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PICHE, AARON, Athabasca, unknown dates, wish to find info on him, his wife SAVOIE, CLARA and their children; Raymond(deceased), Mavis, Delphine, Eliza, Velma “Alma” Wilma, Violet, Frank or Mary. , Terrace, B.C. Canada

Kim Patten - 1999-12-21 10:34:22

HAMMER, HARVEY, PINCHER CREEK, 1901- Looking for descendants of John and Elizabeth HAMMER, born in Germany c late 1840s, moved to AB from ON, living in Pincher Creek at time of 1901 census; also their daughter, Elizabeth, and sons, George and Adam, and especially their granddaughter, Myrtle Mary HARVEY, all born in Ontario. Thank you. , Ottawa, ON Canada

Lois - 1999-12-16 15:10:24

I was unable to access the Mac/Mc section of your index. Went through about 868 of the 872 Mbs then slowly ground to a halt. Im using an IMac with 8.6 OS. I asked another AFHS member to try and he had a problem also. Congratulatyions on completing such an ambitious undertaking, and thank you. Any suggestions ? , CALGARY, AB Canada

Gordon McGuffin - 1999-12-07 15:24:30

FARNSWORTH, (Bunton) Mary Louise, EDMONTON, 1966 – she was age 59 in 1966, is she still living? Her dob 12/16/07 Indiana, spouse Aaron Farnsworth, dod 6/18/66 @ Alberta Hospital, buried @ Westlawn Memorial Garden. Children: Dora May Farnsworth dob 3/26/28 Westlock; Lawrence Wesley Farnsworth dob 11/27/30 Larkspur; Charles Allen Farnsworth dob 2/2/32 Larkspur. Are they still living? I have more info. , Edmonton, AL Canada

Theresa Alderman - 1999-12-04 10:40:11

O’RIORDAN, CAMROSE, 1800 Looking for any and all information for Frederick Alexander O’Riordan married to Mary Agnes Shea Married February 1914 , Spruce Grove, AB Canada

Gerald - 1999-11-25 11:21:50

Strand, Edmonton(Calgary)I’m looking for information about the following father and son: Israel Adolf Strand, b. 1871-06-23 in Lycksele, Sweden. Emigrated 1911-05-17 to Calgary Alta. His son Algot Lindley Strand, b. 1901-02-06 in Lycksele, Sweden. Emigrated 1929-01-12 to Edmonton. Both were baptists and my guess is that Adolf moved to Edmonton since his son did not emigrate to Calgary. I would appreciate it if anyone has any kind of information about these two. Thanks /Roger , Umeå, Sweden

Roger Magnusson - 1999-10-21 13:04:30

ANDERSON, Edmonton. I am searching for information on the following relations: Anderson, Thomas (d.19.nov.1911) and his children Jane Braithwaite (d.6.3.1914), Annie White d.1946?(both buried in Edmonton cemetary) plus Thomas’sons Alexander Victor, William Patrick, Thomas Alderson and Christopher; ultimately trying to contact descendents. Any information gratefully received. , Perth, WA Australia

Owen Nichols - 1999-10-16 02:04:00