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Bell, Mark,F, Born December21,1959. , edmonton, Ab Canada

Brendan - 2004-01-26 22:10:34

DOCTOR YORK, PROVOST ALBERTA. Looking for my Mothers Father. He practiced as a Doctor in Provost AB,in the late 1920’s, 1930’s and possibly the 1940’s. Please any information would answer many qustions.Dated Jan.26th,2004.THANK YOU> , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Sender's Email - 2004-01-26 20:30:50

When I was about 8yrs I stayed with a family in mid 70s I had a heart surgery I played with a little boy about my age. They use to take me to country side and anywhere, and my doctor was Dr. Duncan.please email if you are the person I would appreciate it alot. , Pelly Bay, NU Canada

Michael Illuitok - 2004-01-25 02:35:10

MacMILLAN, Edmonton, c. 1940 – Jean L.E. MacMILLAN of Edmonton was married (when & where?)to Lloyd James ADAMS. Flying Officer ADAMS was killed 16 Nov 1944 in an air accident in Cyprus. He left his widow Jean & a 9-month old son Gregory ADAMS in Ottawa. The parents of F.O. ADAMS, Sidney & Gertrude ADAMS, were living in Windsor, Ontario in 1944. Trying to make contact with Gregory ADAMS or other family members. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Kenneth Coull - 2004-01-24 11:32:00

SPEISS, EDMONTON, 1949 Looking for birth mother of child Rose Marie Speiss, born 14 October 1949 at the Beulah Home, Edmonton. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Bobbi Gray - 2004-01-22 21:33:20

MORGAN FAMILY, Alberta, 1960’s. Am trying to locate a family from Alberta that had 4 daughters, who were active in cadets in the 1960’s. Have something that belonged to them. Please contact 2integra@telus.net. , Calgary, AB Canada

JD - 2004-01-22 02:45:00

WISNER, Warren J died Edmonton 195? born Jan 1876 in Greenville, MI died I believe in Edmonton in late 1950’s. I am looking to verify exact place and date of death. , Saskatoon, SK Canada

Fred Wisner - 2004-01-20 15:40:24

I am looking for any relative of a Everett who arrived in Alberta about 1900 from Bournemouth in Hampshire and worked at farming, fought in the 1914-18 war and paid a visit to my father Sidney Herbert Everett in England about the summer of 1955 when he was in his seventy’s. , Barrie, on Canada

Brian Everett - 2004-01-19 10:22:35

New to this type of research but I am looking to get the obit from the Edmonton Journal for my aunt. It was for Nov 25, 2001 for Gladys May Sharrun. The archive only goes back to 2002. I came across the notice in the obit daily. If I can help anyone looking around London Ontario I will surely try my best. Many Thanks. Becky in Ontario , Granton, on Canada

Becky Kindree - 2004-01-19 04:21:20

MACAULAY – JESSIE MACAULAY b1885 Isle of Lewis, Scotland emigrated to Canada early 1900s. She joined her sister Christina in Saskatchewan then moved on to Alberta. It is thought that she married ? Butler (would have been after May 1913) but not known whether they married before or after moving to Alberta. From family tales Jessie had at least two children – Peter and Elizabeth. Can anyone help me break through my ‘brick wall’? Thanks. , Alberta Canada

Catriona - 2004-01-18 02:05:00

I am not sure how to use this site properly but I am looking for the details of the marraige license for my mom and dad. Theo Sybrandy got married to Beverly Gardener. I believe it was in 1975. Please respond either way. Thank you , Edmonton, Ab Canada

James Sybrandy - 2004-01-18 01:11:00

NELSON/BERARD, DRAYTON VALLEY, AB IN THE 1960’s. SON, still searching for biological families. Born Raymond J. Nelson on September 1, 1960 @ Drayton Valley, AB. Birth parents information is father John Berard 20 yrs old, rig worker of Metis decent, mother, Ina M. Nelson, 19 years old of Norweigen decent. Would like contact with birth family. If anyone has info., please contact at e-mail address. , St. Albert, AB Canada

MARY - 2004-01-15 15:53:40

SANGREY,(Pontbriand dit SANSREGRET was original name), Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. My g-grandmother was Magdeline Collin nee Sansregret her parents were Pierre Pontbriand “Briand” dit Sansregret and Caroline Parenteau (1800’s) Any information on Sangrey family, please contact by e-mail. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Mary - 2004-01-15 15:50:40

NELSON/BERARD, DRAYTON VALLEY, AB IN THE 1960’s. SON, still searching for biological families. Born Raymond J. Nelson on September 1, 1960 @ Drayton Valley, AB. Birth parents information is father John Berad 20 yrs old, rig worker of Metis decent, mother, Ina M. Nelson, 19 years old of Norweigen decent. Would like contact with birth family. If anyone has info., please contact at e-mail address. , St. Albert, AB Canada

MARY - 2004-01-15 15:43:00

Bedwell, VL,Edmonton,AB, June16, 1930, I am searching for brother July,4.1956 BC. , Calgary, ab Canada

ewing - 2004-01-15 11:45:45

DESJARLAIS, James William and TROTTIER, Louise(Wapoos), from Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Cold Lake area, Alberta. My grandparents, would like more information about James and Louises parents, siblings or relations. If anyone has any information, please contact. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Mary - 2004-01-15 10:54:00

Harlow, Medicine Hat, 1909 I am wondering if anyone can help me. I was at the Alberta Archives this week and found a listing for Alice Caroline Harlow born Feb. 25, 1909, to Charles William Harlow and Alice Theresa Harlow in Medicine Hat. The family moved to Port Crawford, B.C. after 1910, but Alice is not listed as moving with them. Where would I look to find out if she died prior to their move? , Calgary, Ab Canada

Wendy - 2004-01-15 10:51:50

Todesco, Calgary, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificate , Surrey, BC Canada

Shannon Patterson - 2004-01-14 23:35:50

My grandfather Antoine Lefebvre was the first white man born on the Legoff First Nations near Cold Lake, AB on March 21, 1910. He was issued a treaty number through the First Nations. I am looking for any information regarding this. Please forward any information reagarding this to Carole St.Onge at sofamily@telusplanet.net Thank you for any information. , Lac La Biche, AB Canada

Carole St.Onge - 2004-01-14 03:05:00

Baby Boy, Edmonton, 01 August 1960 – adopted at one month. Birth father, young Scotsman in Navy; birth mother, also young Scotswoman. Limited info on history: great musical talent, blond w/ blue eyes. Desperately seeking info on birth parents, querying if any siblings. Adopted sister trying to help in search… , Hay River, NT Canada

Linda - 2004-01-13 22:51:41

MICHAUD (Jack), Millet, post 1987. Searching for birth father of adopted son, born in Inuvik NT, 06 June 1987. Birth mom’s name: Judy. Seeking info on birth family, medical history. , Hay River, NT Canada

Linda - 2004-01-13 22:44:30

JAY John & JAY(nee Fellows)Noreen. Moved back to ALBERTA at the end of WW2.Married in Bilston, England..(between 1942/46?)Noreen was born & raised in Bradley, Bilston, West Midlands & had 3 sons(that I’m aware of, eldest GARY?) JOHN JAY was from Stony Plain & was an Army Engineer who also served in NORTH AFRICA (1943?)..ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED (Photos & much more info available for Noreen Jay, she’s my Great Aunt) Thank You ! , ALBERTA Canada

kerrie Green - 2004-01-13 14:12:00

Garfield Gardiner Looking for the grave site. died late 60’s early 70’s Buried in the Edmonton area. Protestant (Anglican at time of birth) Married to Doris. At time of death living alone. Age at death mid 50’s early 60’s. Any help would be appricated. , KANATA, ON Canada

IAN CAIRNS - 2004-01-11 11:34:25

OTT, Marlene (adopted name Colleen Fick) Born January 6 l944 at Beulah Homes Edmonton Albera. I assume Marlene Ott is also my birth mothers name and believe she may be deceased as she was 32 when I was born. She was a chamber maid. My father’s name is unknown but on legal papers he is stated as English and Irish. I was adopted at 6 weeks. My birth mother may have had a speech impedement. Any information especially for health history would be greatly appretiated. colleenoke@shaw.ca , Courtenay, BC Canada

Colleen - 2004-01-11 03:02:00

DUNLOP, Baby girl Colleen, born April 12, 1961 in Edmonton. Looking for any family members , Edmonton, AB Canada

Colleen - 2004-01-10 11:30:22

still looking for any info on Robert Tate. If still alive would be in his mid to late 70’s. Profession was a Doctor. Posssibly in the Vancouver or Winnepeg areas. He is my natural father. I was born March 1 1954. In Vancouver to Adeline Nicholson. I am very curious about any family I may have out there.My adopted fathers name was Meyer. Any info would be greatly appreciated , jefferson, ga usa

cathy - 2004-01-09 10:32:20

Berens, Samuel, Edmonton, January 1899. Samuel was originally form around Fort Garry MB. He worked with the HBC up to six months before his death. I would really appreciate any information that could help me trace Samuel , Hay River, NT Canada

Audrey Berens - 2004-01-08 10:40:51

Brown, Hardisty, 1929. My mother (Gyda Iris Edith Brown) was born to Adeline Brown in December of 1929. She was adopted by her grandparents – Marshall and Edith Brown. We are looking for her birth father (or more likely, his family) he would have been going to school or working in the Calgary/Hardisty/Wainwright area. Our understanding is that he is of Swedish decent. Any help in our search would be appreciated. , Lake Orion, MI USA

Caroline - 2004-01-08 04:02:30

1981 – 1981 – 1981 John what was the last name of the birth mother at the time of your daughter birth or was she born under your last name. , ab Canada

wendy - 2004-01-07 14:41:45

i am looking for the grave site of a friend of mine. his name is taylor montour (last name might be under yellowbird) he was buried in hobbema and died about 1.5 to 2.5 years ago. i wish to have the sight of the grave and his date of birth and death. any help would be great. thank you , thorsby, alberta Canada

tyler - 2004-01-07 13:40:10

I am looking for any info on my grandfather Manoly(Emmanuel)Pityk,born 1876 in Bukovina(Western Ukraine),died 1966 in Rycroft,Alberta , Ottawa, ON Canada

Pityk - 2004-01-07 12:55:23

Ruston, Amanda Leigh-Ann, Edmonton, Alberta; July 5th – December 31, 1980 , Hamilton, ON Canada

Ruston, Amanda Leigh-Ann - 2004-01-06 14:15:20

Proudfoot, Margaret Phillips (Stewart), Edmonton 1930’s onwards. I am trying to find my Aunt Maggie, who married Robert Proudfoot (b.Chapelhall Scot)They had at least two children Alex and Jean. Stewart , Perth, Western Australia Australia

Stewart Laurie - 2004-01-04 10:03:00

DUNLOP, baby girl, April 12, 1961. In search of birthfamily. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Dunlop - 2004-01-02 12:24:31


pauline bedford - 2004-01-01 11:40:30