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1904 court case

AZE or AZIE,Paul Ito, Edmonton, 1904
In 1904 Paul Ito Aze of Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan was found guilty of murder in Edmonton. His family never heard from him again. On behalf of his great-grandson I'm trying to find out what happened to him. The court records for this time are not in the provincial archives. I'd appreciate any help.

Lynda Holland - 2005-09-29 14:37:59

William Edward Brock

Help Please
I am trying to find out what happened to my Grandfather William Edward Brock.
He lived in Calgary In the 1920's with his wife Annie Maria Brock (nee Gadsden).
I have Annie's death certificate with the name of her spouse as Herbert Flenn
Annie died in 1928 and is buried at Burnsland Cemetery.What happened to William. I can find no trace of him.
Any help appreciated
John Reid

John Reid - 2005-09-28 13:09:00

Moroney, Edmonton, 1890s

Moroney, Edmonton, 1890: I am seeking information on my grandfather, Frederick Moroney, born Ontario abt 1875 married Maud Lauder in 1901 and lived remainder of his life in Edmonton. Particularly searching for his work history, esp. with City of Edmonton. Also seeking his brothers and parents information.

W. Burton - 2005-09-27 15:37:49


CASPER, Theodore,born August 3, 1916, was never married. Looking for death date and place of burial in Alberta.

Lois Underschultz - 2005-09-24 22:54:00

lost love

I'm looking for a old friend. My name is Clyde. I lived 78st - 118 Ave. Any info on her or where she is living now would be great.

lena thompson - 2005-09-23 19:39:56


KROGMAN, CLEM, Alberta. I've changed my e-mail address. Still am needing information on my Great Uncle's death in the Red Deer River, 1914. Anyone having access to death info in that area, would you please check on Clem Krogman (n) for me. Thanks so much.

Joyce Castle - 2005-09-19 17:18:17


I am looking for my daughter shelly abbott, born may14,1972, Toronto,Canada.Shelly was given up for adoption at birth through childrens aid society.

Eleanor Locke - 2005-09-18 19:01:47

Grainger family

I am looking for information and relatives of John Alexander Grainger, born in Peel Cy,Ontario; resided in Walkerton, Ontario; moved to Wisconsin, then later Bottineau North Dakota; relocated to Vermilion AB area in 1907; died there in 1910.
A daughter and a son (no names given) lived in Vermilion area when he died; a brother, Thomas, had a large family in the Melfort SK area. Also had 4 sons and 4 daughters who remained in the US, probably around Bottineau.
Any help/hints appreciated.

TL Ibson - 2005-09-18 13:58:35

Karen Powshick

Powshick,Karen,Edmonton 1979-looking for an old friend Karen who was maid of honor at our wedding. She would have had a son born in 1979. This was the last time we heard from her. Of course this boy is now in his 20's. She lived for a short time in Ponoka,Ab. where we meet her. thanks Darryl and Dorothy Jones

Darryl Jones - 2005-09-15 19:40:45


Bowen,Columbus, AmberValley,1914 I'm the great great grand daughter of Columbus Bowen who was the pastor of a church in Amber Valley, Poplar Ridge, or Collington. I'a trying to get any family information

Lovetta Swain - 2005-09-15 15:12:48

Love / Boles

Looking for any info on the Love, Stein and the Boles Family Names.

Hynman - 2005-09-15 11:33:17


I am researching my paternal grandmother Katrazyna's family name of WENCKOWSKI and would appreciate any connection with cousins in the Alberta region or from Berlin Germany. My great-aunt Frances (Katrazyna's sister) lived for a time there before migrating to Buffalo NY USA.

Dolores Konopa - 2005-09-15 08:14:14

looking for ancestors

I and my older sister have been on the hunt for the true family name of our grand mother and our grand father. she was born Sarah Lebrum Marier in 1915. she married a Atkinson(Felix) unknown birth date. trying to complete our family tree. our grand mother was of aboriginal decent from the Lesser Slave Lake area!! in Alberta Canada. very little is known of the man she married. and to find any information on our grand mother has led us to many dead ends any information of our great grand parents would be extremely appreciated.

martin - 2005-09-14 23:28:28

PIKE family information


PIKE, SUSAN ROBERTA - 2005-09-14 00:00:45

adopted son

I'm searching for the biological son of my deceased brother Richard William Perry. Child would have been born in the 1960's to a yound girl residing in Calgary Alberta.Her parents may have been in the military. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

richard william perry - 2005-09-12 17:19:02

great uncle Rae Myers

Rae was only son born to Simon and Annie Myers about 1914. He died at two years of age in calgary. They returned to Nova scotia shortly after. I am looking for birth or death info.
Thanks Ruth

Myers, calgary, 1914-16 - 2005-09-11 17:10:42


BINDER, EDMONTON, 1967 - comments
Searching for half brother. Birth name was Richard Leslie Binder born in July 1967 at Royal Alexandra Hospital. Mother's name Bonnie Anne Kristine Binder.

Jenetta Day - 2005-09-09 18:59:40

Carl Johan Erikson

Information wanted about Carl Johan Erikson who was born May 3, 1879 at Rytterne, county of V?stmanland in Sweden. He emigrated to Wetaskiwin in June of 1906 at 27 years of age.

Stig Pettersson - 2005-09-09 06:27:59

birth parents

My name is Dale Gerard Buggins born August4-1959 in Edmonton and put into foster care as young child. All my my I've always longed to who my parents were and the reson why I was taken away. anyone with some information please contact me. I promise to be discreet and not inflict conflict

dale buggins - 2005-09-08 11:47:50


McWhirter, Edmonton, 1985, Adoptive parent seeking Birth family medical information. Male child born Oct 4, 1985 at Edmonton General Hospital. Child named "Baby boy McWhiter". Had male sibling who was 3 years older. We are grateful for 'our' son but wish to provide him with medical info. He is not interested in contact at this time.

U. Stewart - 2005-09-07 23:35:29

family history/information

Leming,Lac La Ronge, Sask, 2005.

I have found out thru many years of searching, that I am able to obtain my status card. I am registered with the Lac La Ronge Band in Sask. I was born Kimberly Marie _____ on Feb. 4/74 in Grande Prarie. I have found out that my birth mother had affiliations with Lac La Ronge and Mathias Band (MB). If you have any information that would help me find out my birth mothers name or family history, please contact me. Thank-you

Kimberly Leming - 2005-09-05 21:56:05

Lost Brother........

I was wondering if anyone can help me i am looking for my half brother/step brother i know he was born in staffordshire/stoke on trent and his name is alan cummings/cummins and that he is about 30/35 years old i wonder if anyone can help me with this enquiry?? if so asap me as soon as you can
Many Thankx Vicy Grabowski
Irene Browns Daughter

Vicky Grabowskki - 2005-09-05 20:14:52

Kevin Linklater

Iam looking for Kevin Linklater he use to reside in Medicine Hat It is important that i make contact with him a.s.a. if anyone knows of his where abouts please email me at
thank you

Alana Herron - 2005-09-05 10:58:47

Sillanp??- Devon - Mac-Pap

I found out that my grand father had a brother (Frans Sillanp??) that emigrated in 1926 as a 22-year old to Canada, Devon. According to a book by Jyrki Juusela (Suomalaiset Espanjan sodassa) he went from Canada in 1937 as a volunter to participate in the Spanish civil war and joined a battalion called Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion (Mac-Paps).

Frans Johannes Sillanp?? was born 29.12.1904 in Vittisbofj?rd (Ahlainen), Finland , died 1.5.1938 in Teruel, Spain.

It would be interesting to know what he did in Canada, and if he had any family over there?

Christer ?strand, Finland

Christer - 2005-09-05 06:00:58


I am searching for James Rodger Thomson Jr born 1872 in Glasgow, Scotland. Served in the Boer War. His father was James Rodger Thomson, head of J&G Thomson Shipbuilding, of Govan & Clydebank, Scotland. The business failed and became John Brown. All the surviving children emigrated to Canada, and some to Alberta, but there is no record of James Jr. Can anyone help on this one??

Anne Lynch - 2005-09-05 01:48:01

Black/Anderson surnames

Jessie Thain Anderson and John Taylor Black from Aberdeenshire Scotland.Any info on them or their family greatly appreciated.

Cathi Skura - 2005-09-04 23:24:56


Searching for Brenda Pearl Reeves, born 1951, adopted approx 1958-59, or descendants.

Kelly - 2005-08-31 22:39:18

Sansoms in Edmonton AB

Looking for info regarding the death of John Evans Sansom in Edmonton AB approximately 1949-1950, and any descendants of his.

Audrey - 2005-08-30 07:13:13

Winnipeg Obituary Lookup?

Wondering if some kind soul might be kind enough to assist in finding an obituary for Francis (Frank) Argue who passed away in Winnipeg on 22 November 1930.
Hoping to find information to link two family lines together.
Many thanks for any possible assistance!

Debbie Prince - 2005-08-28 19:27:29

Julius Berg

Looking for info (any) on Julius P. Berg b.Sept. 1872, Wisconsin. Moved to Oslo Township, Brookings, South Dakota...moved to Camrose, Ohaton, New Norway area around 1901. Married Mary Knutsen b. March 1878. Any info on these two would be greatly appreciated.

Marty Lee - 2005-08-28 04:39:14

Cummins, Froning, Maine, Kinchella, Bentley, King of Alberta

I'm looking for information on people with these last names living in Alberta from 1904 on. Benjamin Cummins married to Clara Bentley and their children Cora married John Maine, Sadie married James Kinchella, Rita married Oscar Froning, and Lauretta married Arthur King. Mostly around the Millet/Wetaskiwin area.

Jill - 2005-08-27 19:22:26

Paquette + Alberta

Researching the Paquette side of our family. Theophile b.1857, m Roseanna Tremblay on Jan 13,1880. Children: Joseph Clement, Zepherain, Francois, Jennie, Antoine Emile, MaryAnn Aglae, Antoinette, AlbertGeorge, and Lucien Leon. Any information regarding this family, and their descendants would be very helpful. Thank you. Marge

Marge - 2005-08-26 12:19:29

Searching for ...

KERR, Edmonton, 1963
Searching for the birth father of my mother, Deborah JOY KERR. She was born in 1963 in an Edmonton AB hospital.
Also searching for the birth father of my grandmother, Deborah's birth mother SHIRELY ANNE KERR, her mom is JOYCE KERR.
ALL of edmonton alberta.
Please if the names are familiar contact me!!

Wes Underhill - 2005-08-26 12:10:18

Dr. Thomas MacDonald descendants

I am looking for the descendants of Dr. Thomas MacDonald (1882-1962) and his wife, Margaret H. (1882-1944). I have them the parents of daughter Jean and son John (Jack) MacDonald.
I have them the grandparents of Margaret Horton and Beryl Ostrom. I think the grandchildren lived in Okotoks in the early 1980's.
Any info appreciated.

Mary - 2005-08-25 21:23:48

Thomson family tree

I'm wondering if there is anyone who could help me find my family tree's if anyone has any info on anyone related to Kenneth Bryn Thomson or his father James Thomson this is my father and my grandfather.

Jesa - 2005-08-24 16:03:14

given name search

I am looking for any info on a J.H.Morgan
who lived at 10734 105th St,Edmonton Alta in 1916

morgan - 2005-08-23 15:11:36

Sydney Bradley Bayliss

Sydney Bradley Bayliss born 2/12/1902 in Newcastle upon Tynne England camt to Land Settlement Branch Edmonton on the SS Megantic 8th May 1926
would love to know what happened to him or his family tas his step brother is 90 this year and we are trying to compile the family tree

louise baylis - 2005-08-23 12:27:03

Ernest Bayley

I am looking for any information regarding Ernest Bayley, born November 26, 1884 in Darlaston, Staffordshire, England. He was last heard of about 1931, in Bindloss, Alberta, although a possible sighting was reported in about 1942 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Thanks Marge

Marge - 2005-08-23 00:28:55

looking for my half-brother Jason

looking for my half-brother Jason form Alberta Canada. all i know is his mother name is RITA and her parents were doctors. i know RIta had red hair. my dad (jason's biological father) is IFI LEMALU SO'O he is samoan/chinese. He is also the 3x world champion fire knife dancer of the world. Jason would be samoan, canadian, chinese. and would probably be around 25-28 years old now. any info would be greatly appreciated, please help me find my brother!!!

Tassy Lemalu So'o - 2005-08-21 16:00:48


I am trying to find descendants or other relatives of William Andrew Ravesteyn and his wife Hilda Alma Bowman, married in Calgary 1922, a daughter born in 1926. I have done a lot of research on William's father Jacob Ravesteyn, who lived in England. I live in the Netherlands, the family is of Dutch origin.

Eddy Habben Jansen - 2005-08-21 05:07:51

David Floyd Smelski

Searching for our brother David Floyd Smelski
David Floyd Smelski DOB August 28, 1955, we are searching for you. David Floyd, you were adopted by a family in Edmonton, Alberta, your mother was Madeline Maud or Catagas. Your father was Maurice Smelski. Your were adopted by a middle class family who had a boy and a girl, no names were ever given to us, but you might know, the family who adopted you might have changed your last name, thats why we can't find you. You have a sister and a brother from Dauphin Manitoba. You once came to Dauphin to look for your family. You need to get in touch with us. Please call (204) 638-1279 or email me at dorris_gab@hotmail.com

doris gabriel - Aug 01 2005, 20:08:51

doris gabriel - 2005-08-19 22:20:58

death records or grave site location

I am looking for my step brother by the name of Charles Richards who died either in charles campell hospital or University Hospital in 1965 and was buried somewhere in Edmonton. He was born in Trout Lake, AB and would've been about 47 years old. We would like to visit his grave site.

Alvina Cardinal - 2005-08-18 23:58:51

Wilson surname

I am looking for anyone with a last name of Wilson in Alberta. It would be appreciated if you could get back to at princessmonika1914@hotmail.com.
Monika Wilson

monika - 2005-08-18 13:59:43


Anyone with information on a man named Brian Szott.Last seen in BC Canada.Once lived in or around Calgary Alberta.Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

Fay - 2005-08-17 17:05:13


Family names living around Willingdon, AB and/or around the NE Alberta area. Looking for information on above names to branch out my family tree.

Annamari - 2005-08-17 12:05:29


Family names living around Willingdon, AB and/or around the NE Alberta area. Looking for information on above names to branch out my family tree.

Annamari - 2005-08-17 12:04:42


Family names living around Willingdon, AB and/or around the NE Alberta area. Looking for information on above names to branch out my family tree.

Annamari - 2005-08-17 12:03:15


Family names living around Willingdon, AB and/or around the NE Alberta area. Looking for information on above names to branch out my family tree.

Annamari - 2005-08-17 12:02:23


Family names living around Willingdon, AB and/or around the NE Alberta area. Looking for information on above names to branch out my family tree.

Annamari - 2005-08-17 12:00:18

looking for Ron

Ron you were born in 1968 in toronto
at ST Joesphs hospital january 15 1968
born 01/15/68
if you find this message please contact me your older brother at the above email address
looking forward to hearing from you

Looking for Ron - 2005-08-16 18:31:33