, Bonnie Doon, Edmonton, Alberta. His father, James Moore, is from 102, Saxony Rd., Liverpool, England. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Stanley Moore - 2017-03-26 21:56:07

William Evans born 1889 Pyle BRIDGEND WALES

Looking for relatives of my great uncle married Mary emigrated Alberta 1920's 30's daughter Louie who had four children Bernie Dorothy Ethel Edith, have a photo with school mission Sunday school van saying on back Miss Tubbs driver

Pamela powell - 2017-03-24 18:10:24

Did your mother or grandmother spend the war years in Robertson, South Africa?

I am searching for 'Paddy' who was born about 1935 in the UK, married in about 1960 and moved to Edmonton. She is reported to have had 5 children. Paddy spent WW2 years in Robertson South Africa with about 10 other British children, in the care of Auntie Marjorie and Jean, attended school (learned in Afrikaans), were visited by the Royal family in 1947. She may have told her story to her children or even grandchildren. She may have given one or other her maiden surname as a middle name. If this rings a bell, please contact me!!!

Cleghorn, ailie - 2017-03-24 18:09:59


Looking for info on Wilfred Joseph Como (Comeau)born 12/12/1886. He also went by Wilfred Adelard Como (Comeau)

Dianne Como - 2017-03-20 18:14:47

Looking for adopted brother

I am looking for my brother who I just found out existed. My brother was born in March 1957 - I do not have exact day in March. I am assuming Calgary since I was born there (in 1964) and my parents married there. As birth sibling I received non-identifying info. from the Albert government. My mother passed away in 2002 and I am not able to receive any identifying info. unless I am a parent of the adopted child. I found out that the adoptive parents were both 31 and lived in an urban area and already had a 7 month son. Adoptive Mother was Scottish and had a Grade 10 + nursing aide diploma and adoptive Father was Scottish/Welsh and had a Grade 8 education and was a construction foreman. My brother was described as a handsome boy with brown hair, brown eyes and a medium complexion. Good natured. I live in Surrey, BC (suburb of Vancouver). I really want to find my brother and let him know that I exist as well.

Lance Morrow - 2017-02-24 00:05:05


kISKO, EDMONTON, 1965 - looking for parents of Helen (Bida) or William Kisko.

Kisko - 2017-02-11 12:00:48


Mike DEMERS *abt 1974, raised in Edmonton, born in Saskatchewan, living in Victoria, B.C. is a musician who currently performs as a tribute artist to Roy Orbison. Mike may have still have family in Edmonton? Any information re his parents & grandparents would be greatly appreciated.

SCHMIDT, ALLAN W - 2017-02-01 20:29:36

Looking for information

David Andrew Shaw, Peace River Distruct, born 1899, had a lumber mill, does anyone have information about him particularly date of death

Joyce agar - 2017-02-01 20:25:41

Ernest & Sherry Jensen

Trying to locate this married couple in Canada. He is a farmer and also a semi driver

V>LEE BURNS - 2017-01-31 23:36:50

Delorme, Jimmy

Seeking a fella named Jimmy Delorme, who came to visit his cousin, my Mother, Phil Riley who lived in Grimshaw, AB in 1955-56. He looked younger than her, so perhaps was born about 1922. He was an incredible artist, wore khakis and cowboy boots. I have his photo.

Caron Paulovich - 2017-01-26 20:10:55


Looking for information on my dad's side of the family. He was adopted at 3 years old from Edmonton, Canada area and brought to the US. His birth surname is Decoine I believe. His adopted name is Noseworthy. From DNA testing on myself, I have found many relatives to be of Cree Indian decent, which I believe my father to be. He passed away many years ago. Any information would be appreciated. I just want to know more about that side of my family, heritage, culture, etc.

Theresa - 2017-01-26 20:10:14

looking for family

Hi there I am looking for any of my adoptive family or information my grandfather's name is George Nelson born 1909 I believe and passed away 2005 in Alberta. My grandmother is Patricia Yager not sure about anything else on her. They had about 5 or six kids that I know of including my mother Sharlaine that were all adopted only sibling names I know of could be Albert and Mike. That's all I know so any help I will appreciate thank you

sheri mckague - 2017-01-19 23:15:54

Twin Birth time

My twins were born in 1986; but I can't remember what time. They were born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. The mother's name was Brenda Ferguson.

Brenda - 2017-01-19 23:13:20


In response to the JEAN YANKOWSKY query by Gina Andrews in 2004, please contact me for more information. The email provided in 2004 is no longer valid.

Lorri Jankowski-Arndt - 2017-01-16 22:02:20

Young- Ferguson Family

Christopher Young (S. Edmonton Scale Master) born Aug. 1864 in Ontario, lived in Strathcona, Alberta in 1901 census, listed as a lodger. Died Aug 1915, buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Edmonton. Married Alice Ferguson (also born in Ontario -Lanark County), 21 years his junior. Christopher Young was a member of the Forestors in Stratcona. I would really like to hear from anyone with information on this family as we have a family reunion planned for July 2017.

Grace Young - 2017-01-16 12:30:40

half brother

looking for half brother, father was black name jimmy mayes, mother was white, alberta blas given or adopted out to jimmy mayes nephew or niece would be 56 years old and I believe raised in Edmonton he was born in Calgary

lynne ritsco - 2017-01-04 01:57:33