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I,am intrestedin contacting anyone related to Allan AlexanderMaDougall and Wife Evelyn, two daughters Maxine, Florance.You can reach me at alan.gardner@spray.se .Many thanks Alan in sweden , Stockholm, Sweden

Alan A MacDhughaill Gardner - 2000-11-13 11:40:20

Grant,Calgary Alberta,1965.I was born Lisa Grant,Im searching for my birth mom P. Grant.Im also interested in siblings and my birth father..I have been searching for a long time and would really love to find my birth mom and family…..Please email me i have a web site on my search.Id really love to have you in my life….I have a web site about my search.Love your older daughter…. , Dawson Creek, B.C Canada

Sender's Email - 2000-11-11 02:11:30

BARNETT. I am looking for my fathers brothers and sisters. Our family does not have a lot of details. The children would all share the same father NELLES WARNER BARNETT, 1903-1974. One childs name is ALLAN (ALLEN) BARNETT son of SADIE born in WAINWRIGHT ALBERTA. Sadie died not long after the birth of Allen. There is also a son named DOUG BARNETT born in possibly TORONTO to NELLES AND EDNA. She was app. 16 at the time. There is also a son named MELVIN, but I nothing of this child other than his name. I have found a couple of the other sibblings, but they have since past on. Some if not all of these siblings may have spent some time in a home (orphanage) in Vancouver or New Westminster in the 1940-1950’s. These children would now be in the age range of 55+. There are also other children out there from different unions, but my father was unable to get anymore information before his father NELLES WARNER BARNETT died. Any information that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jessica Barnett , Chilliwack, bc Canada

Jessica Barnett - 2000-11-10 12:02:30

CHUPKA, (JOHN), HILLIARD, 1918. This was my grandfather who died of the Spanish Influenza and was buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery near Hilliard. Would like to know if there is a record of him and where I might find it. , Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada

Marv Chupka - 2000-11-09 21:05:00

Michael,edmonton,dob 1979-81.I am searching for my half brother.Birthmothers name was Patricia Lee Woods,maiden name Chase.Not much,but all the info I have.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you. , miss., on Canada

Steven Woods - 2000-11-08 10:30:35

EDMONDSON, EDMONTON, 1971 female adoptee searching for any information on birth family.Born April 14, 1971 in the Royal Alexander Hospital. , Red Deer, AB Canada

Carolyn - 2000-11-07 15:15:00

King, James son of Margaret & David King, Margaret d.1.8.1981 Winnipeg. Ian & Bruce King sons of James, Edmonton 11.8.1981 + 2 great grandchildred of Margaret’s. If anyone can help me find Ian & Bruce it would be greatly appreciated. , Marlborough, New Zealand

Anita Baucke - 2000-11-06 01:05:50

Magee or Mcgee, 1919 – 1924 I am search my Grandmother who I believe died in Edmonton between 1920 and 1922. Her maiden name was Hitchmough or Lewis. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. , Smithers, BBC Canada

Pat Lewis - 2000-11-03 22:00:00

Little, Charles, 1911 – Looking for information on my great grandfather’s death(1-27-1937). Also trying to find his father’s name.Lived in Czar and possibly Airways. , Airways, Alberta Canada

Julie - 2000-11-01 20:20:41

COLLISON, EDMONTON, 1915 to at least 1958. Christian (born UK 1892)known to be married in 1915 to Minnie? and had at least one daughter. Christian later married second wife Phylis, with daughter Mary Anne (likely born around 1958) Looking for any information on any possible leads. , Edmonton, Canada

Jon Collison-Cook - 2000-11-01 10:50:30

Masse,Edmonton,1900 , Vernon, B.C. Canada

Juliet - 2000-11-01 02:03:00

ALMAS,FREDRICK b. in canada @<1834 married moriah Baldwin 1846 possibly ancaster, canada.looking for the parents of fredrick.any information appreciated. , mi Canada

susanne - 2000-10-31 03:33:00

CORDES, SHERWOOD PARK, 1998 , Sherwood Park, AB Canada

Edna Epps - 2000-10-30 20:52:20

CORDES, SHERWOOD PARK, 1998-1999. Looking for obits or any information on the deaths of Christina Cordes end of 1998 or begining of 1999 and death of Marcus Cordes in 1999. Any help would be appreciated. , Sherwood Park, AB Canada

Edna Epps - 2000-10-30 20:50:20

DODDS, JOHN b. 1846 Ontario, living in Fort Mcleod, 1898, wishing to find his buriel sight, or family and descendants. 1st wife died in Toronto. any help appreciated. , selkirk, mb Canada

larry dodds - 2000-10-30 10:15:20

SKOYEN, looking for any information on the Skoyen family of Alberta, B.C, or Saskatewan , Hines Creek, AB Canada

Skoyen - 2000-10-28 23:30:10

NELSON, LARRY LEROY – I’am looking for a person by this name….It could possibly be Sawchuk..This boy went missing on December 24, 1957 and was assumed drowned in the Bow River in Calgary Alberta..We have reason to believe that this boy may still be alive and was taken at that time to an orphanage in Calgary or to a foster home.. This boy was born on November 11, 1954 in the City of North Battleford, Saskatchewan and he had blonde hair and blue eyes…If any one has any information on this person, please contact me as soon as possible. , Glaslyn, SK Canada

Kerry Wilson - 2000-10-25 20:15:30

Laube, Ruby Helen, born in St. Paul, April 6, 1916. Adopted. I am her grand-daughter looking for any remaining family….Thanks. , Calgary, ab Canada

Kristina Sweet - 2000-10-25 12:20:22

DOCKING,FLORENCE, in Edmonton 1947 to 1954 — probably from Manitoba, born around 1917. I have located her in Henderson’s directory for Edmonton between the above dates, working for the Tax Dept. She may have married or moved in 1953 or 1954. Any information would be very much appreciated. , Victoria, BC Canada

Muriel Doris - 2000-10-23 23:50:50

WERNER, EDMONTON, 1973 , Edmonton, AB Canada

Brad Hiron - 2000-10-22 20:50:42

ALBERTA PROVINCIAL POLICE 1920′-1932, at disbandment. Any books, references, periodicals, notes, photos, links, etc. Would appreciate knowing about them. Have some data, will share. , British Columbia, Langley Canada

Marilyn McIlvena Sergi - 2000-10-22 12:40:40

MILLER, BASHAW, ???DATE- My g-grandparents names are Delbert Elsworth Miller and wife Lida. Her maiden name was Heckman. They came from Pennsylvania, USA, but to date I cannot find any information on them there. I would like to know when they came to Alberta. Delbert Elswoth Miller arrived with his family probably in the early 1900s or maybe it was in 1911 as he was one of the first businesses opened. Delbert E. Miller was placed in the Ponoka Hospital at some time and I believe that he died there. I would like to learn that date. I also don’t know what happened to his wife, Lida and where or when she died. I do understand that she stayed in Alberta. Their children, all with the surname Miller: Ernie B., Emma Celestia (my Grandmother, who I have information on), Lester Dietrich, Leon W., Bertha M., Marie M., Stanley J., Elwell Dana, Herman, Harry G., and Allen C. I would appreciate any information on these individuals as well. Thank you. , Victoria, Bc Canada

Charlene Heather - 2000-10-21 23:02:00

COLE/HARVEY,George T. Cole b.1836 Halifax married Martha Fader b. 1853 N.S. They had at least 2 children: William S. Cole and Arabella Caroline Harvey. They lived at 10405 92nd St.,Edmonton in 1917. Arabella was studied as a doctor in Boston, she ran a hospital for sick children in Edmonton till 1927. She married H.W. Harvey; they had Enid (Goldie),Lily, Garfield,and Violet. Enid married a Frazer and lived in Edmonton in 1937. Any info on Enid or this family would be helpful,Barbara. , Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Barbara Ohl - 2000-10-20 05:45:00

CAMERON,Norman b.1859 and Mary Jan(McKeever),b. 1869 in Ont. settled in Bowden/Inisfail area 1900.Had 7 children: James A.1890,Sarah Ellen 1892, Norma A.1895, Malcom B.1897,John A.1898,Donald Duncan 1900, Hughie George 1892.John (Jack)was a Barber in Red Deer-he married Isobelle Field-she died abt.1945.Sarah married William Cole 1922,Vanc. she died 1928 in childbirth of Shirley Helen Cole. Any relatives of this family or info on them would be appreciated. , Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Barbara Ohl - 2000-10-20 03:00:00

Williams, Edmonton, 1900 Williams Robert French wife : Alice Hinton . Moved from Oklahoma,USA aprox.1900 later settled in Nameo Edmonton (buried Nameo) Would greatly appreciate any info Thanks,The Williams Family , Hornby Is., B.C. Canada

Robert Williams - 2000-10-19 23:42:20

Williams ,Robert French ,wife: Alice Hinton . came from miami , Oklahoma ,usa about 1900 later settled in Nameo , Edmonton . would greatly appreciate any info for family . , Hornby Is., B.C. Canada

Robert Williams - 2000-10-19 23:35:34

MULLIGAN, WILLIAM, EDMONTON, MARRIED TO CHARLOTTE ANN PIKE, DAUGHTER BORN JANUARY 1922, DIVORCED,Looking for any information on William Mulligan as he is my grandfather. Any information would be appreciated. They lived in the Beverly area. Assume they were divorced shortly after 1922. , Calgary, AB Canada

Darlene Rogers - 2000-10-17 22:50:10

LANE, Tail Creek, 1901 Alberta District of the North West Territories census. Searching for any information about John Lane, his wife Lillian Lane or any of their three children. Especially interested in location of cemeteries where they would have been laid to rest. , Brandon, Mb. Canada

Barb Andrew - 2000-10-17 21:45:40

WEIR, Alexander McQueen, Pekisko, 1905 – Trying to locate any information concerning Mr. Weir and/or his wife Nellie. Alex Weir was born in Ontario in 1873. Nellie was born in 1873. They homesteaded west of Longview, Alta. in 1905 , Okotoks, Alta Canada

L. Paul Dennis - 2000-10-16 21:30:13

BENNISON, CALGARY, 1960’s. Looking for Emily(married name unknown)Has a younger sister Ida (Aitchison). Emily lived in Cottingham, E. Yorkshire, England. I would like to hear from any family members. Thanks. , Kanata, Ont Canada

Margaret Johnson - 2000-10-16 13:13:50

QUINLAN, Thomas and Susan(Chartreau) married in 1884, in Bruce Co., Ontario but aro 1922, was living in Alberta, may have had a son named Joe. Have a 3 generation picture of Joe, his wife, his daughter and his grandson. Would like to share with other family members. Also have picture of Thomas and Susan Quinlan. , Knowlesville, NB Canada

Beryl de Beaupre - 2000-10-15 10:40:50


E SMITH - 2000-10-13 10:53:10

HASTIE JAMES,EDMONTON,1899. Looking for information on the family of James Hastie born in Keene Ont Sep 20 1875. Moved to Alberta in the early 1900. Beleived to reside in Edmonton. , Cowichan Bay, BC Canada

Della Smith - 2000-10-09 10:50:30

Swarchewsky, Emil…farmed in the Foisy (Two Hills) area in the 1940’s and ’50’s. Later, retired to Two Hills. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…Rey , Waskatenau, Ab. Canada

Rey Petryk - 2000-10-09 10:02:00

TAYLOR/DAILY, Edmonton, 1940-50s- Colleen Taylor (B. 1955) looking for info about her grandparents Robert ‘J’ Ward Taylor and Malvina M. (nee Daily)and their daughter (Colleen’s mother) Lorna Jaculyn (b. 1935). Please reply to: rwhitz@interlog.com , Ontario Canada

R. White - 2000-10-09 05:05:50

looking for information on comeaus living in the edmonton area and throughout alberta. , edmonton, ab Canada

comeau - 2000-10-08 22:43:25

KOWALSKI, EDMONTON, 1900 Looking for Jenny Kowalski lived in Edmonton. Arrived via Halifax. Ukranian , Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Isabel Love - 2000-10-08 20:51:30

Faragini or similar spelling,Edmonton 1900’s Turk also…. Someplace called Prairievalle or close to that name…Any info will help..please e-mail.. , Edmonton, Alb Canada

Mike Ramminger - 2000-10-08 13:02:50

TAYLOR/DAILY, Edmonton, 1940-50’s- Colleen Taylor(b. 1955) looking for info about her grandparents Robert ‘J’ Ward Taylor, his wife Malvina M. (Daily) and daughter (mother) Lorna Jaculyn (b. 1935). Reply to: rwhitz@interlog.com , on Canada

Randy White - 2000-10-07 10:40:10

TAYLOR/DAILY, Edmonton, 1940-50’s- Colleen Taylor(b. 1955) looking for info about her grandparents Robert ‘J’ Ward Taylor, his wife Melvina (Daily) and daughter (mother) Lorna Jacquelyn (b. 1935). Reply to: rwhitz@interlog.com , on Canada

Randy White - 2000-10-07 10:40:00

NELSON/JANSSON Looking for info on Peter Eric Nelson Born about 1886 Died Edmonton 1951. Also Johanna Mathilda Jansson born 1886 Sweden Married about 1911 or 12 in Canada. Children Edith, Margaret, Thora, Ross, Eric, Edward, Harry. All born in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Any links to this family please. , BC Canada

Elaine - 2000-10-04 11:30:24

please look for me the name maria theresa pedrosa cacnio and her family history. i am doing family tree , Canada

ann sarria - 2000-09-30 22:12:30


LUNNESS - 2000-09-30 04:01:00

Louis Lizotte born 1908 in Fort Vermilion married to Christine Mercredi. Would like to find out information about this family , alberta Canada

Gary Lizotte - 2000-09-29 03:21:00

I am looking for information on Joseph Celestin House born Alberta in1910. He is the son of Alexander House & Madeleine Auger. He married Agnes Blue, the daughter of Francois Rossignol/Blue & Nancy Blandion/Wabisca. , alberta Canada

Terry Lin Lizotte - 2000-09-29 03:01:00

DUNHAM, EDMONTON/TROCHU, 1911-CURRENT Looking for info on my mother’s uncle and his family; Marion, Perry, Leslie, Donna Faye….. Have learned Marion (Peck) was buried in Trochu in 1945. Any info appreciated. , Raymore, MO USA

Doris Russell - 2000-09-27 22:33:50

RUSE WILLIAM emigrated to Canada from England sometime around 1900. Married Ida and believed to have had a son. Possibly settled in Edmonton as I recall letters being sent to UK in 1950s by his widow Ida. Any information would be appreciated. , Truro, Cornwall England

C Ward - 2000-09-27 13:30:21

DAKIN / DRIVER, Edmonton, early 1900s My grandmother Lilly or Lily DAKIN b 1890 at Bolehill, Derby, England to John DAKIN and Millicent OXSPRING. ( I think I will tackle OXSPRING at another time, what a unique name that is). I think she move to Edmonton Alberta between 1905 and 1914. She could have married William Joseph DRIVER b 12 June 1890, Peterborough, England prior to (I assume) the birth of there first child Edna Eva DRIVER born on 25 November 1914 in Edmonton, Alberta. There second child, my father (William DRIVER) was born 9 Sept, 1916 in Edmonton. What I need help with is: 1. How do I locate a Marriage Certificate for them? I do not have a marriage date or exact location. 2. How do I find the ship that they emigrated on? Lily may have came with here parents and William came later following his sweet heart, so I am told. 3. How do I obtain birth certificates for there children born in Edmonton? 4. How can I determine if she came to Canada with her parents and brothers and sisters or came alone? If she came with her brothers and sisters then there is a good chance that I will have living relatives still in Canada. She may have been one of 10 children. I know this is a lot to ask but I would appreciate any and all help on this. As I am not a Canadian citizen this research would have to be done via e-mail or snail mail. I thank you in advance for any assistance, Dick Driver rldriver@imajis.com PS. Yes I would be happy to pay for some research. , North Bend, WA USA

Dick Driver - 2000-09-26 10:03:00

KROSSA, LEDUC, 1890-2000 KRZOSSA, LEDUC, 1890 WIERZBA,LEDUC,1900-2000 In about 1964 my mother visited her uncle, Richard “Dick” Krossa in a Medicine Hat Nursing home or care center. He died about a year or so later. I need the date of his death, wife children, etc. , Los Molinos,, CA USA

Betty Bower - 2000-09-25 21:20:30

GUNSON, Charles who had a homestead near Altario–NW & SW Section 36, township 33, range 2, Meridian W4–unknown year. I am interested to find out if he’s from Ireland or England. , Santa Monica, CA United States

Roger Gunson - 2000-09-23 21:01:30