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DAVIS, Juanita Lynn born in Edmonton on Feb. 10, 1963. Birthmother had two married sisters, her father was deceased in April 1962, her mother had remarried and lived in the United States where she owned a holiday resort. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Janet Helgason - 2000-09-17 13:53:50

PEARSON, Ole, his daughter Stella May, his son James Carl, Ole’s brother Carl Oscar. Stella was born in England when Ole was there during WW1. James was born in Edmonton in August of 1922. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Janet Helgason - 2000-09-17 13:51:25

Bedry, Rabbit Hill, 1907– I am looking for any records of my grandmother’s family. She was born Anastasia Bedry in 1907. I do not have her parents’ names or anything. If you have any information, I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Rachel Ferro. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Rachel Ferro - 2000-09-16 14:40:10

SIBLEY, John. Loking for any info on a John Sibley who came to Alberta from Ontario in the early 1900s to join his sonJames Sibley and relatives of John Middleton Sibley.Other names are Oscar. Any info on these Sibleys would be appreciated. Linda (Sibley) Buchner , Guelph, Ontario Canada

Linda (Sibley) Buchner - 2000-09-14 10:45:31

BUCKELL, Conjuring Creek, AB – THANKS so much for the quick responses from Corinna & Pat in regard to my query. Corinna send photos taken of the gravestones, and we are delighted to receive them! A worthwhile site, and I recommend it to all. , Vaughn, WA US

Colleen Slater - 2000-09-14 10:44:20

HAUPT, EDMONTON, 1912 – Bernard Haupt lived in Edmonton and sponsored his brother Edward to come to Canada in 1912. Trying to find ANY records for him ie. census, death, etc. thank you , Sherwood Park, AB Canada

Ursula Bachman - 2000-09-13 13:42:14

MACAULAY, EDMONTON/CONJURING CREEK – I’m looking for some information on two brothers. Donald (or Daniel) Macaulay, born c1840 in Scotland and settled in Edmonton (married to a Mary Norn). His brother was Angus Macaulay who settled in Conjuring Creek and died there in 1939. , Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Sender's Email - 2000-09-13 10:45:40

BERG, Fort Saskatchewan, 1896 Need information re. BERG, Adam, wife-Catherina, came to Alberta from Austria about 1886. First settled in Cyprus Gardens and then Ft. Saskatchewan. Children: John, Rudolph, Hermana,Gustof, Sena,Berbera. WAGNER family moved to Edmonton from Austria at the same time as the families knew each other in Austria. Do not know individual names but one son, a tailor, married a BERG daughter. This daughter’s daughter is 97 years old and anxious to find information for her grandchildren. Thank you. helen0@home.com , AB Canada

Helen - 2000-09-12 23:10:50

BUCKELL: Anne, Charles, William & Georgina. I am responding to Colleen from Vaghan, WA, US. I have tried to email you but have been unsuccessful. It seems as thought your email is not working. I have digital pictures that I took of all four of these peoples headstones at CONJURING CREEK CEMETARY, Calmar, Alberta. Please contact me as soon as possible, and I will email it to you. Thank you. , Calmar, AB Canada

Corinna Miller - 2000-09-12 12:55:52

THIEROLF, Content, Red Deer Cty, Alberta. Howard Allen , b. 12 Sept 1906. I am looking for any vital statistics on his parents George and Myrtle (ANDERSON). I recently sent for Howard birth certificate, but i would like to know more about his parents, what work his father did in Content, church they attended, when they left. Howard was later naturalized in the US, place unknown. , Bakersfield, CA USA

Kathleen Edillor - 2000-09-09 21:33:40

BUCKELL AND BILL, LEDUC, CONJURING CREEK OR CALMAR, 1895-1911 Looking for gravestone info on Anne Buckell, Charles Buckell, William Buckell, all bur in Conjuring Creek or Calmar cemetery. Anne died in 1900, cemetery was set up on her homestead. Also interested in census info for Buckell and Bill families. , Vaughn, WA US

Colleen - 2000-09-07 14:40:24

HAUPT, Edmonton, 1910 – I am searching for descendants of my Great Uncle BERNARD HAUPT. (German/Russian) He was born after 1891 probably in Zhitomir Parish Volhynia Ukraine. He emigrated to Edmonton around 1910 and settled there. He married Emma _______ and raised 3 or 4 daughters. He sponsored his brother, my Grandfather, Edward Haupt in 1912. Please contact me at JSchu9014@aol.com if you know of this family. , Addison, IL USA

Janice Schultz - 2000-09-06 22:22:13

TONSAGER, Red Deer Lake, found on 1901 Census Alberta Dist #202. If you have information on the person listed here, Lars TONSAGER, please contact me. I am searching for a woman with this married name and am wondering if it is his wife. Thank you. ,

RBurch - 2000-09-06 03:05:30

Boag, Calgary?, 1871 to 1900’s, – I am looking for any family of Nancy Dochstader/Dockstader and her husband Joesph Boag. Supposedly after they got married in 1867, they must have moved to Calgary, Alberta as they were not reported on the 1871 Ontario census. The only reference that I have to their whereabouts is from Doris Dockstader Rooney’s Family books that Nancy died in the early 1900’s in Calgary. Any help is appreciated. Andrea , Hamilton, ON Canada

Andrea Dochstader - 2000-09-05 12:31:53

Nichol, Knee Hill Valley, 1901 , looking for Ellen Nichol’s maiden name. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Leonard Blakey - 2000-09-04 13:30:44

John James Brazeau, Jimmy born in Edmonton Alberta, sometime from1907-1913. He was adopted out to Ned Brazeau. Mother was a German woman, father possibly Mose Villenueve. He lived in Smith Alta. which used to be known as Mirror Landing. He married a Clara Lennie daughter of Charlie Lennie. I am looking for info. on the family, he was my grandfather. Thanks , Kamloops, B.C. Canada

Sharlene Froese - 2000-09-04 10:31:50

looking for info on Les Hough. May be Lester or Leslie. Living in River Quebarre south of Busby AB in 47 – 48. Parents retired to Kelowna BC. Was steam engineer working for either City of Edmonton or CN. Looking for Hertiage & medical information. , Cochrane, AB Canada

Kim - 2000-09-03 10:11:10

GAMBLE, Calgary, 1900. Seeking information on Adam GAMBLE family who immigrated to Calgary area during early 1900’s. His wife Jessie moved the family back to North Dakota. What happened to Adam? , Calgary, Alberta Canada

Susan Decker - 2000-09-02 10:43:24

Wheeler,Arthur Brixton- NWMP Edmonton Ab, late 1800’s to 1911(approx) Looking for information on the above person, who was a teamster with the NWMP, any information on this person would be appreciated. Would like to know the history of service and time and place of death, and if possible the resting place of Arthur Wheeler. , Calgary , ab Canada

Ward Lakeman - 2000-09-01 22:10:54

ARGUE, EDMONTON, 1898-1960 Wondering if a kind soul might be willing to check the local Edmonton Newspaper in 1960 for an obituary for Thomas Herbert Argue, who was buried in Edmonton Cemetery 31, Oct. 1960. Any help much appreciated. Thanks kindly, debprince@attcanada.net , Newmarket, ON Canada

Debbie Prince - 2000-09-01 13:42:00

Van Loon Richard, Calgary or area.Would have been born around1906-1912? I believe he was a shoe sales man and was in the Medicine Hat area in 1938. Any help would be greatly appriceated. , Medicine Hat, AB Canada

Elaine - 2000-08-30 13:20:40

Gray, Ellen (nee Ellis; first name was Phoebe but went by Ellen). She and husband John Kepford Gray immigrated to Canada in 1900 from Kansas and homesteaded in the Millet area. They had nine children: William Leonard, John Wesley, Hugh Lester, Robert Munson, Charles Nathan, Percy Newton, Laura Ellen, Vale Ellis, and Leona Gertrude. I have found Ellen in the 1901 Alberta Census but was unable to find any background information on her. Am looking for the names, birthdates, deaths, etc. of her parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Any information would be helpful! Thanks. , Canada

Deloyce Hanna - 2000-08-29 10:25:30

Look for info on Charles William Earwaker originally born in London England and immigrated to Edmonton Alberta around 1890-1900s. Married a woman named Ada. , new york, ny usa

Julianne Griffith - 2000-08-28 13:12:40

I was born 28/06/55 in Edmonton.The only information I have is the surname Fuller-Bates.Any one knowing this family living in edmonton in the 50s,I would appreciate any information. , Edmonton, AB Canada

DArcy Donald McCannel - 2000-08-26 04:05:40

SKOREYKO (SKOREIKO), EDWAND, SMOKY LAKE DIST. OF ALBERTA, 1901 Looking for information and descendants of my grandparents, Peter and Katrina Skoreyko. , Hayward, CA USA

Jo Ann Cola - 2000-08-24 10:50:50

I was born on feb.11,1973 in Edmonton, Alberta My name in the orphanage was Shawn at time of adoption. I am looking for my birth parents. If you have any info. for me you can leave a message on my friends e-mail. , calgary, AB Canada

brent - 2000-08-23 22:44:10

I was born on feb.11,1973 in Edmonton, Alberta My name in the orphanage was Shawn at time of adoption. I am looking for my birth parents. , calgary, AB Canada

brent - 2000-08-23 22:40:24

Albert Charles Harper.b?1908.emigrated Canada late1940 with family Richard.Barbara and Joan.previously from Middlesex…any information ..thankyou , Canada

Pia - 2000-08-23 10:50:22

Stinson Anna Calgary?born Augst 1900. Taken to an orphanage in Calgary at 5 years of age. Catholic.Possibly Mother Cora, Father Ben,brothers Tom, Ernest and Melvin? Anyone know of these people? Can anyone help with information about Calgary orphanages from 1900-1912? , Chetwynd, BC Canada

Dorothy Hudson - 2000-08-22 21:23:55

PENNINGTON, OR PENNINGTON BURNS, LACOMBE,ALBERTA. We are trying to find information on a family of children born in England, and later going to Canada. Cecily,Geoffry, Marjorie & Brenda. Brenda married Leslie Stonelake in the Parish of St Jude Blackfald approx 1913 and came out to N.Z. We would be grateful for any information on this family. John , Tauranga, . New Zealand

john jeffery - 2000-08-22 10:30:40

KISHKAN, DRUMHELLER, 1920s. Is there anyone in the Drumheller area who would be willing to do me a favour? My great aunt, Julia Kishkan, is buried in a cemetery in Drumheller with her half sister (both died of diptheria as infants). They died in the early 1920s. If anyone could find the tombstone and send me Julia and her sister’s dates of birth and death, I would be much obliged. , Toronto, ON Canada

Forrest Pass - 2000-08-22 10:23:20

GRIEVE/BROWN-Calgary-1910-1920 I am hunting for the family of William Lewis GRIEVE and his wife Lula BROWN. He was from BC and she was from New Brunswick. They met and married somewhere and had four sons born in Calgary between 1914 and 1917. , Errington, BC Canada

Karen Tomblin - 2000-08-21 22:30:10

LEIFSON, Alberta, Drayton Valley Area. Sometime after 1910, we believe. Two men, father and son, Elif & Gilbert Leifson wer suppose to have homesteaded in that area, around that time. They came to Canada and the family never heard from them again. I am trying to locate any information I can about them death, obits, anything, for the grandson who is around 80. Thanks for any help I can get. , Berthold, ND USA

June Myers - 2000-08-18 14:30:21

Stover Mile,Lethbridge,Alberta I am having great difficulty in finding a date of death for my grandfather Miles Sidney Stover who was buried in Lethbridge,Alberta Mountainview Cemetary Pleas advise me as to where I can go for this information. Thank you Ava B.Richer , ottawa, on Canada

ava richer - 2000-08-18 13:50:40

SADLER, Frederick Charles Henwood – Edmonton area – sometime between 1888 and 1905. He was born in London England in 1875. He came to the Edmonton area as a teenager and returned to England to marry. His family eventually settled in Calgary, Alberta. , Victoria , BC Canada

Delaina Sadler - 2000-08-16 15:52:22

INNES, Angela May Ann. 11-27-73. Second of three children placed for adoption. Desperately seeking information about birth family. , edmonton, Canada

angel Fisher - 2000-08-15 20:10:30

(Smith, nee. Barber, Hardisty Alb, approx.1920) Iam looking for information on Elizabeth Barber who married Edward King Smith around 1920. They were married and lived inHardisty Alberta. , Vernon, B.C Canada

Lisa Webster - 2000-08-15 14:30:11

FRANCIS, Thomas m Martha Jane MOORE in Ontario & moved west early 1900’s. Searching for all/any descendents. Diane in Saskatchewan , Prince Albert, Sk Canada

Diane Rivet - 2000-08-13 10:30:00

Dunham, Leslie(Lesley), Athabasca, 1914 marraige to Margaurite (Daisy) Willmott, any data about this couple, data from marriage cert. Thanks , Perth, WA Australia

Alan Cockson - 2000-08-13 10:10:10

Finsterbush, Edson, 1880 – 1999 Searching for data regarding , Edmonton, AB Canada

W. J. Brons - 2000-08-13 03:04:00

Hamlin, Edmonton, 1880 – 1999 Searching for data regarding , Edmonton, AB Canada

W. J. Brons - 2000-08-13 03:01:20

Brons, Edson, 1880 – 1999 Searching for data regarding , Edmonton, AB Canada

W. J. Brons - 2000-08-13 03:00:00

REEVES, GLADYS, EDMONTON: I’m looking for birth and immigration information about this noted Edmonton photographer,who was my Grandmother’s cousin and also info about her father Paris Reeves , Victoria, BC Canada

Carol Sanderman - 2000-08-12 12:30:00

I’m looking for informations about my ancestor, John SUPOT, Union CNP, born in 1866, who died in 1905. The cemetery is shown as Crowsnest Pass Union Cemetery. Thanks a lot. , Canada

Anne Aubert - 2000-08-11 01:55:20

LUVGREN, or LOVGREN. Baby Girl Born, Jane Luvgren in 1937 in Montana. I am trying to locate family roots and to try to find any family. Records are from the United States, BUT, all avenues are leading me back to Alberta. Can anyone remember the name of Luvgren or Lovgren? Mother’s first name was May. Any help would be greatly appreciated. , Calgary, AB Canada

Angela Mock - 2000-08-10 05:01:00

Hough Les, Edmonton, 1947 -48 Raised in River Cabar area, want to know heritage and medical history for the sake of children. Mother Arley Phipps Daughter, Donna Guignion, Grand-daughter Kim Blackwood, great grand son Bo , Cochrane, AB Canada

Kim Blackwood - 2000-08-09 10:20:20

Nystedt, Edson, Looking for connections to Lycksele Sweden, born in 1892 emigrated to canada 1912 Victor Emmanual married to Anne Pauline Edin My daughter lives in Lund Sweden & I plan to visit in Sept. Hope to be able to find connections to relatives in Lycksele or other towns , Victoria, BC Canada

Inga Tenford - 2000-08-08 23:45:10

GRANSTROM, CAMROSE, Alberta 1940(?) Looking for estate info on Christine Granstrom. Died Camrose ca 1940. Her daughter Anna Marie Carlson Conklin was my grandmother. Anna Marie died 1918 in Susanville CA. Another daughter Alma Flingsby settled estate. Would like any info available. Thank you. , Forest Ranch, CA USA

Sheryl Brann - 2000-08-08 21:50:10

NICHOL, Melville Anderson, dob Oct.7, 1910 – ? m. Evelyn ?, dob Oct 5, 1920 – July 16, 1982 in WAINWRIGHT, AB. 1939 Offspring: NICHOL, James Melville m. Judith SOUCY NICHOL, Freddie 1949 – 1954 NICHOL, William 1958 – 1958 NICHOL, Marlyn ? Grandfather, Melville Anderson NICHOLL owned a family farming business in EDGERTON where he grew up and raised his family. The business was called MEL’S MOTORS. Melville also served in WWII in ENGLAND Would like to search family roots of Melville Nichol and his offspring. Thankyou for your help. , Austrailia

Kari Napier - 2000-08-08 11:30:00

John Stevenson of Claraholms, Alberta , 1902 era he was born 1830 Scotland moved to Canada 1848 married Mary Cornwell 1857, in Ontario, Canada, 14 children. Oldest son John Stevenson and brothers moved to Alberta about 1902. would like to know who his children were. Lived in Claraholms Alberta. Thnk you for any information. Eleanor Holmes , Tekoa, WA U.S.A.

Eleanor Holmes - 2000-08-08 10:50:10