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Searching for information on Wanda Taron, last known address Edmonton, Alberta. All we have is that Wanda arrived in Canada May 1927. , Canada

Bea - 2004-10-22 05:03:00

I am looking for information about women with the maiden name of Curley married in Edmonton in the 1960’s or 1970’s , Canada

John Ullis - 2004-10-21 23:10:40

Walker, Edmonton, 1880s – I am seeking information on a man named Walker, possibly an American, who married Isabella Lauder in 1881-2 in Edmonton. , Canada

Wendy Burton - 2004-10-20 22:30:10

PREST, ALBERTA, Nov. 4, 1902. William Archie Prest was born in Guelph On in 1850 and died (location unknown) Nov. 4, 1902, according to the Cranbrook (BC) Herald, Nov. 4, 1902, p. 4. There is no death registration for him in BC, so it is possible that he died in Alberta or the U.S. Does anyone have any information on him? , Vancouver, BC Canada

Waddington, Margaret - 2004-10-20 11:30:10

DARLING, EDMONTON, 1966 I am looking for a death date for a Patricia Evelyn Darling maiden name Walker. She died between 1966 and 1974 around Edmonton and is suppose to be buried in Edmonton. She was married to Gordon Douglas Darling. If any one can help me it would be greatly appreciated or if this family is related to you please get ahold of me as I am trying to help her only living son find his roots. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Teresa - 2004-10-16 14:51:20

I am trying to locate a picture of a hotel in 1917 where my grandmother Rose Piggott worked as a maid. It is the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald now, in 1917 the hotel was owned by Grand Truck Railway. , penticton, B.C. Canada

Pat - 2004-10-15 15:44:10

Trying to find ancestors or any information on Micheal Gillooly Died 18June 1951 Edmonton, his wife J. Gillooly Died 22 Feb 1951 Edmonton, had a son (who is my grandfather) Francis Paul Gillooly B: 1900 Blairgowrie, scotland. They lived (1915) 282 Glover Bar Road Edmonton , penticton, B.C. Canada

Pat - 2004-10-15 15:40:40

My Father was born Alfred Lawrence Ish. Mother was Maggie Gem Ish. Maggie spent one year in Buck Creek, Alta before my father was born June 6, 1939. If anyone knows the father’s name we as his family would like to know. , Penticton, BC Canada

Sheryl Ann Wilson - 2004-10-15 11:00:00

Hi I am looking for information on the Piluk/Piluke family and Nazar & Rokosh from Regins Saskawan to Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario Now. Piluk’s came to Canada in 1902 from Ukrianes. Rokosh came around 1906 from Poland. Im looking for a Mike Rokosh son of Valentine and Nellie Rokosh who married a Anne. Also Im looking for an Unknown Nazar who married a Mary piluk/piluke. ANy help please contacted me at Fawnsfamilytree@hotmail.com Thanks. , Toronto, On Canada

Piluk/Piluke/Nazar/Rokosh - 2004-10-14 22:10:30

I am searching for my birthmother, I was born in edmonton, alberta,in mirericordia community hospital Nov,12, 1964. My mother worked in the hospital as a nurses aid and was training to be a nurse. My birth name is Mikel John Mcdonald/Macdonald. I understand my father also worked in the hospital and was also a musician. My mother is part native and my father is English.I was officialy adopted in to amilitary family and for a short while my adoptive father did have some comunication with my mothers father or grandfather. I know I have several siblings as a check was done for me during my own Military career. I seek to get information on any of my family. , surrey, bc Canada

christoper golling - 2004-10-13 14:30:25

Looking for death record of Edith Mair who died in Edmonton around 1990 – 1993. She was in her nineties when she died. I am interested in finding where she is burried and if there was an obituary. , Richmond, BC Canada

Larry Kerray - 2004-10-07 14:41:10

had grandma, clara hagar, and grandfather rolaus lafleur, looking for any info , langley, bc Canada

jim davies - 2004-10-07 10:20:24

I’m a UK citizen trying to find if I have any family left anywhere in the world. My father’s brother had a farm (ranch?) the postal address of which was Edmonton. My cousin (his son) visited us at the beginning of WW2 as part of the Canadian Expeditionary force but as I was only 9 years old at the time his first name hasn’t stayed in my memory! His surname was Bishop of course and I guess my uncle would have been in his fifties at that time like my father. Sorry this is so vague, put it down to my own advancing age. Perhaps you could direct me to any sites that would have details of the inhabitants around Edmonton in the first half of the twentieth century. Thanks, Ed Bishop , Shrewsbury, Shropshire United Kingdom

Edward Bishop - 2004-10-06 10:50:40

I’m looking to find where my boyfriend was buried. His name is Curtiss Paul Lacasse, and he passed away May 19 2001. He was 30. I know his stepmother had his ashes in BC, but she was having a funeral / burial in Bonaccord, so she said. Do you know where his grave is? It still saddens me that I haven’t seen his grave yet. Thank you. , Vancouver, BC Canada

Jennifer Laderoute - 2004-10-06 05:01:20

LYMAN, Edmonton, Summer 1939 to Mid-Spring 1940. Sometime during the summer of 1939 my father Lewis Allen LYMAN (now deceased) was dating a young woman whose name is unknown to me. She gave birth to a child, possibly male, sometime during mid-spring 1940. Sometime during the pregnancy this woman contacted my grandmother Elizabeth LYMAN who was living in New Westminister, BC. She again made contact after the baby was born and my grandmother shipped her a bundle of baby clothes. I do not know what happened to the mother of the child or if the child was adopted out. My father was very vague in his recollections of this occurrence although he did say the woman had dark hair and might have been cooking in a lumber camp during that summer. If anyone has any knowledge of this event please contact me. , Bellingham, WA USA

Ruth Whetnall - 2004-10-05 22:42:00

ERICKSON, CALGARY – Sept 27/27 – I am looking for information on my mother who passed away in 1962. She was born to an unwed mother in Calgary on Sept 27/27 and adoption records indicate her name at birth as ENID MURIEL ERICKSON – the mom was a teenager of swedish descent – father unknown , Vancouver, BC Canada

Emily Mudry - 2004-10-05 15:44:20

We are searching for Matt ? Ernest ? Johnson from the St. Paul area,deceased approximately 1963. Was married to Elizabeth Gesibrecht, they had a son born March 18,1953. He had children from a previous relationship, ( 2 sons ? ) They seperated approximately 1960. We think that the sons are in Whitecourt,Ab. Elizabeth ( Betty ) deceased in 1980. Any info on the family will be greatly appreciated,so that we may meet them. Thank you Jerine , Red Deer, Ab Canada

Johnson/Geisbrecht - 2004-10-04 11:30:44

I am looking for the cemetery in which a Randy Romanchuk would be buried at that has passed away somewhere in between the dates of September 1 st. 2004 to September 30th. 2004. He was from Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. He was 40 years of age. , Camrose, AB Canada

Heidi Bonnar - 2004-10-04 10:41:11

CROSSEN, ONOWAY, I am looking for information on my great grandfather Thomas Fry Crossen b. Mar 14 1882 d. Dec 30 1946. He came to Alberta from Sask to work at the grain elevator in Onoway. If anyone has any information about Thomas Fry CROSSEN or his wife Winnifred while they lived in Onoway please contact me. THANKS ALOT! Kyla , Edmonton, AB Canada

Kyla - 2004-10-04 03:53:00

Strong,Edmonton,1967 Hi there I’m an adoptee searching for my biological parents & family.I was born Sept.2,1967 at Royal Alexandra hospital Edmonton Alberta. My biological name is Troy Anthony Strong. All I know is that my parents were married but seperated.Mother was of native decent was approx: 20 years old & father was french aprox: 24-25 years old & was a barber by trade.I was told that they were having legal problems also: she was in trouble regarding drugs & he was in trouble for a violent crime.I was also told that I lived with relatives for some time before Social services apprehended me & placed me in a foster home. So if anybody has any information regarding the surname Strong in edmonton from 1967 – current that would be appreciated. Troy Hackett – Amduscias_1@hotmail.com , port coquitlam, BC Canada

Troy - 2004-10-03 14:53:00

I am looking for my half brothers and sisters. Our father is Gordon (could be spelled Gorden)Dorn. His birthday is sept. 27, 1945. He just turned 59 this year. I am 16 and his other daughter here with me just turned 14 to day on the 3 of oct. I’m sorry I couldn’t provide any other information on him but that’s all I know and my mother is sensitive about the subject. As far as I know there is a posibility of about 12 to 14 half brothers I have maybe more. I would like to know who they are and maybe meet them someday. So if you have any information for me I would be very grateful and very thankful. Thankyou. , PA United States

Cassandrae Dorn - 2004-10-03 12:40:50

DAME & KAUFMAN, ST-JOACHIM, EDMONTON, 1921 Ernest Rosario DAME born June 25 1884 in St-Césaire de Rouville,Que, married Germaine Augustine Jeanne KAUMAN on Aug. 22, 1921 in St-Joachim, Edmonton. They had the following children: Suzanne DAME, André, Lorraine (born in 1925 in Mtl), Alice and Robert who married Marlène Hittinger in St-Joachim on Nov. 21 1964. I would like to know if these children (other than Robert) ever married and if so when and where? I am posting this request on behalf of someone who has been kind enough to help me with my research in Quebec. , Calgary, AB Canada

Louise Lawes - 2004-10-02 10:01:00

BIRD, JOSEPH (JOE), died in either ATAHABASCA LANDING or FORT MCMURRAY, approx. 1925. His children were CHARLIE BIRD, FLORENCE DOROTHY BIRD/POITRAS/SHEAD, WILLIAM (BILLY) BIRD and MARY BIRD/DANSKIN (Mary is till alive, she is 92 years old now). Joe’s second wife was KATIE CARDINAL of LAC LA BICHE. Am looking for Joe’s birth/death date, place of birth, names of his parents/siblings/first wife (mother of Charlie). I’d like to know where he is buried. He was descended from JAMES CURTIS BIRD SR., of the Hudson’s Bay Company. I have unconfirmed information from one source saying Joe’s father was JAMES CURTIS (JIMMY JOCK) BIRD JR, I’d like to find out if that is true. I have information that Joe Bird lived in FORT CHIPYEWAN and/or northern BC at some point but don’t know where he was born. Joe was a riverboat captain on the Athabasca River, as was his son Billy Bird. Joe was my maternal great grandfather. I am researching my family tree. Any info at all or any direction will be greatly appreciated!! , Edmonton, AB Canada

Lynn - 2004-10-01 12:24:22

GOURLEY, ALEXANDER REID (BUD), married to DEAN, JENNIE. Both born in ALBERTA (I think) in the early 1900s. Both died in Edmonton – he in approx. 1977, she in approx. 1987. They had 2 sons, Alexander Edward and Neil, both still living. He was an engineer for CN for many years and served overseas in WWII. He had a brother GEORGE GOURLEY and a sister ESTHER. I think most people called him either Bud or Reid. Jennie’s father’s name may have been HERBERT DEAN and I believe she was born in Vegreville. She had one brother, Archie. I’m researching my family tree and am hitting a wall with this piece. Am looking for any info at all, but particularly info about their parents (names, dates, places of birth/death). , Edmonton, AB Canada

Lynn - 2004-10-01 11:50:00

Knapp, Westlock, circa 1894 I am researching my family tree and am looking for information on the children of Charles Orval Knapp, born in Plum Hollow/Bastard Township/Leeds County, Ontario and married to Isabella Slack. Some of their children migrated to the Westlock Alberta area. Sarah Estella “Sadie” Knapp born circa 1875 married George Elmer Reid on May 23 1894 in Westlock Alberta. Margaret Knapp born about 1872 married Maxwell Johnston January 30 1895 in Edmonton Alberta. Other siblings in the family are Alexander circa 1870 Charles circa 1874 Henry circa 1879 Mary circa 1863 Susan circa 1866 Alica circa 1868 Please email me with any information that you are willing to share on any of these Knapp siblings. , Brockville, Ontario Canada

Marie Knapp - 2004-10-01 10:40:30

HUGHES, Frederick John, Edmonton, Alberta (born c. 1900) married to HUGHES, Brenda, parents of HUGHES, Lawrence David (born Edmonton, 5th October 1951. I am trying to trace Frederick’s family. Frederick was born in Tenby, Wales, but emigrated to Canada with his family (year unknown). They lived close to Edmonton. Frederick was working as a special policeman at the time of Larry’s birth. Thank you for any help/suggestions! Alison , Fair Oaks, CA USA

Sender's Email - 2004-09-30 21:15:00

looking 4 Thomas & Philamein Bird, who passed away in the 1920’s they lived in Norway Vally or in the area….thanks so much , Squamish, BC. Canada

Art Burd - 2004-09-30 00:30:00

Joseph Alfred Bird/Dec 18/1914/Nevis Alta. Trying to find out Father & Mother’s place of Birth? Please , Squamish, BC. Canada

Art Burd - 2004-09-29 12:25:50

BJORLI/HEWLETT/WUTZKI/NESTOROVICH- looking for information relating these families.please email me with any information. , edmonton, ab Canada

misty - 2004-09-27 20:54:25

NORMAN, William buried in claresholm cemetary, Block 14, Lot 6, Plot A. (Buried in 195_?) If anyone would supply a photo of the burial site, hopefully there is a stone, it would be greatly appreciated. please e-mail me at carol.a@quickclic.net thank you very much. carol chambers in hamilton ontario , hamilton, ont Canada

carol chambers - 2004-09-27 10:44:40

Jabs,Leduc,1900(?} to present- I am looking for information on Emil and Bertha Jabs who I believe are relative of mine. A sister of Herman Auchtung, born in Volhynia, Russia,(now Ukraine) married a Jabs. They migrated to Leduc, Alberta, so I’m guessing their descendants still live in the area. As I understand it Walter was a cousing to my grandfather Theodore Auchtung. I would appreciate any information on this family or a descendant whom I could contact with my questions. , Fort Wayne, in United States

Glenn Auchtung - 2004-09-27 10:14:30

1948-1952? BABY GIRL NAMED FRANCES My grandparents, Fred and Jessie, were your foster parents when you were born, they lived in Edmonton, Alberta. Your name was FRANCES, they raised you for over a year. They wanted to adopt you as they love you dearly. They took you for a check-up and you were never brought back to them. You are constantly on their mind. Are you alive and well? , St.Albert, AB Canada

shelly - 2004-09-26 10:20:00

GRAVELIN,looking for birth parents and/or related family. I was born baby girl Gravelin on May 25, 1951 at the Royal Alex hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. My b-mother was listed as 27 year old russian-canadian waitress. She was 5’5″ with brown hair and hazel eyes. My b-father was a 29 year old irish-canadian steamfitter. He was 5’5″ with auburn hair and blue eyes. I desperately require medical history. Thank you for your time. , St.Albert, AB Canada

shelly - 2004-09-26 10:13:53

DAVIDSON, Ida Marguerite. I’m still trying to find out about my grandmother. She was born in Kinsella, Alberta. Later married Charles Oswald Robson Jr. in 1927, Prince George, BC. She remarried in 1947, in New Westminster to a Harry Maxwell. She died as Margaret Ida Maxwell in New West. in 1954. Her parents were James Davidson (b. USA) and Evelyn Rickman(b. USA). Please let me know if you have any info, thanx , Skidegate, BC Canada

Della Robson - 2004-09-25 13:22:50

ROBSON, Charles Oswald Sr. I’m looking for a possible burial site for my great grandfather. He died in the Peace River region of Alberta. He was last married to a Marie McCrary Germain (m. 1913 in Penticton, BC) Any info would be greatly appreciated. , Skidegate, BC Canada

Della Robson - 2004-09-25 13:10:23

NORMAN, William, born in either toronto ontario or guelph ontario. died in the 1950’s and buried in Claresholm, Alberta. He was born approx. 1895. would like to find out what cemetary he is buried in? if anyone would be able to help it would be much appreciated. Even if someone could supply me with the cemetary name or names in the claresholm area, that would be fine too. thank you carol.a@quickclic.net , hamilton, on Canada

carol chambers - 2004-09-24 21:30:30

MICHAYLENKO, EDMONTON, 1911-1919 I am trying to find my grandfather, Sam Michaylenko, who apparently lived in or around Edmonton between about July 1911 to 1919. According to family history he married my grandmother, Annie Muma/Mucha/Muha in Edmonton during that period. Sam also had a brother who probably lived in Edmonton as well. If anyone has run across any trace of either name I’d appreciate hearing from him/her. The name Michaylenko is very rare, and may have been a misspelling of Michalenko. I am unaware of any records from Edmonton of that period that could be searched. If there are any, I’d appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks. Bill , Houston, TX USA

Bill Churchman - 2004-09-21 14:11:43

Harper, Charlotte Cameron, lived in Calgary 1915-1983? , born in Detroit, Michigan–1897?, married to Duncan De Blois Harper born in Shediac, New Brunswick–1891? Mother of John Herbert born 1915, Hugh, Charlotte and Elizabeth , burnaby, albertbc Canada

roxsane k tiernan - 2004-09-21 11:22:10

LADOUCEUR, LAC LA BICHE, 1911 or 1913 – 1969, first name Lawrence, also may have been known as Leonard. Approximated year of birth, 1911 to 1913, in the area of Lac La Biche. He passed away New Years Eve, around the year 1969. His parents were Maxim and Theresa or Marie Therese Ladouceur. , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Lloyd Yeudall - 2004-09-20 10:50:30

Milner,sorry re previous message,Willam Milner was married to Annie Kirk 1901 in Long Lake,his father John(1878-1926)was married to Mary ann. , Red Deer, alta Canada

sue - 2004-09-18 13:04:30

MILNER Looking for info for Edmonton,William Milner,born @1878,was from Yorkshire England.Wife was Mary Ann,had 9 children.Think he and his father(John)had a buisness,Milner Mines.He died in Edmonton in 1968.Any info would be really appreciated. , Red Deer, alta Canada

sue - 2004-09-17 15:40:45

Keast Dewberry 1906 I am Interested in the history of Ernest Keast who migrated to the Dewberry Alta area approx 1906. Any related information would be appreciated. , Westbank, B.C Canada

Valorie Mamela (Keast) - 2004-09-16 13:10:42

CAMERON, STRATHCONA, 1905 I am interested in locating Woodville Ranch (which may or may not still exist). A relative of mine – John Black Cameron – died there in 1905 and is buried in Mt Pleasant cemetery, Edmonton. If anyone is aware of where this ranch may have been or can point me in the direction of how I could find out I’d be grateful. Regards Mark , Edinburgh, Scotland

Mark Cameron - 2004-09-16 10:03:00

Sept. 15/04 re: MONUS, MAE & JOE, MEDICINE HAT, 2004 My Aunt passed away this year. I am wanting to visit her gravesite, but have no idea where she is buried at in Medicine Hat, AB. Please let me know where Mae Monus is buried. She is likely laid to rest with her late husband Joe Monus in Medicine Hat. Please let me know how to get there from Calgary, AB. Thank-you. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, sincerely, Lauren McCloud. , Calgary, AB Canada

Lauren McCloud - 2004-09-15 10:14:00

Still looking for information on my birth parents. I was born at the Edmonton Univercity Hospital on JULY 22 1964. I believe my birth mothers maiden name was Mary Louise Smith or Louise Mary Smith. Thank you for any help you may give. Good luck to everyone in their searches! , Red Deer, Canada

DOUGLAS RUSSELL SMITH - 2004-09-10 12:15:00

PRAUSA/WAYCHUCK, EDMONTON 1939 Trying to locate birth father by the name Jack Prausa. Lived in the Edmonton area in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Was a miner who worked at Beverly and Dawson mines. Birth mother seems to have given fictitous name. She gave birth and was resident of Beulah Home(which is now a Park) in Edmonton. Any assistance would be greatly appretiated. , Regina, SK Canada

Doreen Donohue - 2004-09-09 15:21:30

PERROT, EDMONTON, 1965; DOB: April 2,1965; bname: Audrey Grace Perrot; Royal Alexandra Hospital. Looking for bparents as well as aunts/uncle/siblings. Birth mother was from Manitoba, 40, German, Mennonite. Her parents died at (m)76 (f)74. She had 4 brothers/6 sisters. Birth father from Alberta, 38, negro/french, Roman Catholic. Grandparents with alive when i was born. They where (m)76 (f)62. He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters . I have a description of what they look like. Hoping to find any infomation about them as well as my 6 siblings. God Bless. ssarkodie@cogeco.ca , Kingston, ONT Canada

Susan - 2004-09-09 14:30:24

ANDERSON,GUS sister MATHILDA JOHANNA NELSON. Staveley Alberta Looking for info on Johanna Matilda Jansson Nelson. Had a brother in Stavely. Gus Anderson or possibly Jansson. Possible birthdate 1883 as Karl Gustaf. From Sweden originally. Fathers name Anders Gustaf Jansson. , Canada

Elaine - 2004-09-07 13:51:25

NELSON,JANSSON SASK/ALBERTA Looking for info on Peter Eric Nelson Born about 1887 Died Edmonton 1951. Also Johanna Mathilda Jansson born 1886 Sweden Married about 1911 or 12 in Canada. Children Edith, Margaret, Thora, Ross, Eric, Edward, Harry. All born in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Any links to this family. , Canada

Elaine - 2004-09-07 13:40:35

Steen, Donald James(Birth name). Calgary, Alberta. DOB: May 11, 1967 (currently used name: James Michael [Mike] Alexander). Born to Patricia Steen at the Grace Hospital. Should she, or anyone familiar to her have any information, please e-mail. Thanks , Calgarty, AB Canada

James Michael Alexander - 2004-09-05 23:24:00