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I had found the grave of Mary Marcella Serna or Bochar at one point in time, but wouldn't you know it now that I want to go there I cannot find it. She is buried in Edmonton Alberta died in the early 70's late 60 sometime in there can anyone help me I have til Saturday morning to find it

Donna - 2007-03-29 13:52:07


Webber, Kenneth Douglas Passed away 1991, Spruce grove, Ab

Desiree - 2007-03-29 10:35:04


Grover, Elaine Gertrude, born around 1935 in Saskatchewan,Canada. I am looking for Elaine or any family members who could help me find her and her children. Elaine married and last name was Bottaro. She lived in Calgary Alberta and had 2 or more children. I would love to get in touch with her or the kids. Thank you Delphine

Delphine - 2007-03-28 17:48:25

Maria Christiansen

We are looking for information on Maria Christiansen, she is my husband, Keiths paternal grandmother. She immigrated from Sweden and lived in the Stauffer area, where Keith's father, Walter Peterson was born. Maria later remarried a gentleman with the last name of Christiansen. Maria moved to Calgary and passed away there. I have no birthdates or the date that she passed away, would love to hear from anyone with any information on this family.

Doris Peterson - 2007-03-24 18:57:52

Seeking Alwine Stein

I am seeking information about my aunt Alwine (or Alvina or Alva) Stein and her descendants. She was ethnic German, born in Russia in 1909. came to Leduc, Alberta in 1912. Last contact with family at Leduc in early 1930's. She may have lived in Calgary and possibly USA. Married name not known.

Dick Stein - 2007-03-23 22:29:29

Peterson family from Stauffer or Nordegg Alberta

I am looking for information on my husband's Father, his name was Walter Peterson(sen) and he was born in Stauffer Alberta. I have very little to go on except that Walter's mother remarried and her new married name was Christian and they lived in Nordegg. Walter Peterson would have been born sometime between 1905 and 1920. We know that he served in WW2 and married Elizabeth Adolf from Hanna Alberta. My husband, Keith is the youngest of 3 children, he has a brother Walter and a sister Gloria. When Keith's brother Walter went to get a passport, the records showed that their last name was spelled Petersen, but on Keith's parents marriage certificate it is spelled Peterson. We are looking for any information at all.

Doris Peterson - 2007-03-23 10:47:37


Looking for any family photos, records or histories on the Lepper and or Mundie family who lived at Medecine Hat: They were: James Thomas Lepper and Anna Mundie who married and had children: Frederick Henry; Gordon; Stella Irene. My wife descends from Stella who married Daniel & Vincent McCoy and lived and died in California in 2001 where someone sold off all her personal records and belongings for profit without passing them on to her granddaughter, my wife, Leslie (White) Bunnell. We are trying to gather all we can for our grandchildren. Thanks, Paul Email: Bunnellloyalist@aol.com

Paul Bunnell, UE - 2007-03-23 08:22:57

Peterson family from Hanna Alberta

My husband's name is Keith Peterson and he was born on Sept 16, 1942 in Hanna Alberta. His parents were Walter Peterson and Elizabeth Adolf. I am looking for information on his father's side of the family. Where shoudld I start to look. We just read the article about Herbert Peterson who was killed during WWI and he was from Hanna, Alberta. Thank you for any help that you can give us

Doris Peterson - 2007-03-23 01:48:09

Information on my father's family

My maiden name is Letendre and I am trying to find out any information on my father's family. They had lived in Rio Grande AB and Kelly Lake, BC area. My father's Dads name was Roland Letendre and his wife was Ida Belcourt. Where did they come from? Any more relatives? Thank you

Donna Greenfield - 2007-03-22 19:36:56

siblings looking for sister

Linda Leonard, born Aug 9, 1940. Your siblings are trying to find you. You have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Our mother gave birth to you before she married our father. I have information about your biological father and some of his family as well. Please contact us through my e-mail, we are looking forward to getting to know you and yours.

Deb - 2007-03-22 19:14:34

Watt ancestors

WATT, CALGARY, 1920's onwards
Hi I am looking for descendants of Charles Adam Watt and his wife Jane Ann Simpson who went to Calgary in the late 1920's from Scotland. I know they had 3 sons George Adam, Arthur Charles & Ronald Kennedy Watt.
Also descendants of James Watt and wife Margaret Jane Simpson who arrived in Calgary in late 1920's from Scotland.
Also Charles and James' brother Lewis Thompson Watt who died 1963 in Calgary.
Their sister Elizabeth and her husband Charles Wright also went to Canada. She died in April 1985 in Calgary.
If anyone can give me any help finding descendants of these families please email me.
Thank you,
Irene Russell(nee Watt)

Irene Russell - 2007-03-22 04:45:56

Dolphin Family/Canada

Would like to locate any of my father's birth family in Canada. He was born in Saskatchewan to the Dolphin family in 1900. When the birth mother ( Ellen Rose) died in that childbirth, he was adopted by the John A.Honey family who then moved to Oregon, where he was raised. I met his birth sister when she came to Montana to visit us...but cannot remember her given first name....and also was taken to visit his birth father, George Dolphin when I was about six years old...would appreciate a response from anyone who may be related to my father, John Vernon Honey, and any of the Dolphin family...thanks so much! Jeannie Bury...at above e-mail or phone: 1-406-777-3098....in Stevensville, Montana Address: 305 Valley View Stevensville, Mt. 59870

Jeannie Bury - 2007-03-20 19:24:21


Lloyd or Floyd Catagas or David Floyd Catagas
A couple of years ago, Thomas Eagle talked to you about seeing your own siblings and you did not want anything to do with us. You never met us, give us a chance to meet with you. We are all over 50 now, call me at (204) 638-0662 or cell # (204)647-0682 OR email dorris_gab@hotmail.com

doris gabriel - 2007-03-16 20:41:01


Lloyd or Floyd Catagas or David Floyd Smelski DATE OF BIRTH: August 28, 1955
DOES ANYONE IN EDMONTON KNOW OF Lloyd or Floyd Catagas also known as David Floyd Smelski. I am searching Lloyd or Floyd we would like to see you. I am sure someone might remember who he is, he was born in Edmonton and went to school in Edmonton. Mother is Marie Madeline Catagas or Maud. DOB April 7, 1932. Mom died when I was about 16 years old, never saw her nor did she try to contact us. Lloyd or Floyd you also have another older brother Larry. We would like to meet with you.
Please let us know if anyone knows where abouts he is in edmonton, you can contact me at dorris_gab@hotmail.com
or (204) 638-0662 or cell # 647-0682 please leave a message.

doris gabriel - 2007-03-16 20:37:45


Looking for the families of:

Harry SHAW, b: 1876 Minnesota
d: 1959 Edmonton
m: Jessie Shileto
1.Daughter MELBA b: 1900 Edmonton
d: 1994 Edmonton
m: Van Carlson
their daughter JUNE CARLSON married GLEN ACORN
2.Daughter LOVA b: 1903
m: DAVID QUENTIN MARTIN their children DAVID Q.Jr. and
their daughter SYLVIA SHAW

I have the history on this SHAW family, and would like to share it.

Sandi - 2007-03-15 11:40:40

Blaine Arden Myers

Please contact me if you so please.
As your sisters want to meet you just even once. We all live Alberta.
The past is the past and can't be undone. But the future can be some thing to maybe heal a few old wounds.
Do please consider this.

Sheryl Treber Myers - 2007-03-14 15:29:22

Birth Family

I was born on Oct.17 1946 in Calgary Alberta at the Holy Cross Hospital. Was then adopted in July 1947. To the Treber's of Taber Alberta.
Once a few years back I was sent a picture of a native women. Could that person resend that pic to me. I have know info at all on Birth parents.

Sheryl Treber - 2007-03-14 15:22:46

George William Harris

I think I have the facts straight now. My mother, Irene, is looking for her cousin who was born in 1930. Her cousin George lived in Tottenham until he his dad died and then he and his mother moved away. She may have remarried. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks.


William Rupert Harris married Rose and sailed to Canada around 1906
Two sons:
‒ William Harris probably born in St. Pancras London England (year unknown - may have been 1904)
‒ George Frederick Harris born in St. Pancras London England Dec. 12, 1905 (we have birth certificate)
When their mother Rose died William Rupert went back to England and re-married then came back to Canada.

William Rupert Harris joined the army to fight WW and won many medals. When he was killed in the war his second wife left Canada and went back to England without William and George. William was raised in Tottenham by Dick Courtney and George was raised by Nellie and Archie McPhee in Normanby Township, Grey County.

William had a son:
‒ George born in 1930

George had three daughters:
‒ Rose ,
‒ Helen and
‒ Irene

Brenda - 2007-03-11 22:39:52

Family of Benjamin James Johnston

Benjamin is my grandfather's brother. He served overseas in WW1 and is believed to have married Marie. He had 2 sons, one named Norman. Would dearly love to contact the sons as Benjamin must be deceased (born 1889 in Manitoba). Please contact me.

Johnston, Edmonton 1930 - 2007-03-11 16:12:01

Bob Myram

Hi. I am looking for my cousin, Bob Myram. He lives and works somewhere in the Australian Outback (NT?) and I would love to hear from anyone who may have his address....BOB, I'M LOOKING FOR YOU!!!!!

Krystyne Lewis - 2007-03-07 10:33:12

Adopted Sister

searching for adopted sister,born Dorothy Lynn Tymchuk at Misericordia hospital in Winnipeg 1952.I now know she lives in Winnipeg,and goes by Donna Elizabeth surname unknown.birth date July 5/1952. Adoption finalized 1959.Adoptive parents both in army in Manitoba 40s? Also have a biological son name of Wayne.Post Adoption registry had no luck with contact so far.Thanks for any help at all.

Wayne Tymchuk - 2007-03-07 00:37:21



alex brennan - 2007-03-05 14:51:04


Hi I am trying to locate any ancesters I have that belong to the cree nation.
I know that my grandmothers name was
Hamelin, Lorraine and she had lots of children including, Lee 1963 and James C. 1961. Can anyone help me? I would like to build a family tree.

James Hamelin - 2007-03-04 18:30:35

history of martin-m?riadec family

I am looking for the family of Jean-Louis Martin-M?riadec arrived in Tomahawk,Northleigh Alta (alberta)between 1915 and 1917 from Guingamp,France.He has had 4 chlidren:Rose,Louise,Oscar,Albert and he worked as a farmer.His sister lived in France and his surname was Philom?ne

lebreton - 2007-03-04 17:20:19

two half-sisters

Would like to find Diane, possibly married to an Edmonton vet. Also Barbara who used to live in Medicine Hat, then moved to Calgary. Do not know her married name.

brock - 2007-03-02 18:54:17

alexander moffatt

Looking for information on Moffatt family, Herbert Horace Moffatt married Jessie Maitland, Alexander Moffatt their son born in Edmonton, Alberta 1922.
They moved to Seattle around 1927.


Linda Moffatt - 2007-02-27 21:23:53

Nellie Bassingwaithe (Bassingwate)

Looking for decendants of Nellie Bassingwaite (or Bassingwate) or first name could be Ellen? The reason I'm looking is I have a picture of her with my grandfather; Harold Alfred Thompson. I believe she was his girlfriend at the time.


Ellen Thompson - 2007-02-27 21:21:43

Harris of Tottenham area

I am looking for info on my mother's cousin William (I think) Harris born in 1930 and lived int he Tottenham Ontario. His father who was a twin died in the war when he was a just a boy. His stepmother's name was Mary.

brenda - 2007-02-26 22:45:07

trying to find birth

Joseph carter-leay born about 1836 in edmonton. I do have census for 1871 1881 1901 but be for this i have not found anything, I have his marriage cert but that just said what i know already he worked as a Litho printer. I just hope someone can help me in this search many thanks shirley

shirley bath - 2007-02-26 14:40:16


Searching for any information on LULU ISOBELLA LISCUM, b 22 Nov 1901, Ontario. Raised in EDMONTON. Married name AVERY. Last place of residence > LeDuc (as of 1959). Any information will be appreciated :) Thank you.

LORRIE COLE - 2007-02-21 12:51:27

family search

We would be most interested to hear from anyone who knows about William and Mary Rodgers who emigrated to Penhold, Alberta from England in 1904 with their son William. The latter joined the Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) and was killed in the First World War in 1917.
Chris Rodgers

rodgers, penhold, 1904 - 2007-02-21 12:32:48

McRobbie of Med. Hat

AGNES MCROBBIE Born abt. 1890/1891; unknown location.
I am looking for information on the McRobbies of Medicine Hat fr 1900-1955. Agnes's father could have been Alexander, mother Mary Watt. She might have married a gentleman by the name of John Westmorland. Agnes also had a female relative who married John Murray. Agnes died 1955.

Lora Hansen - 2007-02-18 14:23:03

James Latta Allan

JAMES ALLAN Born 1851 Scotland
Looking for descendants of James L Allan and Isabella Armour who left Renfrewshire ,Scotland in 1890 and appear in 1901 census at Poplar Lake.
Children of above were Jennie James HughJohn William Martha and Joanna .

Morag Hooker - 2007-02-16 18:05:54


Have a Jasper Haws in my line went to Alberta with his family. Can't find any family info on this Jasper Hawes famous for the Hudson BAy company post anyone know the decendents of this famous Jasper Hawes...My story from family it's my relative but can't confirm it can anyone lead me to any decendents??? Our Spelling is Jasper Haws from Leeds County 1800 in Ontario, Canada... father of my Jasper is ....Edward Haws Mother Anna...... but not confirmed... Thanks.

Jasper Hawes - 2007-02-14 11:00:38


I am looking for the birth records of Emerteen Pearl Morse nee Glover, my grandma who resided in Drumheller, Alberta with her spouse Frederick James Morse. I cannot find anything in the census or bmd records

Debra Oxner - 2007-02-13 08:47:30

Burial 1955

I am looking for the burial of a Mrs. John DEAS, Edmonton - July 5, 1955 - I don't know her given name but hoping that the husband John would be buried with her. Thank you Catherine

Catherine Johanson - 2007-02-12 09:53:03


I am looking for any information of an Alexander Paquette born abt. 1882 possibly in Sask. or Edmonton, AB. He married Theresa Giroux - 1913 in Grouard, AB. Alex was the son of Frank or Francois Xavier Paquette. I believe Frank was from Montreal and resided in Fort Walsh in 1881 as part of the North West Mounted Police. In service for only 1 1/2 yrs. Frank had children with a (woman, unknown name) who may have passed away and the kids were farmed out.

Frank remarried and had more children.

Alexander Paquette was his child from 1st marriage. Other children from 1st marriage may be Paddy, George, Frank, Louise and Rachel.

If anyone is related or knows anything about this family of Paquettes I would love to hear from you!

Thank you!

Audrey - 2007-02-10 13:06:01


Does anyone have any information on the birth/death of descendants of Adolphe & Angelique Guenette? They are my grandparents. I have some info but do not know where and when they ere born/deceased.

Thank you

Pauline Calhoun - 2007-02-09 12:47:49

Lewis and Collins

Looking for birth inforamtion for Cora Lewis who was supposed born on an Indian Reservation in Medicine Hat

Ruth - 2007-02-08 12:00:28


looking for my great uncles death informantion.
Name: James Frank Leslie (or any vareation of the names)
Vermilion area

Deb Hopman - 2007-02-05 15:15:10


Does anyboy out there know Peter or Anne Orton born, 1900,s in Norway, died in Albeta or Saskatchewan, Canada. Assinibone, Saskatchewan.. Please respond. Looking for relatives

Erin - 2007-02-02 23:55:14

sophie cardinal

cardinal,sophie,1854.i am looking for anyone with info on sophie cardinal b.1854 in fort edmonton was married to edward gladnu-kewnis in 1872 in slave lake.edward was also born in 1854.sophie died in brooks,ab(date unknown).any help at all would be appreciated.thank you

craig aylward - 2007-02-01 18:19:53


I am searching information on my grandfather Sidney Feltham who entered Canada from Blandford England in April 1913.

Janice Stevens - 2007-01-24 05:59:24

Albert Pearce

Pearce, Albert, Edmonton arrived Edmonton on the Berengaria from Southampton March 1938. He was born in 1871 and he was a butcher by trade.

Born in Winterburn, Gloucester had a brother Alfred who I am the Grandaughter. Would like to trace any decendents as I feel sure he went out to Canada to live/stay with a son.

Please contact me if you feel you can help. I have found a burial of same name in Edmonton Cemetery 1942.

Heather Harvey - 2007-01-23 14:52:58



ANNIS, EDMONTON ,1951 - 2007-01-22 23:44:51

Nendze descendants

NENDZE, NEWBROOK, 1920'S-CURRENT: My grandmother Lydia (Gebhard) Jenny immigrated to Illinois, USA from Germany in 1923. Her sister Martha (Gebhard) Nendze immigrated to Canada (unsure of year). I visited by cousins in the mid 1960's but lost touch. I'm trying to reconnect as well as learn more family history.

Jackie Hernandez(Schultz) - 2007-01-22 17:59:52


Sidney Morrison, my father, any information on his origin. I was born in Whitecourt Alberta in 1942. Sidney I his wife Myrtle raised me until I was about 8 yrs old. Sidney died when I was 4, Myrtle his wife when I was 8. I was then raised by my natural mother Who's maiden name was Pipe. At eariler posting I did not know her maiden name. She was raised in an orphanage in Manitoba and came to Alberta around 1940 or so. I am interested in finding out more about my father's background. Where he came from and family history.

Robert Morrison - 2007-01-21 12:31:12


Looking for information re: William A. Beacock, Catherine Beacock (nee Batters) and children: Aleta & ???

Bonnie - 2007-01-19 11:10:33

looking for history

if anyone knows of Levasseur, Louis please email me.

Brandis - 2007-01-17 10:37:59

Christina Collins Wetaskiwin Alberta

I am looking for information regarding Christina Collins she is reported to have passed in Wetaskiwin Alberta about 1902 or 1903. Where could I find this information. I have her scrip document, this is my GGrandmother

Thank you for any information

Whitford Genealogy

E.Bitterman - 2007-01-16 12:33:58