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WAXMUND, HENRY 1901 I found where my ancestor Henry Waxmund was on the Alberta 1901 census. I know he died in Lethbridge in 1917. I am looking for any information anyone may have on him. He was married to a Mary Emma Stroupe in 1882 in Perry county, Ohio, USA. Then when Mary died he left his daughter Margaret with his brother Albert in Perry county and went to Canada. I believe he remarried or was living with someone at one time. Anyone having information on him, please contact me. I have very little info. Thanks, Mary Dearing , USA

Sender's Email - 2001-06-10 10:44:30

LAGIMODIERE,CARDINAL NAULT, FLAMAND, MOYAN, TROTTIER(TRUCHIE?) Hi, I’m looking for info on the LAGIMODIERE’s that lived in the Frog Lake–Clearwater lake area Also info on Josephine TROTTIER that married Baptiste LAGIMODIERE, I would like to find the names of her parents Also I’m looking for The parents of Marie CARDINAL Also I’m looking for the parents of August MOYAN Also the parents of Therese NAULT that married Joseph FLAMAND I believe they all came from the Alberta area , BC Canada

Candice - 2001-06-10 10:44:30

Mudry, Steven-died April 20, 1960 at Calmar Alberta. Looking for info on him and his family. Was in Peterborough Ontario in 1945 from June to Nov. Had 2 sisters. Daughter looking for this info , Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Lenda Ducharme - 2001-06-08 12:20:13

FITZPATRICK, Thomas and Mary Ann (McLaughlin) – Grande Prairie, Alberta – came from Minnesota about 1911. Interested in contact with anyone with knowledge of this family. , Sherborn, MA U.S.A.

Chuckie Blaney - 2001-06-07 15:15:25

ROGERS, JOHN ANDREW, born in Cayuga, Ontario, 19 June 1893. Known to be of EDMONTON in Feb 1920. Served in Canadian Expedionary Forces. , Sherborn, MA USA

chuckie Blaney - 2001-06-07 15:11:34

TURNER VALLEY OILFIELDS. This is not exactly a genealogical query but I thought there may be people who could help me in my endeavor. I am trying to collect obituaries or dates for any person who ever lived in the Turner Valley Oilfields from Millarville to Longview. I have made up a master index of names and a binder with the obits, funeral cards, article, etc. that I have been able to collect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. , Turner Valley, Alta Canada

F. Denning - 2001-06-07 12:32:21

SIMPSON,David&Clara,Josephburg.His father was Levitt. They had a son Benjamin which I believe is my link. I am the grandson of Fanny Rachel Simpson who was David’s younger sister. They were from Burk’s Falls area in Ont. before David went west. I am looking for descendants of David and Clara. I have a great deal of info. re the rest of the Simpson family. , Owen Sound, ON Canada

Gord Calder - 2001-06-07 12:25:10

DE MILLE, CALGARY, 1901 Am looking for information on this family in the 1901 census, Calgary West: De Mille, Vernon age 40 Bessie age 36 Howard age 16 Carrie age 12 Bertram age 7 Ora age 10 William age 2 , Oakville, ON Canada

Carol Nicholson - 2001-06-07 11:25:10

CONSTANTINE,Innisfail, 1901 Am searching for information on this family in the 1901 Innisfail East census Constantine, George age 54, Sara age 52. Mabel age 20 Bliss age 19, Eugenie age 17 , Oakville, ON Canada

Carol Nicholson - 2001-06-07 11:20:33

MILLER,Alfred D. -Edmonton early 1900’s.He was a minister in Edmonton. Sometimes known as Fred.Not sure what religion. Any help would be appreciated. , Mb. Canada

Dorothy Brown - 2001-06-07 04:02:20

Im looking for help in how can I find out more information about a small town in Alberta called Paxson, not far from Edmonton, my family research starts in paxson but I have been unable to find a records about the town. , Calgary, Ab Canada

Linda - 2001-06-06 14:23:30

Mercer,Calgary, 1978 , Calgary, ab Can

Mark berkelaar - 2001-06-06 10:01:00

Anyone with information on how the village of Chisholm, Alberta received its name. Who was it named after, etc. , antigonish, n.s. canada

jolene - 2001-06-05 10:45:00

Mowry, Innisfail Alberta, July 9, 1922 I am looking for any information on my grandmother, Ena Ruth Mowry daughter of Charles Otto Mowry and Jennie Isabel Foster. I have just found out that she was born in Innisfail Alberta in 1922. Any information on Mowry family would be greatly appreciated. Also could someone actually pinpoint where in Alberta Innisfail is? Thank you. Karla kyurco@brunnet.net , Saint John, NB Canada

Karla - 2001-05-31 01:01:10

Unknown – death of dr and his wife from automobile care crash in late 1967 or early 1968 in Edmonton. They had adopted twin boys at the time and because they died before the 6 months, we never knew what happened to the boys. Does anybody have any information about the doctor’s name? , Winnipeg, MB Canada

Charmaine Bohemier - 2001-05-29 12:35:50

Ashton,Betty Ruth,Born August 26,1967 at the Royal Alexandria Hospital , Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Ashton, Betty Ruth - 2001-05-28 13:14:00

Thomson, Drumheller, 1934- I would like info on my Great-Grandfather William Thomson (may be spelled Thom(p)son). He left his family in B.C. and went to work in the coal mines in Drumheller. , Merritt, B.C. Canada

Kerry Clark - 2001-05-24 14:20:15

Alberta Protestannt Home Christmas parties and any other pictures available in the time between 1954-1957. Some of my family was there during that time. Thanx Bob Turner. , Prince George, B.C. Canada

Robert G. Turner - 2001-05-23 23:42:31

DUNCAN: Heather Murial Duncan, Vancouver Island BC. I am seeking information from anyone who knew my sister Heather. She drowned in Cowichan River sometime in the 1980s Please contact me if you have any information. , london, england

John Duncan - 2001-05-23 02:12:10

ODEGARD/ODEGARDE, MEETING CREEK/CAMROSE, 1909-1950. I am looking for information about Peter Olson Odegard/Odegarde and his wife Mathia Kristina Krog Odegard. They were born in Norway, lived around Underwood/Fergus Falls, Minnesota until 1909, and then moved to Meeting Creek, Canada.Family sources say they had 16 children. The only information I have is about one son, also named Peter who married Dorothy Plahn and are buried in the Meeting Creek Cemetery. The younger Peter had sons: Hjalmer,Oluf,Conrad,Edward,Julius,and Alfred. I would appreciate any information about this family. Who are the other 15 children of Peter and Mathia Kristina? You may email me at: lslud@unitelc.com , Meeting Creek, AL Canada

Lana Ludwig - 2001-05-22 03:03:00

WATSON, Charles Scott Stanley, Medicine Hat, 1908…My grandmother’s sister’s name was Constance Venitia DRUM…they married and went to Medicine Hat right after they married…the only date I have is April 23 1908 and the paper said they went to Medicine Hat Alta…I don’t know how to do a search for them…any assistance would be greatly appreciated.. Cheers Dave , Courtenay, BC Canada

Dave Dyke - 2001-05-22 03:02:00

MORRIS, David Walter. born 8.3.1904 Trawsfynydd, Wales. Landed Canada 31.8.1929 aboard ‘Letitia’ at Quebec. Wife Sadie Morris, 24 yrs, born Gateshead, England. Went to work as a draper for Davies, E. Evan, 10256 Wadhurst Road, Edmonton, Alberta. No further details known. He was my wife’s father and she never knew him. He divorced Sadie (maybe??) and married my wifes mother in UK in 1939. If he and Sadie had children they would be my wifes half brothers/sisters. Can anyone help?? , Doncaster, Yorks UK

Colin Brown - 2001-05-21 14:12:00

McDonald, Strathcona, Canada around 1896 to 1900. Looking for information on Albert Wesley McDonald born in Strathcona, Alberta, Canada Jan. 16, 1896. His parents were George McDonald and Cora Baird. He had a sister or half-sister Lillian Baird/McDonald? Please e-mail me if you have any information. Thanks, Teflin@juno.com , Cassopolis, MI USA

Linda Fager - 2001-05-15 14:10:23

PILKINGTON, SION AB, about 1904 or 1905 Trying to find my 83 year old mother’s uncle Joseph Pilkington (nee Rimmer) who was with his mother and step-father Mary and John Pilkington and sister Mary (nee Myra) Pilkington when they left Burnley, Lancashire UK about 1904. We don’t think they came in through the U.S. What ports would they have come into and is it possible to get ships lists for that time period? Uncle Joe would have been about 10. I would like to find out about schools in Sion, if there were any and also more local history. I haven’t a clue where to start. Searches on the internet hardly have Sion there at all. I’m anxious to do the work. Please, someone, point me in the right direction. , Deer Park, WA USA

Judy Knight - 2001-05-15 10:21:20

I am looking for information on the “Morgan” family surname. My grandfather was born in Canada to Saul Clay Morgan and Maude Lelia Sparks on Feb 12, 1910. His name was Glen Lewis Morgan. He had a brother, Harold Morgan and a sister Juanita. I haven’t gotten any further than his parents. Claude was born on 02-18-1883 and Muade on 02-25-1885 (both in Iowa). Any information would help. , Castor, Alberta, Canada

Tammy - 2001-05-15 04:11:20

COADIC,VASILL ALPAUGH,ALTA IMMIGRATED there [1899] from GALICIA [SPAIN] Wifes’ name POLINKA Children; ANTUM,JON,CATHERINA,MARY ANY data much appreciated !!! THANX !!! CLIFFORD COADIC , Williams lake ,, B.C. Canada

CLIFFORD H.COADIC - 2001-05-14 13:10:40

Delorme, St. Albert , Edmonton, AB Canada

Andrea Williams - 2001-05-13 22:40:00

ORME and CASHORE families: My father was Michael Edward James ORME b. 31 Oct. 1934 in Kindersley, Sask, but later various places in Alta. My mother, Jessie Ann Cashore was born 24 June 1933 in Lethbridge, Alta. I’d very much appreciate any information, or even just reminiscences that anyone might have about my parents or their relations. Father’s Side Names: ORME, BAPTISTE Mother’s Side Names: CASHORE, MORRISON, RYND, MCCOSH, BENEDICT Thanks in advance, Douglas Orme douglasorme@hotmail.com , Toronto, Ontario Canada

Douglas Orme - 2001-05-08 21:53:20

ROXBURGH/BERRY, EDMONTON, 1915 – Baby girl born Amy Roxburgh was adopted into the Berry family. May have been living with the Berrys since birth, but was not formally adopted until 1926 (according to adoption papers). Any information on birth parents or birth family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , BC Canada

Anne - 2001-05-08 20:42:35

I am trying to find any details of my grandfather’s brother Alexander Ford. He died in Alberta 17/10/1963. He was a soldier WW1,He was shipped out to Canada in the 1890 from England.Dr. Barnardos home. , Alberta, Canada

Irene Seabrook - 2001-05-08 14:50:50

Seeking descendants of Sigurd Albert Olsen (Olson) b. 27 Nov. 1885 on the farm Stubberud, Akershus, Norway. He left Kristiania (Oslo) 6 Apr. 1906 with SS Salmo to Hull, England. Ticket destination was Nebraska, USA. He wrote back from Ontario, Canada. His mother was Ingeborg Olsen Stubberud b.1840 in Nesodden, Akershus, Norway as Hansen and father was Anton Olsen Stubberud b.1837 in Spydeberg, Akershus, Norway. , Denton, Tx USA

Bjorn Hohnsen - 2001-05-07 12:34:40

Foster/Swan, Chauvin, Alberta – My grandparents met and married in Chauvin, then moved and settled north of Winnipeg. Loking for any info known Fye Foster (my grandfather). I wo , Winnipeg, mb Canada

Mary Ann - 2001-05-07 10:30:10

Larocque, Emerance, b. 1872, wife of Pierre Larocque. Native ancestory. Lived in Lac St. Anne, Alberta, area. Mother of Eliza Lee of Onoway, Alberta. Maiden name ? Place of birth ? Thanks. , Nelson, B.C. Canada

Alison Burns - 2001-05-06 13:40:00

FLETCHER, James Clark, b1919 VIC, AUS, RAAF pilot, married in Edmonton 1940s, had two children, divorced in AUS 1953, wife and children returned to Canada. Contact sought with wife or descendants , Hamilton, New Zealand

A K ATTWOOD - 2001-05-05 14:10:30

SWAN, DESJARLAIR,Cold Lake Reserve,Looking for information on Caroline T. Swan, her mother Marguerite Desjarlais, and her mother Philomene Desjarlais late 1800’s to about 1960. Any information appreciated , Edmonton, Ab Canada

Joanne - 2001-05-03 10:15:30

SCROGGIE, GILBY, 1915- My great great grandfather George Scroggie lived near Gilby, Alberta in the early 1900s. I’m trying to find out more about his stay there. I’m traveling threre this fall and would like to know where best to look for census records (1915-1925), land records, etc. Thank you. , Laguna Niguel, CA USA

Michael Scroggie - 2001-05-02 23:25:20

Looking on any information on Carl Schramm married to Margrete Knorberger in Stoney Plain Alberta. , Calgary, AB Canada

Sender's Email - 2001-05-02 12:30:32

I would like a list of all the Howse Family buried at Pakan or Fort Victoria cemeteries. , Edmonton, AB Canada

Patrick Best - 2001-05-02 11:50:41

Bridges, Alberta, 1800 – 1900’s I am looking for information about my Native ancestory. I believe my Grandmothers name was changed to Jesse Logan, she married a Samuel Bridges from Kentucky USA. She is of Cree heritage and was born in Alberta somewhere. , Calgary, AB Canada

Lisa Bridges - 2001-05-01 10:23:30

Jackson,Pincher Creek, Aberta.Ugently seeking details of Anne Jackson nee Harrison originaly from Yorkshire England,died 10 Dec.1912 where is she buried,any living relatives we can contact.would love to hear from you.Thank you in anticipation of your help. Joyce , crawley, england

JACKSON - 2001-05-01 10:20:00

Richard P Moore,Cordelia Belsora Dennis,Looking for any information I can get. Her family was from N.C. Do not know anything about him. Thanks , Oklahoma , Ok Canada

Frances Grisham - 2001-04-30 04:05:00

CARLIN,CALGARY,1900? – Looking for any information on a DR. CHARLES CARLIN (born 9/8/1853 Uttica, New York, died 8/7/1952 Calgary, Alberta) or his wife MINNIE JULIA CULVER (born 2/5/1865 Omaha, Nebraska, died 2/8/1949 Calgary, Alberta). They moved to Calgary sometime after their marriage in 1889 and raised a family of 7: Marietta Elizabeth (Richardson), Frederick E., Minnie Culver (Lynch), Charles Van Ransler(sp.?), Leo Emmanuel, (my grandmother)Dorothy Marian (Grosse)and Thelma(died at 15 years). My grandparents, Dorothy Carlin and WALTER ANTHONY GROSSE (from Portland, Oregon) married in Calgary Aug. 21, 1918. I believe he worked for a newspaper, printing or mailing company. I have no information on Dr. Carlin’s burial place or his parents. Any information at all about the Carlin family would be greatly appreciated – I am stuck! Thank you. , Calgary, Alta Canada

Bonnie Amaon - 2001-04-25 11:11:23

STIMSON/MAXWELL, Fawn Lake and Arvilla, NorthWest of Edmonton.Early 1900’s John Dixon Stimson homesteaded with son William Thomas and Nephew George W on Section 22 Twp 58 Range 1 W5. William Thomas married Susie Alice Maxwell of Arvilla about 8 km south of Fawn Lake. Any long lost cousins out there? , Burnaby, BC Canada

Bill Stimson - 2001-04-24 10:40:32

YUZDA /JUZDA,KRAKOW/Hilliard Alberta – 1898 > Haryshym YUZDA/JUZDA age 32 years.appeared on the 1898 Passenger List of the Palatia, along with CHMELYK,Kindrat, Yakym, Julia(Josepha/Jorepha) and Mykola (age 2), Haryshym Yuzda does not appear on the 1901 Census – or any other place in Alberta. Has anyone seen or heard of this name. With Sincere Thanks, Cheers, Stella , Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Stella - 2001-04-23 03:12:00

DIPTHERIA,MUNDARE/HILLIARD/ KRAKOW Alberta, 1908 ? My grandparents lost 3 very young daughters (2 one day – the next a day later). We have never been able to determine what year. There apparently was Diptheria in 1908 ? with some deaths. There was also a Smallpox or ? epidemic in 1906 ? Ther is no official Death Registration for these Children, There are no Church Records found. There are no markings left in the Possible Cemetery where they may be buried. Churchyard of Seniuks Church. Any little bit of information would be more than welcome. Thank you. Cheers, Stella , VAncouver, B.C. Canada

Stella - 2001-04-23 03:00:00

CHMELYK,1898>KRAKOW/Hilliard Mundare. Searching for Ggrandfather Kindrat CHMELYK – age 60 years. – emigrated to Canada from Bila Chortkiv 1898 onboard Passenger ship Palatia, with Son Yakym,and family. Does not appear in the 1901 Census – or anywhere else.The family settled first in Star, then Krakow/Hilliard area of Alberta. With Sincere Thanks for any help. Cheers, Stella , Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Stella - 2001-04-23 02:01:40

Gibson,Andrew W. Albeta 1901 census wife Mary with six children listed would like infromation on them. Listed he was from U.S.A. Lived in Ponoka, had a Baby Joe born in Oct. ,1901 in LaCome,Albeta,Canada and was given to a Isaac Pine. Anybody with infro. out there???? Thank You! , portland, or united states

laura pine - 2001-04-22 10:50:00

STEIGER, KILLIAN, ALBERTA Looking for relatives of Johann or John Steiger, came to Canada from South Russia. He had relatives in SD. His Father and two brothers homesteaded in South Dakota in the area of Mound City, Campbell County, South Dakota. Fathers name was Georg Steiger, mother, Maria. Brothers were Jacob, Frederich and Heinrich. Heinrich moved to the state of Washington and settled at Dusty, Washington. John may have been born in about 1872 or 1873. Census at Petersthal in Russia in the year 1881 said he was 9 years old. He also had a sister Maria that stayed in Russia. Our records say the lived in Rumania near Odessa. I understand that these borders changed and they may not have moved. Vernetta Steiger Bader trvrbader@santel.net , Parkston, SD USA

Vernetta Steiger Bader - 2001-04-22 10:30:20

PINE,Isacc living around Lacombe,Alberta,Canada, in 1901 that took a foster child named Joseph Lawence Gibson into his home Baby Joe was just that a baby his mother Mary Delilah Gibson died and the Father Andrew W, Gibson could’nt take care of him as he had six other children so gave to Isaac Pine who in turn went back to the U,S.A. I think to Ne. Thank you !!! , portland, or United States

laure - 2001-04-22 10:10:30

Watson, Harry married to Sarah A Ellis I can not locate a place of birth , date and place for both Harry and Sally as well as marriage information. Census from 1901 shows them in Alberta .I’m trying to find my ancestors for a Christmas gift to my siblings. Our family is growing and we want to find out where our family was from. Can anybody help me find out these dates and places please. , Parkland, Florida USA

Kathy Ciaffone - 2001-04-20 03:12:50