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Re: SAM BERENS Audrey There is a book called Birth, Marriage and deaths Registration 1870-1905 Sam Berens died: March 17 1899 @65Y place: not mentioned, Bx-File-Reg# 19-2077-0323B If you write to Alberta Genealogical Society P.O. Box 12015 Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E-3L2 , Alberta, Canada

kathy - 2004-11-27 14:32:50

Hebert, Kimberly born between June-November 1963. In High Prairie, Alberta, Providence Hospital. I am her sister and I am looking for her. Her birth mothers name is Catherine Olive Irene (Turner)Smith. Adoptive parents are Jackie Hebert and Art Wackford. Last known location for Jackie is in Edmonton, Alberta. She knew she was adopted because she had contacted our birth mother when she was about thirteen years old. , High Prairie, AB Canada

Diane (Smith) Blais - 2004-11-27 13:50:11

ATKINSON, Edmonton, -20 May 1970 I am seeking information on Mary Ellen (Nellie) Atkinson (nee Bromfield) widow of J. William Atkinson who pre-deceased his wife. , Toronto, ON Canada

Helen McWhirter - 2004-11-27 13:20:00

GEISCHARD FUCHS, EDMONTON, BOY BORN APR. 8/67 Looking for birth parents for boy born on April 8, 1964 in Edmonton Alberta , Strathmore, ab Canada

Rene Phillips (Fuchs Geischard) - 2004-11-26 13:20:40

I have a great great Aunt & Uncle Maggie & Harry (William Henry) Burritt whom my grandmother had said had lived in and are most likely buried in a cemetery in or around Wabamun, Alberta. Does anyone know how I can access cemetery records for Alberta cemeteries? I would very much like to locate them. Thanks , Regina, SK Canada

Gail - 2004-11-26 10:45:40

Rodney Lee Bugghins born Feb 2/1982 to Marlene Bugghins and Donald Robins. Marlene was my mother and she died in 1985. That was the last I heard anything about my brother. I don’t even know if he was adopted or if he passed away. We believe that he was born either in Edmonton or Vancouver. If you have any info. please let me know I have been looking for him almost my entire life. , Fort Resolution, NT Canada

Minnie Whimp Bugghins - 2004-11-26 10:43:50

Searched the 1901 Census for ancestors and found the name Godlonton has been mispelled as Godlinton. Please correct. , Crofton , BC Canada

R. J. Godlonton - 2004-11-25 20:10:20

looking for lost friend i have not seen for a long time name of KAREN BRUCE emergrated from manchester to canada with her parents and three brothers in 1973 lived in winnipeg at first then went to sask thats the last i heard.Her fathers first name is graham mothers name ann and brothers names are John,Gary,and Graham.I think she got married but i dont know her married name.I would love to get intouch again. If any one knows any info please get intouch thankyou. , MANCHESTER, ENGLAND

JANET GLEAVE - 2004-11-25 11:40:45

Hi,Im looking for my birth mother all i have is a last name of ERIKSON,i was born at the beulah home in Edmonton Alberta Jan 7 1948.my given name then was Norman Reed Erikson,my fathers name was Norman C Hilborn,any one with info would be greatly appreciated thanks please email me at lrussell@telusplanet.net , Drayton Valley, AB Canada

Brian Hellervik - 2004-11-25 10:20:11

I am looking for any information on my birth Father, Leonard Wolfe. Leonard was in WW2, and if anyone served in his unit please contact me. Leonard passed away in 1978. , LLoydminster, Sask Canada

Dennis Wolfe - 2004-11-24 22:54:30


MARY BABIN - 2004-11-23 11:21:40


MARY BABIN - 2004-11-23 11:10:30

MITCHELL, Sheri-lee Louise, April 4, 1966 Edmonton, Alberta – I am seeking my biological mother or father or any relative/friend that would have information for me. My mothers father was in the Armed Forces and Her mother an Assistant Manager. She also had siblings. My birth father, I don’t really have any info regarding him. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Audrey - 2004-11-22 10:30:00

Ross, Donald, 1901 Seeking information on Donald Ross, born Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Migrated west and settled in region of Edson. , Sackville, NB Canada

David Fullerton - 2004-11-18 10:30:41

ROSS, LLOYDMINSTER, AFTER 1906: Ross, Alexander Mac–born Dec 8. 1891 in Brucefield, Huron County, Ontatio. Parents James and Eliza Ross. Moved to Alberta, farmed in the Lloydminster area. Want any information re: his marriage, children, death, etc. His sister was my grandmother, Isabelle, who was called Belle. His other siblings were Maggie, Carrie, Mae, Neil. Please contact me. , San Diego, CA USA

Gail Schreiber - 2004-11-17 22:51:53

There was an accident or suicide on the High Level Bridge in Edmonton. The date was abt 1940 If you can help many thanks. , Calgary, AB Canada

Evelyn Ell - 2004-11-17 22:22:00

RAF 514 Squadron Waterbeach, England Looking for anyone who served with RAF 514 Squadron in WW2. Have huge database of names to share. , Fort Saskatchewan, AB Canada

Wendy Flemming - 2004-11-17 02:52:40

anyone with any sort of knowledge of orval charles grant born june 28 1931 in stettler alberta.He met my mother margret helen st.germain from frog lake alberta.She was born around may 15 1932.They had me which my name at birth was pearl adeline grant.I was born in reddeer alberta june 24 1952.I was put in foster care shortly after my mother having me.I think my bio mom is in quebec and im not sure if my father is even alive.I have some info on my half bros and sis which is a total of 9 children.my mothers mother name is adeline cardinal from bonnyville alberta.Please if anyone knows anything about my family history please email me back thanks , sherwood park, ab Canada

pearl - 2004-11-16 22:10:20

Arnold, Charles Sattrell. Died in Calgary Aug 9, 1925 and was buried in Nanton Alberta. We have no record of his parents and are hoping to find more information about him and other’s in his line. If you have any information at all, I would so appreciate it! Thank you. , Kelowna, BC Canada

Chantelle Adams - 2004-11-15 22:41:31

My name is Hope Derhak I was adopted in the dauphin manitoba area. I am searching for my 4 sisters, Shirley, Geraldine, Diane and Virginna, Our mother’s name was Anne Derhak father Walter Derhak, our father might still be alive somewhere. We lived in the Roblin area when our mother was still alive. I want to see my four sisters and my father, please get in touch with me whoever might have any information about this family. You can get in touch with me through my friend’s email address: dorris_gab@hotmail.com or phone (204)638-9017 or (204) 638-0662. Hope Derhak Dauphin,Manitoba , dauphin, manitoba Canada

Hope Derhak - 2004-11-14 14:20:40

RICE, Edmonton, 1932. Looking for sisters Irene, Laverna and Alice. Parents were George Henry Rice and Edna. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Iris Campbell - 2004-11-14 12:04:00

MARGARET MCCLELLAND (maiden name MACLEOD), Valleyveiw, Alberta. This is my mother and I am SEEKING MY BIRTH FATHER or information leading to fathers’ name or family information – I was born Dwayne Alec (Alexander) Macleod, January 25, 1965 in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I have limited information as my mother passed away when I was 6, but I’ve been told he was not from the north, possibly central Alberta, my mother was 26 when I was born and he was older late 20’s early 30’s. At the time he was probably working in the oilfield and left the area either before I was born or shortly there afterwards. Any information would be helpful, thanks. , Red Deer, ab Canada

Dwayne Alec McClelland (MacLeod) - 2004-11-14 10:04:00

Nicholson,John Franklin, Alberta I am trying to find information for a family tree that I am developing. I have a great uncle who moved from NB to Western Canada where he lived until his death. His name was John Franklin Nicholson born in Lake George, NB, Canada, September 10, 1875. As he was never much in contact with the family, I am having a hard time to track down any information about him. And to be honest, I don’t even know for sure if it was Alberta that he settled in. If you could help in any way I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to consider my request. Janice Layte , Mississauga, ON Canada

Janice Layte - 2004-11-12 20:21:20

Erickson Paula Dawn birth name I am looking for my bith parents I was Born July 26 1961 at the Beulah Home for unwed mother Birth mothers last name was Erickson she had 1 sister going to school and wrote that birth father did not know of bith he had 3 sisters and 3brothers and was a truck driver? Can any one help me , Beaverlodge , AB Canada

Marlene Lock - 2004-11-11 23:52:10

Looking for Peter John Johnson or Nasland and wife kerstin Berglund of Bashaw alberta Canada. between 1850-1912 , Calgary, Alberta Canada

Terry-Lynn Grier - 2004-11-11 10:53:30

Moran, near Edmonton, 1940s. I am seeking details of a boy born to Kathleen Moran in the 1940s. He was adopted, and no information is available. , Canada

Wendy Burton - 2004-11-09 22:41:51

ORKNEY,LANGDON, 1787-1826 I seek information on James Orkney, who may have made a tall case clock in the years 1787-1826 in the area of Langdon, Canada. , Sugarloaf , PA USA

Chris Falvello - 2004-11-08 05:22:00

Bell, Edmonton, 1895-1905. I am seeking information on James Bell, who married Isabella Lauder in abt 1895 in Edmonton. They had a daughter, Hannah, born about 1897. , Chilliwack, BC Canada

W.Burton - 2004-11-07 22:33:50

ORMSBY, EDMONTON, 1869 to 1961- looking for information on Arthur William Ormsby. I have the name of his wife: Margaret, but I am missing the information on his children and also the exact date of death. He was my great-great grandmother’s brother. , Ottawa, ON Canada

Seana Jones - 2004-11-07 12:54:50

Looking for obituary for Arthur d. Ingerson of Vancouver B.C., passed away 2-22-1966. It is very important to me as i am doing family history and need to know if his children(my granfather’s cousins) are mentioned.The children are Ruby and Donald Ingerson.Thank-You for any help. , Gaylord, mi usa

Renee - 2004-11-06 14:44:30

WHITEFORD,WHITFORD,SASK. 1800 Harry Whiteford and decendants, also parents of same, other names in history include LaPlante, Fayant,Langen,LaMotte,and LaRoque. Places include Swift Current, Willow Bunch, Turtle Mtn., Sask. Landing. , Vulcan, AB Canada

Whiteford/Courtney - 2004-11-06 13:55:30

I am looking for the obituary of Gerald Schultz he was murdered august 14 2004 in regina saskatchewan. He was born in june 1967, edmonton alberta , edmonton, ab Canada

sharry - 2004-11-04 13:30:52

AMROTH, ST ISSELLS migrants, especially HUGHES and HALE. I’m looking for information about families who emigrated to Alberta (Edmonton?) around 1900, from Amroth in Wales, U.K. Also, can anyone help identify these photos? http://www.alisontoon.com/hughescanada/hughescanada Thank you!!! Alison , Canada

Alison - 2004-11-03 23:40:00

John Job,born Jan 22 1851 in Biltschewa,Russian Poland. His Father was Ludwig, and Ludwigs father was reportedly a Scot who settled in Kiel germany.John had 10 children, he would be my great great grandfather. I only know of two of the children and wonder where the rest of my relatives are. Any help is appreciated. Allan , victoria, b.c. Canada

Allan Fredrick Job - 2004-11-03 15:43:30

i am looking for information on my older brother. i think his name is Paul Rogers born in Daysland Alberta around 1981 sometime. , AB Canada

D.McInenly - 2004-11-02 22:50:21

BURNS, Four girls born in Edmonton between 1955-1961. Removed from family home (1962). All given up for adoption. Birth Parents (Burns) both deceased. Looking for surviving relatives, or ANY information. , Vancouver, BC Canada

D Lofgren - 2004-11-01 21:50:53

I am searching for Henry Smelski believe to be in edmonton, alberta. He has a workshop and he is the brother of the late Maurice or Morris Smelski orginally from the dauphin area. I am searching for my younger brother David FLoyd Smelski DOB August 28, 1955. David was adopted by the middle class family. David is the son of Maurice or Morris Smelski. I know that david floyd came to dauphin to search for his family, but I do not think he knows about us. If anyone knows where abouts is David Floyd, please call (204) 638-0662 or (204)622-9400 WORK Email address: gabrield@mts.net or dorris_gab@hotmail.com I am david is older sister and he has older brother. We need to talk to anyone who might know david in high school or whatever information that anyone might have will be a great help. thank you very much doris gabriel Please post this message! , dauphin, mb Canada

doris gabriel - 2004-11-01 14:32:00

COOPER, UNDERWOOD, CANADA, ENGLAND, 1900 or thereabouts I am looking for information on Frederick Cooper and Lucy Underwood. They were supposed to have lived in England until around 1930 or so, when they came to Canada with their 8 children: Myfanwy Lucy Cooper, Laurel Correl Cooper, Alberta Cooper, Gwen Cooper, Keith Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Ralph Cooper and Gordon Cooper. Anyone with info, please e-mail me. , Calgary, AB Canada

Lori Pringle - 2004-11-01 03:03:40

Adding to my previous message. After my grandfather John Johnson died in I believe a violent way, my Grandmother returned to England with my mother. I have a letter dated Oct 29 1921 from The Department of Soldier’s Civil Re-establishment in Ottawa, acknowledging receipt of a Certificate registering my mother Doris to their Pay Dept 4. These people must have had receipt of the Death information, is there any way I can contact them, and if so how and where. Thank you. , Norfolk, England

Jan Wassell - 2004-10-31 11:43:20

Adding to my previous message, After my Grandfathers death – in possible violent circumstances, my grandmother returned to England with my mother, and I have a communication sent from the Department of Soldiers’ Civil Re-establishment from Ottawa Oct 29th 1921, acknowledging receipt of the registration certificate of my mother. Would they have had a copy(knowledge) of his death, and if so is there any way I can contact them to find this information out. Thank you , Norfolk, England

Jan Wassell - 2004-10-31 11:30:54

Please can you let me know where West Rose P O, Albertais or was. My Grandfather John Johnson was discharged to that address from the army Feb 7th 1919. My grandmother Rose(from England) lived there with my mother Doris till 1920/1921 when he died. Trying to trace information regarding date and place of death in Canada. Any help would be gratefully received. , Norfolk, England

Jan Wassell - 2004-10-31 11:15:50

HILLMAN,Calgary & Revelstoke BC, 1901, Census lists Three (3) brothers,Sephen Ed, Charles, residing -Household # 278, pae 62, Sec 22- Twp- 24- Range 29, Meridian W4. HILLMAN’s are my maternal ancestors, settled first in Lochaber/Thurso, Quebec,with some moving West. Stephen HILLMAN and wife Charlotte COOK, marr. 1842 in L’orginal Quebec and had at least eight children. I have much HILLMAN data, collected over many, many years, but not complete and would love to fill in the many blanks of those who moved West. If you are descendants of this line (George HILLMAN & Catharina SCHARPE/SCHERPE who settled in Quebec c 1800) I would love to hear from you and willing to share my data. Many thanks in advance. Sincerely, Dorothy E. Morris Whitby ON, Can , Whitby, ON Canada

Dorothy E. Morris - 2004-10-31 10:20:41

I am looking for anyone who knew Helen Victoria Jorgenson, between the years 1953, to 2000. Helen was born in Saskatchewan Oct 10th, 1930. I believe that she was in Edmonton from January 1st 1955 until March of that year, when she spent some time in the Buelah Home. After that and until April of 1956 I’m not sure if she returned to Saskatchewan. She was in Edmonton in April of 1956, at the Royal Alex hospital. I don’t know if she went back to Saskatchwan then, or stayed in Edmonton. I do know that she was in Edmonton in 1961, I have reason to believe she never left after being there in 1956. Or if you have any information on Roy McCrae,I would appreciate any information, on either. Please contact me. Thanks , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Marnie Tetz - 2004-10-31 01:00:00

GILRIE/GREEN, ALBERTA, 1901-?, – I am searching for information on the family of Ann (Green) Gilrie (1850-1940) who was born in Ontario but was living at Stony Plains, Alberta by the mid-1920s. She was living with one of her children. Her husband was Henry Walsingham Gilrie (born 1849). I would like to know his date of death and what became of the family. One son, William Walshingham Gilrie (born 1882) married to Edna May and apparently lived in Alberta. Another son, Edgar, was born in 1885 and may have lived in the west. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If there was an obituary for Ann (Green) Gilrie I would love a copy (she died on January 18, 1940). , Hamilton, ON Canada

Greg Stott - 2004-10-30 12:20:25

ROBINSON, Hillcrest, 1915- Trying to find info on John & Jane(Jennie)Robinson. They lived in Hillcrest around 1915 & 1917. They had two daughters. Would like to find where they moved to after leaving Hillcrest. And when Jennie died and where she is buried. Thank you Patricia , Canada

Patricia Ross - 2004-10-29 10:01:00


BEA - 2004-10-29 04:01:20

I am looking for information about a man named MOE TARRABAIN. He passed away sometime in 2003 from a heart-attack at work, he worked for McDonald’s Canada at the Sherwood Park location as a 2nd Asisstant Manager. I would like to know any information about where he was buried, or if he was cremated, or an obituary. Thanks. , Edmonton, AB Canada

AnRong Chiew - 2004-10-28 12:30:30

IRISH IMMIGRANTS! If you are an immigrant from Ireland, and you have a story you would be able to share with elementary students, please contact me. It is for a research assignment, I’m just trying to see what resources are availiable. You would not actually have to come to a school in the near future……Only lend your name and story to the assignment! THANKS SO MUCH , Edmonton, AB Canada

Holly - 2004-10-26 22:44:40

Am anxious to contact any staff patients etc who were at Bealah Home in Edmonton in 1960-1961. Would also like to contac any adoptees who were born there during that time , Kalgoorlie, wa Australia

hatton - 2004-10-23 20:54:40

Ped, edmonton Alberta , salem, OR usa

Ron Ped - 2004-10-22 22:40:13