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Flossy (Lutz) Brown, husband Fred Brown, Craigmyle, District Alpha, Estimated death dates/late 1930’s ================================================= . Flossie was born 1876 in Ontario, met Fred at Tilley, Alberta, Lived near Craigmyle, Alberta., Did not have any children but did adopt adopt a girl later in life. Her name (Betty ?). Would appreciate knowing death dates and where buried Many Thanks for your help , calgary, AB Canada

Meda Paterson - 2004-03-30 22:30:30

TOOLE, JOHN & TOOLE, BERNARD, EDMONTON, 1959: I am searching for my relatives John Toole (b. 1934 Manchester, England)and Bernard Toole (b. 1927 Manchester, England) who were brothers, both single, who emmigrated together to Candada in the mid-1950’s. John Toole was working for McNamara-Brown & Root on the Kelsey Generating Station at Pit Siding in Manitoba in 1958 before moving to live at 10210 107th Street, Edmonton, Alberta in 1959. Bernard his brother worked for the Dominion Catering Co at Inuvik in the North West Territories (during 1958/59). Would appreciate any assistance in my endeavours to find them. Perhaps someone who currently lives in Edmonton might be able to tell me if the address on 107th Street, Edmonton is still there? I would appreciate any assistance or advice to assist me in my endeavours to find them. Sue, Perth, Western Australia , Perth, WA Australia

Sue - 2004-03-30 21:52:54

molnar, abbotsford, 1969. Sorry, in first query i stated name of person I am looking for is Ava. The name is Eva, born to a Sharon Thomas or Sharon Tootoosis. my e-mail: molnarjasen@hotmail.com , Abbotsford, bc Canada

jasen molnar - 2004-03-30 04:04:10

Molnar,Abbotsford,1969 from BC looking for Ava born in BC to a Sharon Thomas, or Sharon Tootoosis. Not sure when Ava was born. I am brother to her. my e-mail: molnarjasen@hotmail.com , Abbotsford, BC Canada

Jasen Molnar - 2004-03-30 03:01:20

Looking for info on family of Riley Hamilton Kays. , mo united states

james kays - 2004-03-28 13:34:10

Herron, Townsend, Bennett, Edmonton, 1900 Looking for any info on the Herron Family that moved to Edmonton Area 1900. ie, Columbus b 1857, Annettie b 1861 had children, Melburn, Otis,Edith, Myrtle, Eugene, Elsie, Lessie. , lovilia, ia Canada

Jim Shank - 2004-03-28 10:25:55

Pridie, Mary : Looking for info on my aunt who married Edward burrows Hansley in 1942 in Calgary. She was from Peace River/ Dixonville area of Alberta and spent time in the Ponoka Mental Health Hospital. Possibly died by 1949 as her husbands war medals were not deliverable at that time. He was killed in action in 1945. Also seeking anyone who might have pictures of them. Thank-you. , Arden, Mb Canada

Lynn Naegeli - 2004-03-28 03:52:10

Hansley, Fred : I’m looking for anyone who might know anything about Fred Hansley who died in Feb., 1952, possibly Feb.16 and was buried in mt. Pleasant Cemetery on Feb. 19,1952, Edmonton. I am doing my family history and all Hansleys are related. Thank-you , Arden, Mb Canada

Lynn Naegeli - 2004-03-28 03:05:20

LaBOUCANE, EDMONTON, 1982. Born to a girl who had 4 sisters. Believe it may have been a blended family. Know there are lots of LaBoucanes out there. Where do I belong?? Please email me at 2integra@telus.net , Calgary, AB Canada

LaBoucane - 2004-03-27 10:44:00

Baby girl Friesen, Alberta, Sept. 23/1957. I am looking for the birth mother of baby girl Friesen who was born in Edmonton. Her mother was born in Saskatchewan in the 30’s was of Dutch heritage, musically inclined, grade 8 education, and was not married. The father was from Ontario. The girl was adopted by a Barbara and Ross Bowman. Any information would be appreciated. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Katie Inman - 2004-03-25 15:43:00

Looking for info on John G. Third, married to Ellen Jean Fitzgerald sometime prior to 1892. I know they resided in Kempton/Goodfare region from 1919-1929 where Ellen (possibly John or John Jr.) was postmaster. , Canada

Third, John - 2004-03-25 12:20:00

Researching L’HIRONDELLE, ARCHANGE b. 1803-1813. May be daughter of or related to Jacques L’Hirondelle and Josette Pilon. Archange married Hypolite Brissette 1824-1826. He was a voyageur for HBC who reportedly met Archange while posted at Lesser Slave Lake. Eventually this couple settled in Penetanguishene, Ontario. I am seeking information or clues on Archange’s origins as they remain a mystery. Also seeking information about a rare blood factor connected to the L’Hirondelle family. , Canada

Jo-Anne - 2004-03-24 21:53:51

Looking for my mother. She was married to my father Thomas Arthur Lewis in Edmonton, Ab on Sept. 03, 1948 at MacDougall Church in downtown Edmonton (opposite the Edmonton Journal Building). My father was born in ST. Alban’s, England on May 12, 1921. My mother was born to Anne Michaelzuk and Fred Cross of Rochester, AB in 1927. My mother’s maiden name was Josephine Clara Cross and she had a brother named Henry and a sister named Betty. My father served in the RAF for about 16 years. He was an air frame fitter for the RAF and emigrated to Canada in 1948 where he met and married my mother. My parents had three children (David, born on July 20, 1949; Allen (me) born on July 19, 1950; Gail born on April 07, 1955). We were all born in Edmonton. I think that we were all born in the Misocordia Hospital in Edmonton. In late 1960, the family came apart. On September 07, 1961 the divorce was granted. Gail and myself were adopted out in 1962 and have just recently reunited with David (about two and a half years ago through the Post Adoption Registry in Edmonton. If anyone has any information regarding my mother please contact me at: larkeg@hotmail.com Thank you. , Red Deer, AB Canada

Lewis, Allen - 2004-03-23 23:25:00

I’am trying to locate my birth father whose name is Ken Sargent born in Perth Ontario, I believe in 1938. I was born in Edmonton July 28 1958, to my birth mother June E. Kobeluck. Ken was in the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in 1958. If you have any information please contact me. Thank you , Grande Prairie, ab Canada

sproule - 2004-03-22 12:34:43

Would appreciate any information on the Carm family, from the Fort Macleod area or Pincher Creek area years ago–starting a family tree. Husband Fredrick, wife-Honor. thanks for any help or information if some out there knows any! , Claresholm, AB Canada

Pam Carm - 2004-03-22 11:05:20

i was wondering if anyone could tell me when the Laboucane family reunion in Duhamel is? , edmonton, ab Canada

will Laboucane - 2004-03-21 21:53:20

I am trying to locate the birth family of a son born June 21st 1944 to a nineteen year old women by the last name Hansen. He was born and adopted by a family named Frid in Edmonton. Please email me at the address given with any information , Edmonton, AB Canada

Hansen - 2004-03-18 23:54:40

FOGARTY,EDMONTON,1938- I am seeking information on the family of g-uncle Andrew Fogarty who died in Edmonton on August 22, 1938. Also family of his son Alfonse and son-in-law Otto Lyons. Both moved from Ontario to Edmonton, Andrew about 1912 and Otto about 1945. Does Edmonton Genealogical Society have a newspaper clipping service which will mail photo-copies of news items eg. b. m. d. of family names to those requesting for genealogical purposes only? Payment for same would be made promptly. , Kitchener, ON Canada

Andy McAuliffe - 2004-03-16 13:40:10

Iam looking for my father Rudolf Iverson, Who was married to my mother Josephine Fayant Just befor I was born On November 24th 1960, @ the holy cross hospital in Calgary Alberta.And they divorced just after I was born , Some time in 1961.I allso know That my father remarried. To a nurse and had 2 or 3 children. And I heard they lived in Kelsey bay on Vancouver Island. Allso that his mother and sisters and brothers , lived in Surry and New westmintser B.C. I heard that his brother Ray Iverson Pass way a couple of years ago. So if any one could help please Email me back @ Iverson74@hotmail.com Iam now Living in Vancouver B.C. , Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Lyle Iverson - 2004-03-16 13:30:15

Iam looking for my father,Rudolf Iverson, who was married to my mother Josephine Fayant ,On or about the time I was Born November 24th 1960,In Calgary Alberta.I think he got married to a nurse and had more children, And they live on Vancouver Island, Kelsey Bay.I also know that his mother lived in New Westminster B.C. Untill her death. Also I know he has a brother , his name is Ray Iverson.I allso know he has relatives in Surry B.C.If any one can help me find my father , or some one from his side of the family, That would really help .thank you. , Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Lyle Iverson - 2004-03-16 13:10:43

Am looking for information on birth family. Possibly Jessop(not sure of spelling)I was born July 23, 1942 at Grace Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. , Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

Norma McLuckie - 2004-03-15 15:12:15

Hello, I’m looking for any information on my grand parents Melville s. & Ivy Biggs who lived in Drumheller, Ab. in the early 1930’s and 40’s, also info on my great grand parents who owned the Drumheller Review. , penticton, bc Canada

stuart biggs - 2004-03-14 21:03:00

Hello, I’m looking for any information on my grand parents Melville s. & Ivy Biggs who lived ib Drumheller, Ab. in the early 1930’s and 40’s, also info on my great grand parents who owned the Drumheller Review. , penticton, bc Canada

stuart biggs - 2004-03-14 20:50:54

Looking to locate burial site of my Father in Beechmont Cemetery: Jesse Leigh Pankey Oct.6 1966 Edmonton, Alberta Canada wife Helen. , Edmonton, ab Canada

Maureen Naegeli - 2004-03-13 22:51:10

I am looking for genelogy researchers who does family research in Canada, United States and overseas mainly Scotland and Great Britain as well as miltary records research would like someone in Alberta if possible. , Red Deer, AB Canada

Garry Harding - 2004-03-12 22:33:50

Was born 10/17/49. in Calgary at the Holy Cross Hospital. Was told my name was Sharron Diane Moran (not sure how it was spelled) Mother was 16 and father 20? I was also told that my father paid to have me looked after for 9m. Iam looking for any one that may know anything about me. I do not want personal contact. So don’t worry. Just at 57 it would be nice to find out if I have a sister or brother out there. Was raised in Taber Alberta by the Treber family. , Hinton, AB Canada

Moran/ Treber - 2004-03-12 04:55:10

Was born 10/17/49. in Calgary at the Holy Cross Hospital. Was told my name was Sharron Diane Moran (not sure how it was spelled) Mother was 16 and father 20? Iwas also told that my father paid to have me looked after for 9m. Iam looking for any one that may know anything about me. I do not want personal contact. So don’t worry. Just at 57 it would be nice to find out if I have a sister or brother out there. Was raised in Taber Alberta by the Treber family. , Hinton, AB Canada

Moran/ Treber - 2004-03-12 04:54:00

McClymont, Edmonton, Bef 1927 I’m trying to find a date of marriage for James Duston McClymont and Flossie. They had a son Richmond Roth McClymont. From a genealogy done in 1927 I know that James died in February 1913 and Flossie died before 1927. Flossie may have remarried. I’d like to find her date of birth and death and their date of marriage. Also date of birth of Richmond Roth McClymont. Any help would be appreciated. , Macomb, MI USA

Geri Redmond - 2004-03-12 02:03:00

Annual Genealogical Show-Edmonton-2004?? Folks, Can someone tell me when the Annual Genealogical Show at the Armouries in Edmonton is in 2004?? Thank you. RWR , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

R.W. Rick Redmond - 2004-03-11 22:05:00

CARLEY,Calgary,1901+ Searching for information on Frederick Carley, b 1875 in Cobourg, Ontario; and his wife, Violet Gertrude Davidson, b 1880 in Streetsville, Ontario. They were married in Cobourg on Jan. 28, 1901. I know of two children, William and Veda. I have information on their ancestors. , Mississauga, Ont Canada

Bob Shewman - 2004-03-10 12:23:52

EULER,CARDIFF& EDMONTON 1916&??? Looking for Frederick Richard EULERfarmed in Cardiff, Alta. in 1916 before he join the miltary. Hans Frederick EULER lived in Edmonton at one time. Their parents are Richard and Louise Euler. They were both born in Preussan. Both boys were born in Chicago Illinios, before the family moved to North Dakota then came to Canada in 1903 to homestead in the Kenora area. Frederick birth date is 03 Feb,1890. Hans birth date 11 Feb 1887. Both were married Frederick to Jessie Vivian Blackford. Hans to Mary???????. Can anyone that can help fill in the blanks. thanks , Stony Palin, ab Canada

Gail Newton - 2004-03-09 23:30:43

Jackniski/Jacknicki/Jacknicke, Thorhild I am looking for cemetery records for Semko (Sam) and Clara Jacknisky in Thorhild, Alberta, Canada. Also any other Jackniski or Jacknicki. Thanks, Laura , Thorhild, Ab Canada

Laura - 2004-03-09 20:50:00

I have information on George Herbert Covey born 1867 died Edmonton 10-26-1928. I am looking for his daughters, Grace (Mrs. J. Cameron),Mrs. D. Cross and Mrs. E. Diry of Luscar. Please email me if you are descendents of this family. , Calgary, AB Canada

Gail Covey Somerville - 2004-03-09 13:10:40

I was told my grandparents came from an orphange in Alberta, alas I can find no records of the name “Bernier” is this indeed a local name? , Smithfield, NC USA

Michelle - 2004-03-09 11:50:43

EDWARDS, Dono LeRoy, Lacombe, Alberta 1910-1964. For many years my family have been attempting to locate the natural birth parents of my grandfather. I do not know their names, only that he was born in Lacombe, 11 Aug. 1910 and adopted by Earl A. & Clara Samantha Edwards. He was not adopted right away, maybe 2 yrs. but was with my ggrandparents from birth is the story. Every avenue we search turns up nothing. My ggrandparents lived I believe in the Moscow, Potlatch, Idaho area but adopted my grandfather in Lacombe area. Could anyone give me some clues where I might look? This may have to do with a son of a very prominent family of the Lacombe or Alberta area and a women of lesser status, possibly a house worker of some kind. Anything is greatly appreciated. , Phoenix, AZ USA

Lora Hansen - 2004-03-08 23:43:00

Konechny,Melville, Sask, 1940’s My name is Brian, my Dad is Frank Konechny and my Grandfather is William Konechny, Grandma was Mary. My Dad was born in Melville Sask, where he lived with his 4 brothers, Marion, Tommy, &Ted. Any relations out there????? We are planning a Konechny reunion here in BC, if you are related you and your family would be welcome. Even if we are not related, it would be interesting to know where your family is from. Hope to hear from you. All the best… Brian , Surrey, BC Canada

Konechny - 2004-03-08 00:11:00

Baby boy born April 17, 1937 in Calgary,KENNETH ARTHUR LAVENTURE at birth. Adopted by JOHN HUDSON SHORTT and ELSEBE VIOLET SHORTT , Nanaimo, b.c. Canada

Andrea Patton>nee Shortt - 2004-03-07 10:20:45

william powder, born 1915 , ab Canada

Powder - 2004-03-06 10:40:30

Looking for information of friends of my family in St. Albert area. Delisle was the name. Joe . Thank you.Lived in the area in the 1940’s , Vernon, BC Canada

VicLogan - 2004-03-06 05:50:00

FRASER;CHERYL MARIE DEC/28/1966 EDMONTON ALTA MISERICORDIA HOSPITAL Iam looking for any information on my birth parents or possible siblings.I believe my mother was from Edmonton and my father was possibly from Australia. Mother was of scottish decent her father was a station agent and her mother a bakery manager she had two sisters and one half sister.She was a student at the time of my birth. My father was of English decent, he had one sister and was a ward aide at the time of my birth. I am well adjused just curious and wondering about family health issues for my oun child. Thankyou. , spirit river, ab Canada

FRASER - 2004-03-04 22:51:00

I am searching for information on the Lenz family. Harry Lenz, who married my grandmother Ida Mariam Pede, they had three sons, Randolph, Rick and Gerry Lenz. I am the daughter of Randolph who passed away in Oct. 17, 1973. If you have any other information on this family, My sister and myself would be very grateful. , Salmon ARm, bc Canada

Lenz Family - 2004-03-02 21:20:40

BIROS, MUDROCH Moon Lake, Alberta 1937 I have copies of three letters to my grandmother from her half brother John (Jan) Biros of Moon Lake, Alberta, Canada. They were all dated in 1937. All were written in Slovak. Moon Lake is a small community west of Edmonton a little south of Entwhistle and north of Drayton Valley. In one letter John states he is in his 40’s . In it he mentions his brother Thomas who died on 31 Mar 1935 in Canada. He also mentions a brother Tony and a brother Palko. John says he is trying to bring the rest of his family to Canada. They are his wife (not named) a son Jurko age 17, a daughter Annie age 14 and another son Andrej (Andy) age 9. It appears John went to Canada in the mid 1930’s. Possibly with his brother Thomas?? John’s half sister (my grandmother) Zuzana Biros Mudroch came to the United States about 1906. I am having difficulty finding my grandmother Biros family. I would appreciate any help. Thank You Marty Mudroch Illinois USA , Joliet, Illinois USA

Martin Mudroch - 2004-02-29 20:31:31

FOSTER John Lynn, Alberta Census, 1901 Checking your on-line 1901 Census link I see a reference to: Foster, John L – Age 8 – InisflE I am hoping that this is a reference to John Lynn Foster subsequently married to Ruth Stella Boyson (my paternal grandmother)(daughter of Martin and Karren M Boyson) of Stirling, AB. So far, I have been unable to find any details on John Lynn Foster and his ancestors. Would it be possible to provide me with the full details of the John Lynn Foster entry? Thank you, John Peterson , Ottawa, ON Canada

John Peterson - 2004-02-28 12:21:30

Brosseau: Frank and Jean Baptiste and Joseph, St. Albert.Thank you for any infomation. , Atl., Ga USA

Elaine - 2004-02-28 11:40:10

I am looking for any info on abrahm rowand, wife anna/son,tom roy rowand ,wife,alis bissett.Roy rowand was from sask.his father was from man. worked for hudson bay roys first wife was marion , ab Canada

butch - 2004-02-28 10:10:15

Known to have died in Edmonton Dec 12, 1989, but previously lived in Sask. Any info appreciated. , Vernon, BC Canada

Louis A LaRose - 2004-02-27 23:55:00

Patton,Edmonton,1977 Looking get transcript/particulars of the following gravestones at Mt.Pleasant Cemetery in Edmonton. They are for Frank Patton buried 10/19/1977 at G/41/000A (Section/Block/Plot) and Beatrice Patton buried 06/03/1971 at G/41/000B. Thank-You , Waterloo, On Canada

Jeff Patten - 2004-02-27 12:22:50

Grace Mary Lila GRAHAM Peace River, Fort Vermilion 1919 – ? Need birth and death certificates and or records , Canada

higgin - 2004-02-26 14:22:53

Pearce, Thomas George, Fort Sask, 1885? , Kelowna, BC Canada

Douglas R Pearce - 2004-02-26 13:53:10

We are trying to re-unite with a Canadian family. We knew John Johnston in Holland after the war. He was a Canadian soldier and we believe that he was from Winnipeg. We had a home address of 651 Sherbrook Street but mail to that address after the war was not answered. Mother’s name was Joan Frances but she may have died before the war. In searching the City Directory, we note an Alex Johnston living at 651 Sherbrook Street in 1947 and wonder if he might have been related? We wonder if your office may be able to help us in this search. For example, can your records provide the date of death of any of these three individuals? Are there Death Announcement records that we could search if we don’t know the date of death ? We thought that we might be able to learn of any family connections through information found in Obituaries. , Heerhugowaard, the netherlands

joan meijer - 2004-02-26 01:03:50