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Martin family

Martin,(C.)Stewart,Medicine Hat
A 1982 Winnipeg Free Press obit for James Cameron Martin shows his brother, Stewart Martin still alive and living in Medicine Hat. I am looking for any bit of information about Stewart Martin.Stewart and "Cam" started their life in Manitoba (poss.Gladstone).Stewart's father was James Tracy Martin,originally from Southern Ontario.

S.Paterson - 2009-09-28 12:37:05

Family deaths

Edson Alberta 1915-1939 We're trying to locate burial dates for:
Dorothy Ellen Mabel Mills, 1st daughter of
Thomas and Cynthia Mills of Edson Ab. She died in infancy,and also of 2 small sons Robert Mills and Henry Donald McPherson Mills. all infant deaths. The children are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery at Edson Alberta and that's as far as we know. All of them born during the years following 1915, not sure of birth dates either. We're doing a family history, that's why we'd like the information if possible. Henry would have been born in the early 1930's and Robert in the late 1920's as far as we know. Thanks for your help.

Candace Heath - 2009-09-27 14:10:35

adopted brother

My mother had a baby boy born around Nov.-Dec. of 1937-39 at the Misericordia hospital in Edmonton Alberta. My aunt says that my mom may have named him Tom. Any info grealy appreciated.

james herd - 2009-09-26 12:24:12

donald roy timbrill

I am trying to trace a MR DONALD ROY TIMBRILL who died in 2004 and as far as i know left a widow by the name of sewell which was her family name.He also had a brother called PETER REGINALD TIMBRILL. My mother KATHLEEN MARGERET TIMBRELL was daughter of REGINALD TIMBRILL and FLORENCE WRIGHTON. My mother was adopted in 1939. Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this as i am trying to trace my family tree.

catherine clayton - 2009-09-23 16:33:53

information on a death

MAUTHE, STRATHCONA, 1910 - 1913 -
I am searching for information on my G Grandmothers Death. I don't have much information. I have a photo of her in a casket taken by M. Burgess in Strathcona. She had a child in 1910 but my grandfather does not remember her so I figure she died before he was 5 which would be 1913. The Child born in 1910 died in infancy. His name was Monroe her name was Lenora (Nora) Ewing Mauthe nee Jones. I have a corner from a receipt from what looks like a Funeral Home. The PO Box in the corner is PO Box 1433. It reads in part "In account with A....."It shows they were charged for Casket & Shell, Hearse & Carriages, Gloves, Embalming, Opening Grave, Attendance etc, Robe and Death Notice. Her Husbands name was George P Mauthe.

Patricia Burton - 2009-09-19 19:23:37

George Albert Johnson

Trying to find more information about my Grandfather's JOHNSON family. Grandfather, Lawrence E. Johnson (b 1904 Red Deer - d 1981 Williams Lake BC) had two siblings:
Amy Marie Johnson (b Feb 1906 Alberta - d. Australia) and
George Albert Johnson, Jr (b Sep 1908 Cushing, Nebraska - d Sep 1993 Lethbridge).
Their mother's ancestry, that of
Fredrika "Freda" Johanna Bergner (b 29 Sep 1883 Stode Sweden - d 14 Oct 1951)
& buried in Lamerton Alberta) is known. Freda's father being
Erik Peter Bergner (b May 1864 Stode Sweden - last known in Lamerton, Alberta) and her mother
Ingeborg Mart(h)a Pahlsdotter (b Nov 1862 Stode Sweden - last known at Jarvis Bay, Alberta).
They immigrated from Sweden via the ports of Gotheburg Sweden, Liverpool England,
Queenstown Ireland, and New York City, USA. The arrived in NY on SS Alaska 14 Aug 1887 &
were heading for Atkinson, Holt Co., Nebraska. They appear on the 1900 South Dakota census
in Gregory, Gregory Co., South Dakota. They next appear in 1901 Alberta census in
Lamerton near Mirror in the Red Deer area of Alberta. Besides Freda they had four other daughters:
* Bert(h)a (b 29 Jun 1887 Sweden) who married George Neis (son of Henry Carl & Elizabeth Neis) and
had Thelma, Virgil, Henry, Rhoda, & Lavona;
* Edith (b 25 Sep 1891 USA) who married Charles Reay and had Norman
* Esther (Hester, Esta) & * Ruth who were both living with their widowed mother Ingeborg in
the Lamerton area on the 1916 Alberta Census
Am very interested in finding more about my Grandfather's father. I know that one of my
Grandfather's nieces in Lethbridge Alberta had researched this tree. Perhaps someone in
Beverly's family is continuing her work. Meanwhile hoping to find information about
George Albert Johnson Sr. who appears as age 23, on the 1906 Alberta census with
his wife Freda, son Lawrence, dau. Amy Marie, and son George Jr.
at Section 22, T41, R22, W4 in the Lamerton area. Wondering if the neighbour
George Johnson appearing on the 1901 Alberta census birthdate 27 July 1883 and listed as the son of
William Johnson, born 23 May 1847 in Ontario (ie: family information states that their father was born in "York - not Yorkshire") of English heritage and of
Jane A. (Johnson) born 1 Mar 1954 in USA of German heritage. Their children are listed as
George b 27 July 1883 USA
Dolly b 6 Mar 1885 USA
Nelly b 11 May 1886 USA
Bessie b 15 May 1887 USA
Florence b 25 Dec 1888
They lived near George T., Mary J., and Mable L. White and Bill and Ida Greene as well as the Bergners
in the Lamerton area of Alberta.

Susan Johnson - 2009-09-18 16:55:09

Esther Darleen Bauer

Looking for any info for Esther Darleen Bauer, Born June 28, 1936 in Burstall Sask.

Stirling - 2009-09-18 15:47:55

George/Delia Connor

Looking for George and Delia Connor. George was born in Michigan, 1870, and worked in Canadian wheat fields in early 1900s. His wife Delia was born in Michigan in 1880. Place of death is unknown.

Margaret Hinkle - 2009-09-18 14:43:06

death -

Unable to find date of death of my Uncle
William Petersen, Three Hills AB
Occured about 1935 - 36
Buried at Three Hills Town cemetery
Do you have a copy of his obit?

Bruce Davis - 2009-09-18 12:00:43

looking for bio-father

I am male, DOB 1981 June 5. My mother (Bev Cardinal) was here in Edmonton and met my bio father. She told me his name was Barry Shapelli (spelling unsure) She said he was Ukrainian, but I look Italian if anything. Any ways, if anyone knows this guy, let me know.

Christopher Turcotte (cardinal) - 2009-09-15 00:41:50

searching for bith parents

I was born in St. Albert, Alberta, on February 13, 1975. I think that my birth mothers last name is Butler but I am not 100%. I am very interested in meeting either my birth mom or dad. I would like to tell them thanks and that I know that they did it for my better good. I have 4 kids of my own now and I have another one on the way. Everyone is healthy and full of life. Thanks again, I really hope that you are well. Please contact me. No strings attached.

Casey Lloyd - 2009-09-12 17:35:12


Searching Charles and May Yeomans
They came to the Picardville area after
WW1. He worked in a coal mine, and farmed at the Sam Yeoman Sr. place. I need to know the date they arrived here. Charles came from a Red Cross hospital in England

Barbara Ost - 2009-09-11 22:34:14

family info

please help me find info on my birthfather,s family, his name is Jim Gordon he passed away in 1996 or 1997 his family is from Saddle Lake originally, He would have been a truck driver at the time of his passing.

Darryll Ross - 2009-09-11 14:03:12

Leslie Rideout , Edmonton or Stony Plain, Alberta,

Looking for an obituary on or around April 12, 1995 in Edmonton, Alberta. Name is Leslie Rideout. Would have been about 73 years old and born in Newfoundland. Lived in possibly Stony Plain at the time of his death. Possibly in Edmonton Journal or Edmonton Sun or a Newspaper in Stony Plain. Thanks

Donna Alden-Bugden - 2009-09-10 15:32:08

Elizabeth (Wands) Herret

I have since found out that Elizabeth Wands (my great grandmother) born
21 August 1856, died 04 February 1923. The name on her headstone is Elizabeth Herret. She must have remarried. Still don't know where she is buried.

Wands, Herret, Beverly, Alberta - 2009-09-10 13:10:39

Genealogical Society in France

Cote France Before the 1600's

I was wondering if there is a Genealogical building in France where I can get information on my families roots and family tree.
Thank you,

Neilene - 2009-09-09 12:37:20

Emilie Belcourt

Looking for any information regarding Emilie Belcourt (1917-1953)Born in Lac Ste. Anne and died there. Parents were Gabriel and Nancy Belcourt. Had three children, Raymond, Simoe and Hector. Was married to Herman Ernest Mabillard.
Trying to find information for her son. Many thanks!

Susan - 2009-09-08 20:50:40

male adoption

Looking for a male child,born about 1938-9,at what we believe the Misercordia hospital in Edmonton.This childs natural mother was Ina MacLean. Any info greatly appreciated.

MacLean - 2009-09-07 23:34:22

Half brother

I am looking for my half brother, born in Manitoba in 1959/60 or possibly early 1961. I have very little information. I do not know the biological Mother's name. Our Father was Irish, his name was Tom Walsh. Tom lived in The Pas from 1952 until 1962. I only found out about a half brother after Tom's death in 2008. I do know my half brother was NOT born in The Pas. Any information will gratefully recieved. Nearly 50 years have gone by.

Walsh - 2009-09-07 12:09:16


I m trying to find the date of my uncles death in Edmonton his name is Frederick Victor Maclennan
Thank you

Jean Thomas - 2009-09-02 21:43:01

Family History

Looking for information on Margret Doreen Coulter from Castor Alberta born April 11 1932 and on father Ernest Johnson

Coulter/ Johnson - 2009-09-02 15:37:16

looking for a school friend


Looking for an old school friend from the 1950's. Her family lived near mine on 67th Avenue in South Edmonton, and we both attended Allendale School. I've thought of her often over the years, and would love to reconnect with her.

michelle - 2009-09-02 13:15:14


Any information pertaining to the fmaily of JULES ROSS.

marcia cohen - 2009-08-31 20:17:57


Looking for any living descendants of Joseph, Michael, Anna, or Hillard Hocketz who lived in the Chipman/Ross Creek area. My grandmother Magdalena Hockertz was the daughter of Joseph and Anna-Maria.

Kelly Fairholm - 2009-08-29 18:07:39

death in Lawyer's office.

My great-aunt Lucy (Hayter) McDougall died in lawyer's office after cycling there. Lost track of her and son Alan McDougall in 1950's. They used to live in Calgary. Am trying to locate for family history. Thanks

nancy Roberts - 2009-08-29 16:30:41


Felix Roberts homesteaded in Northern Alberta in early 1900's. His dog died in a fire at neighbours when left with children,. Parents locked door and he couldn't get children out. Dog and children died. Is this part of yor history? want to find out when father in Alberta. Thanks

Nancy Roberts - 2009-08-29 16:25:59

John and Bernard Toole

Toole, John and Bernard
John and Bernard Toole
Toole, John and Bernard. There was a post from 2004 looking for John and Bernard Toole. John is my dad and Bernard was my uncle. Please contact me if you knew either. E-mail that was attached to 2004 post no longer working. Thanks

Mary Toole

Mary Toole - 2009-08-27 21:16:01

Elizabeth Wands

Wands, Elizabeth, Beverly, 1916
This was my great grandmother who was born in Lanarkshire Scotland in 1856. She emigrated from Scotland to Alberta, in 1916, to join her daughter and son-in-law, Mary and John Lothian. I don't know when she died or where she is buried. Hope someone out there can shed some light on this. Perhaps a distant relative still lives in the area. You can e-mail me at jim.miller@rogers.com

Mary Miller - 2009-08-27 13:06:16

grave site

I know that my G-grandfather is buried in the Pincher Creek (fairview Cemetery), but I cannot finda anything genealogy wise about the town. I am looking for anybody to find and take a picture or rubbing of his grave.In turn if you have any pictures or rubbing that need to be done in the seattle area, I will do. His name was Eugene A. Deschene. Died 5 Jan. 1973. Thanks,Bella

bella ingram - 2009-08-25 13:24:55

John Grass

Seeking information on John Grass and family , B 1850 Ontario
Living 1901-Alberta territory,Assinaboia east Almeda , District 203
Wife ,s name Evelin , in 1901 she was dead ,(where)
Thank you
Sidney T Fox

Sidney T Fox - 2009-08-25 10:32:53

Half Sister

Still searching for my half sister Marline Joan Dixon. She was born 1951 in Toronto. She was privately adopted out shortly after birth. Birth parent's are: Malcolm Fraser Marlatt and Mrs. Lillian Dixon. Both deceased.

Patricia Marlatt - 2009-08-23 07:46:16

Maternal Grandmother

EBERT, LEDUC - My maternal grandmother, Edna Alban Martin (maiden name Ebert), died in 1961. Her obituary lists one sibling, a brother Harry Ebert, then listed as living in Leduc, Alberta. My grandmother was born in Cache Bay, Ontario in 1899. Would any one have any information on the Ebert family? Thank you.

Elizabeth MacLeod - 2009-08-21 08:51:24

grand mother burial information

My Mother's Mother Minnie Smith was buried in St.Elizabeth RC cemetery,Rosalind AB about 1946-47-48. I need the date of birth and date of death to put on the grave marker.
This infomation would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks
Sincerely Floyd Van Slyke

Floyd Van Slyke - 2009-08-19 13:09:10



I am trying to find information about a Henry Francis Devicq, born Dec 19th 1885 in Jersey but later served in the 31st Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and gave his address as 92nd street Edmonton. Any information would be appreciated.

kevin westbrook - 2009-08-19 00:41:05

David Calvin Sinclair

Looking for a McTavish who was searching for info on David Calvin Sinclair--previous e-mail was jdraper@candlelight.ca Please contact me

Sinclair - 2009-08-16 19:37:03

Blanche Cote

I have found "Blanche Cote" on the 1916 census in Edmonton. I have been looking for a Blanche Cote who married Joseph Armand Roy, and had their son Joseph Alphonse Raymond Roy in Sault Ste Marie in 1945. Are there any marriage records in Edmonton that would be 1930's-1940's? Does anyone know what happened to this Cote family?
Email me directly at agavegirl@att.net. Thank you

Randi Mathieu - 2009-08-15 11:29:56

Oedbauer, John William

Found Great Grand Uncle with homestead Sections 22&23 Township 32 Range 3 Meridian 4. Looking for family data on Oedbauers from New Brigden. Came from NY originally.

Michelle Loegering Myers - 2009-08-10 09:25:22

John Henry Griesbach

were is he buried and what is his death date.he was from the nwmp regiment #1.Iam a historian dealing with mounted police history.
Thank you in advance Don Light.

don light - 2009-08-09 19:50:56

Family Tree

I am trying to find out information on my grandparent. Cristine Boudreau Laderoute and Daniel Laderoute. My mother was Mary Millie Alise Laderoute born in Edmonton AB 1924. Any info would be great.
Thank YOU
Dale Dungan
Dallas Texas

Dale Dungan - 2009-08-09 16:21:45

Elizabeth Baird Wands

Wands, Elizabeth Baird, Alberta, 1916.
I am trying to find out more information regarding Elizabeth Baird Wands. She was my great grandmother. She emigrated to Alberta (Clover Bar) in June 1916 from Glasgow. She was to be staying with her son-in-law who was a farmer. Any information would be appreciated.

Mary Miller - 2009-08-07 08:54:43

birth father

CAMPBELL, LORIE LESLIE, CALGARY I am looking for any information on Lorie Leslie Campbell. He was from Arcola Saskatchewan came to Alberta, married Norma McLeod and had one son Evert Lorne William Campbell in May 1958. Any information would be wonderful

Marlene Hansen - 2009-08-06 00:55:28


I am looking for information William "Bill" Anderson of Rocky Mountain House Ab... I do not have no dates.. He is my 2nd cousin on my grandmother Steiner side of the family.. I am looking for an obit, living children.. I am doing a family tree... He has a sister in Caroline Ab... You can email me at marlenesteinerann@gci.net thankyou

Marlene Steiner - 2009-08-02 20:00:00


Searching for my sister/brother adopted in the 60's. Birth mother Mieczyslawa Jachacz/Gajus

Christopher - 2009-07-30 05:20:51

Looking for paternal grandparents

Snyder,Edmonton,1924-Looking for information on Fred Snyder married to Elsie (Donough (sp)) Snyder who lived in Edmonton in 1924. Any information would be appreciated.

William Snyder - 2009-07-29 08:18:31


I am searching for my 2 youger brothers who were born in the Lloydminister area around 1948-1950. One lived a few days, the other a few weeks. The reason I am searching is to give me inner peace.
Thank you

Dana Moran - 2009-07-28 14:36:56


Eugene Olsen my Grandfather apparently was born in Washington State about 1875. He married Mary Desnoyer and had 2 children, Mildred and Harry. Family oral tradition speaks to Eugene dying as a result of a boiler accident either at a textile mill or lumber mill. This event was said to have taken place in Bridle Veil, Oregon. I'm curious to know if he had any brothers or sisters. We have searched in vain to find any documentation about his parents or family.

Lawrence Olsen - 2009-07-28 10:22:47

Getson, Wildwood, 1972

Hi, Looking for an obituary or photograph of headstone for Gilbert Roy Getson born August 25, 1905 PEI
died August 22, 1972 Wildwood, Alberta. Supposed to be buried in Leaman Cemetery, Alberta. I do not know where is this. I need proof of death to get military records. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Sue Getson

Sue Getson - 2009-07-27 19:31:34

Snyder, Edmonton, 1924

Looking once again for any information on a Snyder family from Alberta in the early 1900's. My father William Fred Snyder was born in either Calgary or Bruderheim on Feb 07 1904 as his records indicate. His Father's name was Fred and as of 1924 was living in Edmonton. His mother was Elsie Donough(sp) Snyder. I have no information on brothers or sisters. They were farmers as on records and appear on no census records. I can only go on my grandparents names and my dad's name and birth date. Any kind of information will be greatly appreciated.

William snyder - 2009-07-25 15:11:45


I have tried to email a response to Denise Dickson and it bounced back.
Found Death info on a Robert Clark, born in Scotland, died at 64 years of age in Colton, Oregon, in the Lethbridge Herald, 03 Nov 1948, Wed Page 6
Let me know if you want a copy. I think this "Clark" may be the one you seek...

Janelle Cockney - 2009-07-21 13:17:49

Brindley, 1900-1930

I am looking for information on my paternal grandparents. My grandfathers name is Clifford Edward Brindley and I have a credit card style birth cert. from Alberta stating he was born Sept 26, 1913 in Edmonton but have no info on either of his parents. Am looking for any information.

Lorna Alsip - 2009-07-16 20:11:40