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MICHALUK, FERENCE, POHALCHUK, SMOKY LAKE ALBERTA I am researching these names in Smoky Lake, Alberta in the early 1900’s. They were from Austria.Spellings are approximate: Michaluk (John born 1889 in Brody Austria, father Michael died young) Other areas they lived in were: North Bank, East Coulee and Canmore (mining) Thanks! , Maple Ridge, BC Canada

M Harrison - 2003-09-29 11:55:12

WIDDIS, Strathcona Co., 1899-1901 Looking for information on William T. Widdis, who married Sarah Burrows in Strathcona Co. in 1899. I believe that this man was a brother of my great grandmother, and that he was born in Ontario and later returned there. , Queenston, ON Canada

Tim - 2003-09-27 20:32:00

Hello! Leroux(Cholette)2003 SEPT 25 i’m looking for our brother( Joseph Jules or Gille Daniel Durocher Cholette who was taking from my mother at the Misericordia hospitalin Montreal,Quebec. HE was born on Febuary 20 or 21st 1951. IF someone knows of his whereabouts pls e-mail me at ;lenleroux@sympatico.ca. b-mother name is Irene Durocher, now married to George Cholette. pls his b-mother would and father would like to see him. Shirley Leroux , Cornwall, ontario Canada

Shirley Leroux - 2003-09-25 21:42:40

I am trying to find my grandmothers Maden name. Her married name was Christina Engel, Married to Jacob Engel. Died 8-4-11 in Castor, Alberta , Fort Bragg, CA USA

Norm - 2003-09-24 22:23:00

Searching for my half sister Marline Joan, last name may have been Dixon. She was born in 1951 in Toronto, Ontario. She was adopted out soon after she was born. It was a private adoption between a doctor and a lawyer. Marline may not know that she was adopted out. The birth mother is Mrs. Lillian Dixon. Birth father is Malcolm Fraser Marlatt who also father. Lillian is suppose have had children from her husband. If anyone knowing the where about’s of Marline Joan please contact me at: patriciamarlatt@sympatico.ca , Toronto, Ontario Canada

Patricia A. Marlatt - 2003-09-24 10:52:10

I am looking for information on BEULAH HOMES, EDMONTON, AB 1945 TO DATE OF DESTRUCTION. , Wainwright, AB Canada

Michelle - 2003-09-21 12:15:30

COULTER/WOOD,Calgary District,1906-1917-I am looking for the marriage of my grandparents Margaret Coulter and James Edward Wood. Living in Calgary district in 1906 census, in Vancouver and with a son in 1917. Margaret was living with her parents in 1906 and James with an older brother Thomas. Any help would be appreciated. , Armstrong, B C Canada

Isabel Lefebvre - 2003-09-19 10:10:40

Anyone with any kind of knowledge or past connections with my dad Mike Krakalowich born in Ukraine lived most of his life in Waskatenau and Chipman in Alberta Canada.A farmer,he died in 1975 January20,in Archer Memorial Hospital Lamont.My mother named Margaret Krakalowich died in 1975 May29 in Edmonton General Hospital. , calgary, AB Canada

Roy Krykolowich - 2003-09-18 10:31:13

Alain Lucette, baby girl born in Misericordia Hospital, Edmonton on June 8 1954 in search of birth family. Anyone knowing something, please contact me at anaholst@yahoo.com or anaholst@hotmail.com thanks , San Jose, Costa Rica

Ann Marie Holst - 2003-09-18 01:10:00

My grandparents were Gertrude and William Fortune (Lacombe) Father was Harry Fortune, aunt Gracemae Fortune , Richmond, MI US

Sandi Follette - 2003-09-16 13:12:20

Lawson…I am looking for a half brother who waas given up for adoption in 1983/1984 end of summer or beginning of fall. I was 2 years old and living with our birth mother.Mom was working at a carpet cleaning company and she was 19 /20 years old when you were born. She and your adopted parents had a private adoption.You may of been named “David” but not sure…I think it was at the misercordia hosp?? Your parents lived near on the south side in Edmonton. in row housing. I am 22 now so you would be 20years old. Please contact your sister Jaime @ thr1962@hotmail.com , edmonton, ab Canada

lawson - 2003-09-16 10:33:30

SHERRATT/MANSELL – early 1900s – Looking for information on any Sherratts, Mansells who lived in Pincher Creek area, Edmonton, particularly Blairmore, Crowsnest. Doing family resarch. Thanks, Wendy Sherratt Hogan , ON Canada

Sender's Email - 2003-09-15 13:34:50

I am looking for my birth mother who gave me up for adoption in 1952-with official papers dated in 1954-her name is Lois Ellen Brooks , Edmonton, AB Canada

Syann Brooks - 2003-09-15 12:51:50

I am looking for information on a death-Scott Clendenning- in the late 1960″s or early 1970’s. How do i find this. His death was in Edmonton Alberta. Thank You Syann Brooks , Edmonton, AB Canada

syann brooks - 2003-09-15 12:50:40

I am looking for a relative by the name of Luke Lee. Luke Lee lived in the Paridise Valley area in late 1930’s owned a General Store, and Dance Hall. I am looking for any information, date of birth, date of birth etc. I would appreciate any infromation as I do not have any reference to go-by. , Toronto, Canada

Norman Chaykoski - 2003-09-14 10:50:34

WILSON, ROBERT, 1905 till ??. Looking for any information on a Robert Wilson from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland. May have married an Anna Belle Wight in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia in 1905. Have a letter stating that he came to Alberta in 1905 or later. He was my gr grandfather and we would like to know if he died here and if so where he is buried. Also would like to know if he had any other children. , Calgary, AB Canada

Pam - 2003-09-13 21:50:20

WILSON, ROBERT, 1905 till ??. Looking for any information on a Robert Wilson from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland. May have married an Anna Belle Wight in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia in 1905. Have a letter stating that he came to Alberta in 1905 or later. He was my gr grandfather and we would like to know if he died here and if so where he is buried. Also would like to know if he had any other children. , Calgary, AB Canada

Pam - 2003-09-13 21:40:53

Decalver, Decalviere,DeKelver First name: Marie L. or Lorraine M I am searching for the Dekelver, Decalver family who may have resided in Edmonton. There was a young blond,blue eyed girl with a 9th grade education that worked as a waitress at the Grand Hotel. She was 5’4″ and was Belgium French possibly Norweigen decent.It was said that she was Canadian born. She left Alberta for Winnipeg, where she continued working as a waitress at the Salisbury House. She worked under the name Marie L Decalver. She left the restaurant and went to work at the Misericordia Hospital as a switchboard operator. She resided at the nurses residence while in confinement. She delivered a child named Mildred Eileene Decalver, born on Aprill 1, 1941. She did not declare the father’s name. I am searching for this family. If you have any information to share, regarding family, siblings, I would appreciate it. Thank you. Laurine Whitfill , Orange, Calif. U.S.A.

Laurine Whitfill - 2003-09-13 20:31:10

Chicoine, Jack, Edmonton, 1955 Searching for my Birth father, Jack Chicoine. Was supposed to have been born in Montana and was in the Armed Forces in Nov. of 1955. Would be approximately 73 years of age. My name at birth was Deborah Guckert and I was born to Annie Guckert at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton Alberta on Nov. 30, 1955. Although my Birth Mother is now deceased I have contacted 6 half-brothers and sisters. There were 8 of us all together…to date. Jack was about 5’8 and of heavy build. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He was employed by the Air Force and did office work. His father was a garage owner in Great Falls and he had one married sister. Annie spent a lot of time in Moose Jaw Sask. and the two of them possibly met and resided there for some time in 1954. , Kelowna,, BC Canada

Heidi Kirschner - 2003-09-12 10:40:15

Esther Ramer and moved to Calgary sometime after 1926. I understand she married Wm. McLachlan Thom on August 27, 1926. She was my father’s birth mother. Anyone with any information, please do not hesitate to contact me. , Milton, On Canada

Darlyne Lounsbury - 2003-09-11 12:14:12

THOMPSON, EDMONTON, 1904-1916. Looking for any information on Wesley Thompson married Mary Margaret Chrimes, Oct. 1904, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Girl born, Muriel Margaret Thompson b. January 14, 1909 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada. , Lunnford, Al Canada

Carol Thompson - 2003-09-10 15:55:33

Baby girl born Feb. 04/74 in Grand Prarie, AB. Named Kimberly Marie at birth, last name unknown, mother & father unkown. May have also lived in Grand Rapids for a few months in foster care before adoption. Adopted in The Pas, MB around 1976. Any info would be appreciated. (when replying please type “adoption info” in subject line. Thank-you , Comox, BC Canada

Kim Leming - 2003-09-10 11:40:41

HANSEN, Edmonton, 1976. I was born in Edmonton at the Royal Alexandra Hospital on Edmonton October 22, 1976. I as looking for any information regarding my birth-family. My birth name is Hansen.Any information would be greatly appreciated. , Calgary, AB Canada

James Nawolsky - 2003-09-10 10:10:40

SEXSMITH, CALGARY, 1941/42 Re Divorce Records in Alberta: I am interesting in obtaining a copy of my parents’ divorce papers. The divorce was probably in 1940 or 1941. Any help in directing me to the appropriate Goverment Offices would be much appreciated. Thank you. My email address is theresa@computan.on.ca , St.Catharines, Ontario Canada

Theresa Sexsmith - 2003-09-08 20:44:40

SEXSMITH, CALGARY, 1941/42 Re Divorce Records in Alberta: I am interesting in obtaining a copy of my parents’ divorce papers. The divorce was probably in 1940 or 1941. Any help in directing me to the appropriate Goverment Offices would be much appreciated. Thank you. My email address is theresa@computan.on.ca , St.Catharines, Ontario Canada

Theresa Sexsmith - 2003-09-08 20:40:20

DAVIES, EDMONTON, 1899-Looking for descendants of David Davies and Annie Ward Davies, who settled in the Edmonton area in the late 1800s. David and Annie had two daughters: Beatrice Laura Davies Rail and “Toots” Davies (married name unknown). Toots was a trick rider in the Calgary Stampede during the 1920s, and she married a fellow Stampede performer. I am the grandaughter of Beatrice and I’m trying to find my family, the Davies, and any related descendants. , Cheyenne, WY USA

David Davies - 2003-09-08 12:20:42

Knight, Doris Lucille.Born in the 1920’s in Lucerne B.C. a railroad town near Jasper that became a ghost town in the 20’s. The families moved to places in Alberta and BC. She was married in the 40’s, her name then was Woodroffe. I was born in Vancouver to her and ? father, then given up for adoption. I may have an older sibbling. Any information would be appreciated. , Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada

Kathy Claxton - 2003-09-08 11:40:50

CAMPBELL,SOROCHAN,EDMONTON, 1949 and earlier I’m looking for a Maxine Campbell. She’s my grandmother that we know absolutely nothing about. She gave birth to my dad Aug. 26 1949 (David Wayne Sorochan) my grandfather’s name is David Ross Sorochan , Edmonton, ab Canada

Michele - 2003-09-08 11:13:40

Female adoptee, DOB: June 5 1983, Edmonton looking for any information , Edmonton, Ab Canada

Michele - 2003-09-08 11:10:30

Baby girl Lucette Alain (birthname) looking for birthfamily born June 8, 1954 at Misericordia Hospital, Edmonton Alberta. Should anyone knows something, please let me know. I was adopted outside Canada and have lived eversince in Costa Rica. My adopted and current name is Ann Marie Holst. Email: anaholst@hotmail.com , SanJose, Costa Rica

Ann Marie Holst - 2003-09-08 10:11:11

GATES, ROY (BIRTHNAME)1962, I was born July 22, 1962 to Christine Gates. Her sister was Hannah, brothers were William and Thomas, and parents were William and Edith. They lives in Calgary at the time of my birth. Would love to know anything about them. , Strathmore, AB Canada

Ken Husband - 2003-09-07 10:54:15

Would like to know my grandfather’s exact burial location. His name was John Chupka. He died in August, 1918 and was buried in an unmarked grave in a country church cemetery (Roman Catholic) near Mundare, Alberta. I believe he was buried adjacent to a woman by the name of Marie Kucherawa (not sure of exact spelling) who died near the same time at the age of 24 years. , Sherwood Park, AB Canada

Marvin Chupka - 2003-09-07 10:31:00

FREEBODY/AULT.WAINWRIGHT,AB.-CALGARY-BC. ISO any siblings of a Beatrice (Buddy) Florence Freebody(married name AULT)dob: Feb 28,1913 in Wainwright,AB. Later came to Calgary & married my father but she left when I was 6 mos old in 1944. Possible other brothers & sisters but not with AULT. Thought to have moved to BC.Surname may be neither Freebody or Ault. Just would like to know if she has other siblings, and only want friendships.Bmother thought to be dead, but can’t confirm it. If you know of her life please contact me. , Calgary, AB Canada

Gail Rossum - 2003-09-07 10:10:25

Emerson, Robert from Red Deer, Alberta. Searching for any information on Robert Emerson or Emmerson, he was in the Navy as a cook and stationed in Montreal, Quebec at HMCS Hochelaga around the year 1959-60. , Abbotsford, BC Canada

John Clark - 2003-09-06 23:25:30

Schwab/Malowski,Edmonton 1968(1970) to present.I’m doing a family history of these names.Any information from any in the area would be greatly appreciated…please email me… , Forestburg, AB Canada

Shirley/Lisa - 2003-09-06 22:40:10

Does any one have information on books which were kept by small cemetaries back in the 40’s and 50’s. They had to be turned in when full in order to get a new one. Who would they have been sent to?. I am trying to help brother-inlaw who now has the duties of the Cemetary in Lamont County. Thank you. Fred Meyer , Urbana, Iowa USA

Fred Meyer - 2003-09-05 22:40:40

London, Ontario Bethesda Hospital Looking for Stephen (birth name) Your mothers last name was Maxine Wilton. From the London area (Mount Brydges) she was about 16 years old at your time of birth. you were born in 1959 ( As far as we know). I am trying to help my wife find her brother. Her name is Brenda and her other sisters name is Teresa , Strathroy, Ontario Canada

Gord - 2003-09-03 11:32:44

I’m looking for decendants of James Hayes and Adah Marguerite Curtis. Lived in Edmonton area. Adah was the younger sister of my grandmother Mildred Irene Curtis Lucas. Can’t find her family. They also had a brother Clinton Curtis and they were all born in Shiocten, Wisconsin. Have quite a lot of Curtis family info that I’ll share. Janet Maloy , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Hayes, James - 2003-09-02 12:55:22

allen chomick, 1961 – 1979 , edmonton, ab Canada

allen chomick - 2003-09-01 23:25:10

SAUNDERS, INNISFAIL, KNEE HILL Looking for descendants of William Henry Saunders and Rosa Maria Sackenreuter – Bertha McMullen, Blanche Holt, Richard Saunders, Wm. Lloyd Saunders, Allen Lester Saunders, Edna May Roberts. also descendants of John Saunders & Mary Luella Jacobs around Knee Hill and Innisfail. , Smiths Falls, Ont. Canada

SAUNDERS, WM. H. - 2003-09-01 20:41:50

Martha Sloan Dobie and her husband Alexander John Dobie, from Scotland went to live in Canada in 1925, beginning in Quebec. Their movements in Canada have been very difficult to trace from England, but we do know Alexander died in 1949 in Port Alberni, BC, and was widowed at that time. Looking for death date and place of Martha Sloan Dobie born 1883 in Scotland (maiden name Martha Sloan Barrowman). Any details on Martha please to the email address. , Birmingham, England

Doreen Brooks - 2003-08-31 05:04:00

Looking for information on Doris Elcy Bellerose. Born on Aug 25 1929 in Slave Lake Alberta. Looking for any information about her siblings , parents and relatives. Her married name is Barabas. , Cochrane, A.B Canada

Y. Barabas - 2003-08-30 10:24:40

Ellen(nee)CLARKSON, born 1877, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent,UK. Ellen, my Aunt, went to Edmonton,Alberta,Canada,after the end of WW1, with a Canadian Soldier. They were married in Edmonton and they had two children, a boy and a girl. Their son visited Burslem during WW2 when he was drafted to the UK with the Canadian Army. Are there any descendants in Edmonton who recognise the name CLARKSON or any persons who know her married name and any of her children/G.children ? John Watts, Southport,UK., Saturday 30 August 2003. , Southport, Merseyside England

John William Watts - 2003-08-30 04:01:30

Female Adoptee born June 8 1972, Parry Sound, ON. Looking for info on Birth mother or father. Father listed as Ojibway. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Jennafer - 2003-08-29 22:50:30

Langlois, Edmonton, I would like to find my time of birth from hospital records or whatever has them , Edmonton, AB Canada

Dennis Langlois - 2003-08-26 20:45:22

more info. my mother’s maiden name was HAMELIN. she was born in 1937 and died april 10, 1971. she was about 37yo. i have 7-9 other brothers and sisters. my dad’s last name was probably MOSES, but not certain. i was born at st. joseph general hospital in dawson creek,bc. , vcr, bc Canada

philip - 2003-08-24 23:30:23

i am looking any info on my birth family (mother and father). my birth name is MOSES and i am a Cree first nations male born in 1971. My reserve is called Sturgeon Lake and is 200 miles NW of Edmonton, AB. i am searching for any family members or info on them. , vancouver, bc Canada

philip - 2003-08-24 23:20:40

Hi I’m looking for any information about Annie Maria Brock. Annie was born in England in 1878?? Married William Brock in England They Came to Canada in 1907?? William Died in the early 20’s Annie had small retail business in Calgary.She may have remarried details unknown.Annie died in about 1925??? and is buried in Calgary.We would appreciate any information about her Thankyou John Reid johnreid656@msn.com , MapleRidge, B.C Canada

John Reid - 2003-08-24 10:45:25

Looking for Deschene, Bob 340 Canyon Dr, Pincher Creek, AB Does he have a email adress? , Elkhart, IN USA

E Deschene-Lancaster - 2003-08-24 10:44:20

Looking for any Deschene’s in western Canada. Anyone interested in genealogy? , Elkhart, IN USA

E Deschene-Lancaster - 2003-08-24 10:01:00