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SWITZER< DONALD ALLAN SR., Who passed away on Sept.10-1986. Address was RR#1, Busby, Alberta. Searching for half brothers Donald Jr., Tom, Jason and Michael. Would really like to meet you. Grandfather Floyd Switzer of Edmonton,Ab. , High Prairie, Alberta Canada

cathy sheane - 2001-09-27 20:40:54

Swanson,Donald Alexander,Pettawa,1960 Was stationed here and then sent to Germany. Has family in Fort McMurray.I am his daughter and I know he was looking for me. , Kitchener, On Canada

Sandy Alderton - 2001-09-27 00:10:00

Susan Moulson, dog named Coco, Thunderbay, ONT. looking for phone number to make contact. , St. Helens, OR USA

Linda Hanna - 2001-09-26 21:45:12

Ostapek, Dwayne, A., Edmonton, 1999 – Cause of death and time of death. , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

MARY OSTAPEK - 2001-09-17 11:50:00

ALVA CARSON, Calgary N, 1901 1901 census shows a Mr. Alva Carson, age 51, born Ont, living in Calgary N. with 2 other men named Huff. I’m interested in finding out whether this was the same Alva S. Carson who was shot in 1898 in Prince Edward County, Ontario by a neighbour named Wycott. , Canada

Pamela - 2001-09-17 11:32:20


Tracy Warawa - 2001-09-17 10:34:00

STRUTT,BOWENVILLE,1861- I am looking for Robert and wife Hannah had son james,Robert born in england 1808.daughter,annie who married parley akerill , Wichita Falls, TX United States

Judy Stephens - 2001-09-13 22:33:31

Brown,Gladys,Grande Prarie , DimsDale area,adopted byBrowns but believed to born Beamer, deceased 80’s , LaRonge, Sk Canada

mitch kilgour - 2001-09-13 21:41:50

Greetings, I have been tracing my family tree and wish to contact a D Plummer, who submitted the death of John William Plummer B 28 Nov 1893 Burton on Trent The address listed follows- 107A-AVE Edmonton Alberta Canada T5W-1G5 I have sent a letter to this address, but it has been returned by the post insufficent details. Can you help? Many thanks Cliff Smith , auckland, New Zealand

clifford smith - 2001-09-13 10:42:50

Bartley, 1870 or earlier Coward, 1850 or earlier , Brandon, Mb Canada

Rodney Smith - 2001-09-10 15:50:22

Young, Alberta,1934 Looking for mother, birthname is Germaine Young. Parents were Nancy and Gilbert. Siblings, Alberta,Yvonne,Gilbert. , SSM, On Canada

Leanne - 2001-09-09 10:20:31

Young, Alberta,1934 Looking for mother, birthname is Germaine Young. Parents were Nancy and Gilbert. Siblings, Alberta,Yvonne,Gilbert. , SSM, On Canada

Leanne - 2001-09-09 10:12:11

McNaughton, Peter and daughter Edith. ANYONE have information about them before or after their arrival in Old(2)? , st. Albert, ab Canada

Kerry - 2001-09-08 10:03:00

Kleinsteiber/Kleinsteuber,are there any out there? , Barrie, Ont Canada

Mary-Jean - 2001-09-07 10:10:10

Talbot,Elin,Christina,Champion,Alberta,1928-maiden name Olson,married Dr. Albert Talbot in Calgary 1923,died 1928. Lived in Champion 1923-1928. My husband,Arthur Hanson’s Aunt. , Campbell River, B.C. Canada

Eileen Hanson - 2001-09-05 21:40:33

Talbot,Elin,Christina,Champion,Alberta,1928-maiden name Olson,married Dr. Albert Talbot in Calgary 1923,died 1928. Lived in Champion 1923-1928. My husband,Arthur Hanson’s Aunt. , Campbell River, B.C. Canada

Eileen Hanson - 2001-09-05 21:40:20

Talbot,Albert,Docter,Champion,Alberta,1925-ear,nose and throat,story of his life,death etc. , Campbell River, B.C. Canada

Eileen Hanson - 2001-09-05 21:34:00

Gwilym,Margaret,Hardisty,born 1918 had a sister, my grandfather immigrated from the US, worked on the railroads,Margaret met my bfather (Scottish/Eng) who also worked on railroad,Margaret moved to Regina & gave birth to me in Scotland, Ont. l947,mother was Welsh, looking for any information re bfather, aunt or any other relatives,also medical information would be helpful. , Brantford, Ont Canada

Christine Harris - 2001-09-04 21:03:10

Cole, Joseph, Hannah, George, Mina, Elsie, Arthur Red Deer, would like info on these distant cousins, birth, marriage, death dates, etc. , whitby, ontario Canada

ellie fowler - 2001-09-04 10:30:54

COVEY, GEORGE, born 1867 at Charleston, Ontario. Married Annie ? and moved west. Believed to have owned and operated a livery stable in Leduc. Any information is appreciated. , Calgary, AB Canada

Gail Covey Somerville - 2001-09-03 12:40:50

sports records , edmonton, abdon Canada

sanderlin - 2001-09-02 22:11:41

McLAUGHLINE,WINNIPEG,1940,Please help me to find out more about my Grandfather he was a very special man who died last year his storys of his life in canada were beautiful.WIFE VERA. CHILDREN MARGARET,THOMAS,EDITH,VERA.Any information would be greatlly accepted. , edinburgh, scotland

Paul Stewart - 2001-09-02 12:13:34

FEATHERSTONE, OLDS/EDMONTON, 1908-1919 am looking for family of ArthurWright Featherstone born in Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England, in 1891; who moved to Olds, Alta, in 1908, and then later to Edmonton. He was in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WW1 where he distinguised himself. We have no record of him after he returned to Canada in 1919. I am doing my family tree and would love to know what happened to Arthur, who was my father’s first cousin. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. , nb Canada

shirley parsons - 2001-09-01 11:50:14

Rehaume , Morinville, 1916 – My father-in – law, Charles Rehaume deceased 1972, served in the Army1942-46, trained at Camrose..He married Rita Ricard in 1942, then the family moved to BC in 1950. I am searching for records Dad did not have any identification done up until after their move to BC. Thank-you . , Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Susan Rehaume - 2001-08-31 10:25:10

DISTRICT DIARIES – I am hoping to acquire a copy of a book called “District Diaries”. It is a local history book for an area in Central Alberta (but I can’t remember the names of any of the individual communities!) It has a red cover, and was published by the same company who put out “Along the Burnt Lake Trail”. Please let me know if you have a copy of this book that you would be willing to part with. I would dearly like to have a copy for personal reasons, but I notice that the Edmonton Public Library also needs one for their research room, and the AGS does not appear to have a copy either. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Susan Swann - 2001-08-29 05:45:00

Ancestors are from Lanark, and Renfrew counties of eastern Ontario, Can. Grandparents…John Conway and Annie M. Mckay of Arnprior, Ontario , Montrose, Pa United States

Leonard T. Conway - 2001-08-28 10:40:20

BLACK/THOMSON: seeking information on the birth of Edwina Thomson possibly Black. Birth on February 13, 1933, adopted May 01, 1937 by the Vaughan’s. , Montreal, Canada

Lynn Day - 2001-08-28 10:31:13

THOMSON: Seeking information on the birth of EDWINA THOMSON, adopted by the Lister Vaughan and Mary Veronica LaFramboise on May 01, 1937. Any assistance is appreciated. , Montreal, Canada

Lynn Day - 2001-08-28 10:20:30

LAMOUREUX, Leo Paul born 1928. I am searching for Nicole his first born. Should you have information, please contact me. Grandfather was Leo Lamoureux. , Montreal area, Canada

Lynn Day - 2001-08-28 10:20:23

WRIGHT – early 1900’s – Edmonton LUNDY – late 1800’s early 1900’s I’m still attempting to solve a family mystery on the disappearance of my great uncle Charles Francis Wright also known as Frank Wright born March 2, 1881 in Newmarket Ontario. The story goes that shortly after his family moved to Carberry Manitoba in 1894 he left home and turned up in Edmonton where he was quite a hockey player for a time. He left behind a number of siblings as well as a mom and dad. Information was sent to Carberry Manitoba in the way of newspaper articles on his hockey playing for a period of time but no one ever had direct contact with him again after he left. Strangely when his dad died in 1905 he showed up again – no one knows how he knew – and then vanished again. The last anyone heard from him was October 31, 1907. I know it sounds like a Halloween tale but I would dearly like to know anything about his life here and what he may or may not have been up to including his hockey status. I also noted when I was searching information at the Edmonton City Archives that there were a number of Lundy family members here in Alberta around the same time. I am actually decended from both the Wrights and the Lundys- I have info on the Lundy’s back to 1600’s and the Wrights to early 1800. Cheryl Stuart , St. Albert, AB Canada

Cheryl Stuart - 2001-08-28 10:10:53

Miller, Edmonton,???? I am searching for my sons half brother. Possibly around the age of 10 his first name is Zack or Zachary. his Mothers name is Rochelle or Rachelle but not of the same last name.The fathers name is Dale miller, he has a twin and a sister.Please contact by email if know of any such child. , Chemainus, BC Canada

Holli Beatty - 2001-08-27 10:20:32

1895-1910, McDonald, Jennifer. Daughter Lorna born July 1900. Does anyone in the Red River area know anything about this family moving there around this time period? , New Westminster, BC Canada

Patricia Konechny - 2001-08-27 10:10:00

CORNELISON – I’m trying to get info. on Elzia, Erza, Elza Leroy Cornelison. He was my grandpa. I know his pa’s name was James T. Cornelison born abt 1865 marion Co., Arkanas & died 11/4/1923 in Sinette, Oklahoma. I have reason to belive his family came Canada. Thank you , Sacramento, CA USA

Mary Alida Cornelison Ward - 2001-08-25 14:44:44

Pseatak or Seatak I’m looking for any information on this family. The name was changed to Seatak in Salem, OR,USA. James W. Seatak was my grandfather& Willhelm Pseatak was my great grandfather. , Sacramento, CA USA

Mary Alida Cornelison Ward - 2001-08-25 14:30:10

Adams, Trottier and Laplante. I am looking for information about a family that lived near Turtle Mountain in the States near Belcourt . The surname could be either Adams or Trottier.The family consisted of four people Pascal, William, Joseph and Philomene. Philomene Adams Trottier is my grandmother who married Isidore Laplante in 1913. They had my mother Madeline Laplante in 1911 a long with Antoine,Marie,Moses and Leo. I have not been able to find Philomene’s parent’s names and I would appreciate it if anyone knew this family they could pass some information along to me. The family lived at Saskatchewan Landing and I can not find out anything about Philomene and her parents nor the brothers and sisters of my mother. Thank you. , La Ronge, SK. Canada

Clarence De Bruyne - 2001-08-25 10:40:20

cunningham,davie,redcliff,1924,my father was born nov.8.1924 in redcliff,alberta named john joseph.had brother 6years older named george.john was orphaned at 6 mon.adopted by martin family at 2 years old from lethbridge orphanage.any info appreciated. , upper fraser, bc Canada

donna goldthorpe - 2001-08-24 13:31:35

Kingston, Thomas, Alberta I am trying to find Thomas Kingston, father of a baby girl born Oct. 1977, or any relatives of Thomas Kingston, Last known residence: Grande Prairie Alberta 1977, , Mississauga, ON Canada

Lisa Blakelock - 2001-08-23 11:20:51

MacPhail, Neil Angus. Born in Govan Saskatewan in 1912 and died in 1969 in Victoria BC. Would like any family tree info. , Smiths Falls, on Canada

Marguerite Moore(MacPhail) - 2001-08-22 10:31:40

OLDRIGHT, PONOKA, ALBERTA born 1868 died in hospital in Ponoka. His wife was Minnie WILSON. He was an Army Officer in WW I, His father was Dr. William OLDRIGHT and his mother was Sarah Ellen DURAND. , Esparto, CA USA

Charles Durand - 2001-08-22 10:14:00


Charles Durand - 2001-08-22 10:04:30


Sharon Pilon - 2001-08-21 12:51:40

ROSS, Clive, Alix, Haynes, 1896-1920 Can anyone tell me why the Ross family that I am looking for was not in the 1901 census index? Is the index not complete yet? Was this family missed by the census takers? The family consisted of mother Anne Ross, sons Thomas John, William Edward & Charles and daughter Annie. They lived on a farm between Stettler and Lacombe near the villages of Clive, Alix and Haynes. What census district would this have been in? Thank you Stan , Rosetown, SK Canada

Stan Hingston - 2001-08-20 03:55:00

MARCUSSEN, Einer Christian, Leduc area, 1930’s-1960’s Einer lived on a farm 4 miles west of Leduc in the 1950’s. He moved into Leduc some time later. I am trying to find out more information about him. Where and when did he die, did he stay in Leduc or did he go back to Denmark? His sister (Margaret?)came to Leduc in 1951 from Denmark. I wonder what ever happened to her. Any information you have or can find would be much appreciated. Janice Davis jmd234@home.com , vancouver , bc Canada

Janice Davis - 2001-08-17 14:52:40

FAGERLID, DAPP, ALBERTA 1925-1950. Looking information on Marie and Sigmund Fagerlid, who supposedly emigrated to Dapp, Alberta in the late 1920s from Norway! They had a son Robert born about 1924! The surname may also have been Annaniasen or Berntsen! Any information appreciated! , Fiskaabygd, Norway

Morten Sylte - 2001-08-17 10:11:20

Looking for relations of Olga Buchkowsky, borm Hilliard, Alberta; 7 Oct 1926. Mother Anatasia Fedun; Father Karl(?) Buchkowsky. Ukranian community members. Any information on her parents or siblings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! , Seattle, WA USA

Kim Owens - 2001-08-16 21:10:40

CASPER, WAINWRIGHT,1915> Seeking help for family search data. My grandparents homesteaded in the Wainwright area just after the turn of the century. Both are buried in Wainwright. Need Obits on both as well as info on SAMUEL CASPER his dad also from IOWA. Any help would be warmly received, Mac McCallum — MMcca98035@aol.com , Portland, OR United States

Orval C. McCallum - 2001-08-15 21:12:53

KROESING,MEINHART JOHANN,- my great grandfather M.J. Kroesing went with his family to PincherCreek in abt 1903. I would like information if there are any Kroesings interested in sharing. The family story is that Johann and Erenst went to Canada and farmed. I have the obit of my great-grandmother Maria Elizabeth Saust Kroesing.She died in Coleman. They are buried in Crownsnest. , Albany, OR USA

Marilyn Kroesing-Myers - 2001-08-15 21:12:53

Tarapaski,Innisfree,Alberta,1920 , calgary, alberta Canada

tarapaski - 2001-08-15 21:12:53

I have been researching the Baptiste Indian family from Baptiste Lake, Ontario. John(Jean) Baptiste was born dec.6,1841 and his wife was born in December 1848. These are my 2great grandparents and I am looking for more history on when & why they left Lake of Two Mountains. Laurie , Edmonton, AB Canada

Laurie - 2001-08-15 21:12:53