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ROEBUCK/ROBUCK-Looking for Roebuck/Robuck connections in Canada. Descendant of Robert Roebuck who immigrated from England to Northumberland County, Virginia, 1600s. Would like to exchange information. Please email me at YuccaPoint99@aol.com. Thank you, Betsy Roebuck,USA , Canada

Betsy Roebuck - 2001-03-30 23:23:10

Chamberlain, Vermilion, 1907 – Robert Chamberlain is believed to have been buried in Vermilion, AB. around 1907. Would appreciate any details that might be available. , Calgary, Alberta Canada

Steve Chamberlain - 2001-03-30 15:20:24

Jones, Edmonton, 1949- born Beulah home, second child to b/mom,b/father. They knew each other for 1 year 8 months. B/moms father was a carpenter/farmer. seven siblings in family. To me; George Asley Jones there is 1 older sibling, b/date unknown. B/mom was 19 in 1949, she was French/English protestant, b/father was native catholic. , Kamloops, BC Canada

Jones George Asley - 2001-03-30 11:10:10

KIRKPATRICK, LDS CHAMPION BRANCH, 1922F I am following up on a cryptic listing on the LDS site showing my ancestor John Kirkpatrick b 18 May 1841 Frontenac, Kingston, Ont, as a member. Local LDS can’t help me. Where is/was Champion Branch? Is there a death record for John somewhere in Alberta? John m Malinda Dunbar 28 Oct 1873. His parents were James Kirkpatrick b 12 July 1820 Fermanagh, Enniskillen, Ireland and Julia Emily nee Brown b 23 Aug 1821 m 20 May 1840. Thanks for any info at all. , Castro Valley, CA USA

Susan Kirkpatrick Kundert - 2001-03-29 12:23:10

I am researching my husbands family, and cannot find information for his great aunt and uncle.Family name is Ackroyd aunt Mary Elizabeth Ackroyd born 1874 and Charles Herbert Ackroyd born 1886 Bradford England mothers name Sarah Anne Ackroyd.Also Eleanor (Nelly) Emergrated to Canada and married William Ernest Carr.She died 1962 , Bradford, England

Beryl Broadbent - 2001-03-29 10:20:43

CROW, HERMAN W. supposedly died March 1896 in Calgary, Alberta. Trying to confirm and look for any family he had. He is from Kent County, Ontario son of Andrew T. Crow and Harriet nee Purser. Any info please contact. , Alberta, CA Canada

coleen - 2001-03-29 03:00:00

Atkinson,Leonard Bradford James Vermilion,Alberta1956.This is my real name,but was adopted and was given the name LeonardJames Solway. , Kelowna, B C Canada

Leonard Atkinson - 2001-03-28 23:04:50

LOOKING FOR DAVIS,MARY JEAN.Born Feb.6 1952.I was born in Toronto on March 7 1973 at Humber Memorial Hospital in Mississauga Ont.My mother came from Edmonton to Toronto in 1972 or 1973 to deliver me.She returned to Edmonton shortly after.I am hoping she is still there.Friends or family please contact Allison , Toronto, ont Canada

Allison Nussbaum - 2001-03-28 22:02:10

PHIPPS, Calgary 1914-1921 I am looking for a Phipps family that lived in Calgary, from 1914 to 1921 maybe longer. Childrens names were George, Sam and Mable these were cousins of my fathers. , Creston, B.C. Canada

Lois Price - 2001-03-27 15:21:10

MOCHNACZ,Gabriel, Krakow, Alberta, Arrival 1902 to Alberta. (Not Sure) Born about 1873 to 1877. Country: Austria, Province: Galicia. Trying to establish date of arrival to Alberta from Hawaii or San Francisco. Left Bremerhaven Germany spring or summer of 1898 via the H.F. Glade, 4 mast sailing vessel. Contracted to work on the sugar plantations in Hawaii. Trying to establish the village and district he came from as well as any other relatives or friends that came with him. Bojko,Theodor Bojko, Jusefa (spouse) Settled in the Star Edna area in 1898. Arrived from Bremerhaven Germany May 7, 1898 on the steamship palatia. Arrived with 6 children, Maria, Tekla, Warawa, Pauline, Anastasia and George. Tekla Bojko married Gabriel Mochnacz. Trying to establish the village the bojko family came from. I think it was Kosiw village, District Chortkiw, Province Galicia,Country Austria. Trying to establish ages as well. Theodor & Jusefa are my greatgrandparents and Tekla Bojko was my grandmother. , Hilliard, AB Canada

ldotto - 2001-03-27 10:51:00

BARTH, Rabbit Hills, Leduc, @ 1899–Seeking info on gggrandparents family. Louis & Minnie Barth. Children: Benjamin, Carrie, Ella, Edward, Emma, George, Ida, Mattie, Peter, Rose. , Dallas, TX US

Karyl Aronoff - 2001-03-27 10:50:20

WIEBE, ABRAHAM, EDMONTON, 1901. I believe this man to be my paternal great granfather. If you have any more information on him, please contact me. Thank you! , Seattle, WA USA

Sender's Email - 2001-03-27 10:44:13


Trudy Gail Whitford - 2001-03-27 10:10:10

Lawrence Dorn, Alberta, 1901 I am looking for any documents or copies of documents relating to Lawrence Dorn and a section of land he purchased in 1901 near ponoka alberta , Edmonton, ab Canada

crystal - 2001-03-26 15:10:30

Dorn, Alberta, 1901 I am loking for any documents or copies of documents relating to Lawrence Dorn and a section of land purchased by him in 1901 , Edmonton, ab Canada

crystal - 2001-03-26 15:05:00

Lamoureux born in Quebec about 1959, moved to Edmonton in 1970’s , Lloydminster, SK Canada

Nicole - 2001-03-26 14:21:00

LEE,CANADA,1887 aprox. I am seeking details of my Grandfather THOMAS HENRY LEE born 1887 approx. He served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in W.W.1. He was a Military Policeman, and he had also served as a Police Officer in Canada details on old photographs suggest he may have been in the R.C.M.P. I know he survived the war but nothing else about him, I would be grateful if anybody could help in my search. , Ipswich, England

A. West - 2001-03-26 10:34:10

HARTMAN, HIMES relatives in Edmonton area, Grande Prairie area etc… Roy Robert Hartman, b.1903, lived with a lady in Calgary by the name of Lena McCullagh, 206-11Avenue N.W. Calgary AB. Any help would be appreciated. , Grande Prairie, AB Canada

Marianne Hartman - 2001-03-25 22:42:21

CORNER, Russell Lyman, Calgary, 1917 – looking for any information. His last known address was General Delivery, Calgary, following his discharge from the army. Family is still looking for him. , Toronto, ON Canada

Faye Howell - 2001-03-24 12:01:40

born high river alberta, parents maida robertson, father lawrence hallett. have no information on my father. Believe he lived in the high river, cayley area. I would like to correspond with anyone who may of known my parents. , ft st john, bc Canada

marj klassen - 2001-03-23 10:20:50

PATON/PATTON, Calahoo and Edmonton, 1912-late 1970’s – I am looking for any information on the PATON/PATTON family in Alberta. Thomas Paton, died 1924, farmer, Calahoo area. Wife of Thomas, Annie Paton, nee Blake, died 1925. Children of Thomas and Annie – Maud Mary Enid Paton, schoolteacher, Edmonton Public Schools, 1912-1932, died 1961 (no children). Roy Blake Paton, farmer, Calahoo, died 1970’s (no children)—Still trying to locate Laura Ann Paton, born 1886, I do not know where she lived or if she married when or where she died. Any information, even if we are not related, just knew the family, would be very much appreciate. Best Wishes. , Ucluelet, BC Canada

Laurie Rundle - 2001-03-23 04:23:10

CHIPPS, JACOB (JAKE), BOUNDING CREEK, ALBERTA, CANADA 1920 First, I would like to find the location of Bounding Creek, Alberta, Canada as it is not on any recent maps. Jacob Chipps was born in l868, Goldburg,Iowa. His father died in l920 and at that time Jacob was living in Bounding Creek. Any information would be helpful. It is not known if he stayed there, married or had children. Contact direct Nancy Chipps , Bounding Creek, Alberta Canada

Nancy Chipps - 2001-03-22 12:55:20

Vince, Vegreville, Ab – 2001- I am looking for an old room mate. His name is George Cincurak. He is about 32 years old now. We met in Rocky Mountain House,Ab about 3 years ago. Last I heard he was living in Edmonton, Ab. His family is from somewhere in Ontario. I have been very worried about him, as have a lot of our friends. The last of our friends to speak to him was Karen Smoke and Dave Cedrik of Edmonton. Please e-mail me at pochahauntice@yahoo.com with any info. , Vegreville, Ab Canada

Charlene Vince - 2001-03-21 15:50:30

puchyr , Canada

x - 2001-03-21 10:50:14


ADELE TUTU - 2001-03-19 11:20:34

PHILLIPS, EDMONTON, 1924 – looking for birth date , Kelowna, BC Canada

mills - 2001-03-19 10:40:40

dmetro wolansky,or metro wolansky,born edwand ,1900 – 1920 Looking for any kind of information on his where-abouts . family has not heard from him in 50 or 60 years and would appreciate any info. They know of where he worked when he was young but then lost contact and was supposedly seen in b.c. holidaying with his own family . Any info would greatly be appreciated. , thorhild, ab Canada

shelly - 2001-03-15 21:21:50

wolansky or wolanski edwand, 1900 – 1920 , thorhild, ab Canada

shelly - 2001-03-15 21:14:00

Jackson Debbie Rose Lynn, born July 25, 1973 searching for any information on birth mother or family.Mother was aged 16 her father was aged 45 her mother was 40 sister 15 and two brothers aged 9 and 18 born at the general hospital in edmonton alberta. Any information would be apreciated email me at edwick@telusplanet.net , red deer, ab Canada

rhonda - 2001-03-15 02:04:00

Kerley, David William, born Aug. 1970, Calgary Foothills Hosp. to Georgia Elizabeth Kerley, now Georgia Hunt. Wish to know whereabouts of MY SON, please. , Victoria, BC Canada

Georgia Elizabeth Hunt - 2001-03-14 22:40:10

I am trying to locate my ex-foster sister. I was told she died a couple years ago but I cannot find any information of her death and I cant find any information of her being alive either. She was taken away in 1990 from calgary AB and I’ve been looking for her ever since. It would be nice to know if she is deceased or not. Please help if possible. Her name is Teresa-Marie Cowley she would be 22 years old this year, born on July fourth 1978. Last I heard she was taken or kidnapped in my books by her real mother who was labelled unfit, and supposedly took her to Saskatewan. If you can help please do. Thank you candicuddles@teen.com , Calgary, AB Canada

Candice - 2001-03-14 14:20:10

WARD, DAVIES, Calgary, 1910-1990? I am looking for my grandpa’s parents, my great grandparents: Luke and Lillian WARD (nee Davies). They were originally from England, moved to Calgary sometime before 1921, as that is when my grandfather was born in Calgary. His name is Lawrence WARD. His birthdate is 16 SEP 1921. If anyone has any information at all I would greatly appreciate it. Lillian died 5 MAY 1971, I don’t know where she is burried. Thanks. , Winnipeg, MB Canada

Melissa Laing - 2001-03-09 10:11:30

FODOR, EDMONTON, 1970 – adoptee seeking birthfamily… born April 25, 1970 at Edmonton University Hospital , Vernon, BC Canada

Tracey - 2001-03-08 10:23:00

george,manville,1908 , hazelton, B.C. Canada

cory.s - 2001-03-07 22:33:00

Steele, Edward, Vegreville, b. 1875 d. 1954 in Vegreville area. Looking for where he is buried and possibly any family history. , vegreville, alb Canada

J. McLeod - 2001-03-06 20:30:50

COADIC,Alberta,1901,census report,#’s-438848-[46;47;49,50]. I’m searching for my ancestors supposedly registered under the above #’s,however it’s not clear where in Alberta.PLEASE reply.THANKS , Williams Lake,, B.C. Canada

CLIFFORD H.COADIC - 2001-03-05 12:31:00

Moulson, Conjuring Creek early 1900’s. My grandmother’s name was Eva Moulson. Her family homesteaded in Conjuring Creek which was near Calmar. I am im possession of her diaries from that period. There are many names and interesting experiences mentioned. It would be great to share this information with relatives of some of these people. , Toronto, On Canada

Kathleen Hobson - 2001-03-05 10:15:53

McCormick,Edmonton , St. Albert, AB USA

Diane Paulson - 2001-03-05 05:52:00

Looking for information on the Paquette family from Athabasca. Any information would be of great help. My Grandfather was James Paquette and he was married to Emilia Dube. So any information on the Paquette or Dube family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. , Rycroft, AB Canada

Barb Rowland - 2001-03-05 01:35:50

thomas grant – ft. mcmurray area – from nfld percy pye – alder flats area – from nfld f.w. parker – buck lake area , edmonton, ab Canada

terri michetti - 2001-03-04 10:13:00

Sauv’e Quebec,1928 doing family tree on my family. And Brochu family. , cedar Lake, In USA

marie - 2001-03-03 00:22:00

CHISHOLM I was named Jack CHISHOLM at birth in CALGARY. My Mother was born in Scotland and apparently had 3 brothers and 6 sisters. My Mother was 19 yrs. in 1943. Her Father was in the Army in 1943, which would be my Grandfather. My Father might possibly have been French.ANY HELP APPRECIATED. , Cobble Hill, B.C. Canada

Grant Hobbs - 2001-03-01 22:32:30

Jumbo GURBICH, possibly Edmonton area; born abt 1895; married Lilienne (or Lillian or Lilian) Letendre from Lac St Anne. Have been unable to find this surname in the 1901 census, etc. , Chetwynd, BC Canada

Marjorie Lenfesty - 2001-02-27 15:40:00

BROWNS,Tindastoll(Innisfail), 18?? – 1907 Daniel, d. Mar. 13, 1902 Son Edwin Daniel d. 1907 Daniel born in MASSACHUSSETS? U.S.A. approx 1821 ,Edwin Daniel born in IOWA in approx 1865, m. Jennie M. Whitmore Collins. Is anyone else researching these or other Brown’s? There appears to be quite a few that are listed around the homestead lands. Regards, Marlo Anderson , Seattle, WA U.S.A.

Marlo Anderson - 2001-02-26 10:20:51

RUNGE, LUTZ, Edmonton 1912-present Seeking descendants of Winnifred Grace Lutz Runge, born 1908. I am the granddaughter of her sister, Beatrice Kathleen Lutz Murray, and would like to correspond regarding Winnifred’s written memoirs. , Edmonton, Canada

Deborah Johnson - 2001-02-24 21:41:43

JAMES PATERSON, 1904 to 1970, EDMONTAN. I am looking for any info on James I believe he worked on the railway,he came from Scotland, POW in WW1, probably died in EDMONTON. any help would be great thankyou. , England

Ann Roots - 2001-02-24 04:40:00

ALLEN,Edmonton,1944 World War II – RACF Pilot E.J. ALLEN. 439 squadron, died in 1944. Correspondent for French Authorities who found the Pilot’s Aircraft in Normandy.Looking for possible family – His father/Mother: Ernest and Mary Anne Allen from Edmonton ? . His wife: Zella Marguerite Allen of St. James Winnipeg. Michel Fontaine – mfonta@home.com , Richmond Hill, ON Canada

Michel Fontaine - 2001-02-24 03:55:40

ZIMMERMAN, JARVIE/DAPP, 1928 I am looking for someone willing to look up a death notice or newspaper obituary for g-grandfather Otto Zimmerman. We have date of death as 4-11-1928 and a listing of burial in Dapp Cemetery. Any help will be appreciated and would be willing to cover cost of photocopying. Thank you. , South St Paul, MN US

Jerry Knock - 2001-02-23 10:43:30

Johnson, Martin, wife Lulu Telfordville, Alberta His father’s name was Thomas Christain Johnson. Last known letter home was 1908. Relatives in USA, Wisconsin, searching him and his off spring. , Telfordville, AL Canada

Cathe Ziereis - 2001-02-20 10:51:35

DESNOYER(S), ISRAEL adn wife AGNES CYR. Came from Vancouver Washington(according to family lore, no confirmation)raised family at Riviere Qui-Barre in early 1900’s. my grandmother, Evelyn Desnoyer married Stanford Tremaine Ellis and moved to Lethbridge. Any info about either Cyr/e or Desnoyer family would be greatly appreciated. Evanna :o) , Invermere, BC Canada

Evanna Ellis-Howse - 2001-02-19 22:12:00