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Deanna Cox - 2000-06-24 10:33:21

searching for info on my family CLENNAN, William John born apprx 1883 – wife Kathleen – born apprx 1888. Lived in Calgary 1909 thru 1939. Five children, all born in Calgary. , Grand Saline, Tx U.S.A

Dave Johnstone - 2000-06-24 10:30:50

I am trying to locate information on my great grandfather Norman Vandell. He was born about 1827. He married Juliean/Julia Monroe. He was a Scout during the Reil Rebellion and each summer for several years he moved supplies between between Calgary and Edmonton via mule train. Any information anyone may have on this man, would be greatly appreciated. , Redmond, WA USA

Shirley A. Steele - 2000-06-23 15:40:43

I’m trying to find more about a relative from my father’s side. The name is GEORGE RUFF. I know he owned a hardware store in BASHAW, Alberta in the 1920’s or 1930’s. He emigrated from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was fluent in German and Romanian. , Mississauga, ont Canada

Eugene Aldea - 2000-06-21 01:03:10

Woods, Edmonton Area, 1800’s – Searching for Thos. Woods who lived in or around the Edmonton area and who was probably a farmer. He went to farm in North Dakota. He must of been farming in the Minto, ND area in 1906; that is when my father, Norbert Henry Woods was born in Minto ND on November 12, 1906. Any info would be greatly appreciated as I have no info on my fathers father. , Antioch, CA USA

Patty - 2000-06-19 21:30:35

Gibson,George Scott.RCMP Grassy Lake.Seeking information on above also sister Isabella Gibson who married Arden Litt and lived in Burdette,Alberta.George married Jessie Sowerby in England in 1919.Any info would be appreciated.Thanks. , Barrie, ON Canada

Colin Aitchison - 2000-06-19 13:01:20

Looking for any information on Dr. THOMAS Merton Dyer and his spouse Annie Muriel Dyer who were in the Edmonton Alberta area in 1945. He was born in 1896 and deceased in 1970. Annie was born in 1898 and deceased in 1961 Would appreciate any information as far as their children or siblings, or any information at all. Thank you very much for your help , Stockton, CA USA

Howard Miller - 2000-06-17 23:34:33

Alexander Gunner McDonald “Sandy” born Feb.29th. 1848 Marr.Marguerite L’Hirondelle in 1879 in Calgary. he may have served with N.W.M.Police and in the Boer War.would apprec. any info. re:parents etc. , Sooke, BC Canada

John McDonald - 2000-06-17 10:50:25

LEVESQUE, SIMON, WELSH, ADAMS, MILLER – Pincher Creek area between 1890-1910. Looking for any information regarding an Isabel, George or Adelaide living in Pincher Creek. Adelaide was mother, daughter Isabella born around 1900, son George born around 1907. , Everett, WA USA

Don Murray - 2000-06-16 11:42:00

MCCONNELL,CALGARY Researching Joshua Orrin McConnell family of the Shephard area.He came to Alberta from Ontario some time later than 1885.Any help greatly appreciated , Dixonville, Ab Canada

Sandi Daub - 2000-06-16 04:02:00

Trekofski,Irvine,1903 – looking for information on the Trekofski side of my family. Any information concerning other members of the family would be greatly appreciated. Grandfather Joseph, Grandmother Elizabeth(Doerr). , Prescott, On Canada

Charlene Madden - 2000-06-14 21:22:50

BOLINGER, GLEICHEN 1909- my grandfather went to Canada in 1909 and worked for a “wonderful farmer from TN named Bolinger” Am curious if anyone has first name of info regarding this man or his family. , Gleichen, Alta Canada

Lori Belden-Pope - 2000-06-13 22:15:00

MEYER, Edmonton, 1915- I am trying to find Mr. & Mrs. John Meyer located in Edmonton in 1915 and again in 1931. Looking for Mrs. Meyer, whose parents were John and Anne Pederson in Eau Claire, WI. The above two dates correspond with the dates of the obituaries place in the Eau Claire paper at the times of the parents deaths. I do not know the first name of Mrs. Meyer, she had two other sisters, Caroline and Anna and four brothers- Christ, Harry, Ole, and Charles. Our family has completely lost track of this branch and I would dearly love to reconnect. Sorry my information is so scanty. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can undertake. Anita Reid , Eau Claire, WI USACanada

Anita A Reid - 2000-06-13 14:14:00

Sweet family, Dewberry Alberta, 1906 – I am trying to trace some information on a branch of my Sweet family which settled in the Dewberry Alberta area. I have been able to establish when they arrived in Dewberry, (1906) and that they apparently came from Ontario. If anyone can give me information on either/both the Alberta or Ontario Sweet family, I would really appreciate the nudge in the right direction. , Kelowna, BC Canada

Patti O’Byrne - 2000-06-09 23:33:20

ALGEIER, Heinreich & Marie (Geisheimer), Edmonton, 1910 family emigrated from Austria/Romania/Hungary. Any information would be greatly appreciated. , Canada

Eugenia Crane Algeier - 2000-06-09 01:01:00

Upshaw,New Norway,1921-to present time? Looking for family of Early and Ada Upshaw. Settled in or near New Norway in the 20’s.Would like to hear from their children or grandchildren or any one with information on family.Thank You.. , Grayland, WA USA

Casha - 2000-06-07 22:53:40

QUESNEL, DELIA Date and place of birth and death. Died around 1967, was born just before the turn of the century. I believe buried in Warburg, AB , Winnipeg, MB Canada

Betty Halvorson - 2000-06-07 21:02:00

BROWNING, BREMNER/BREMMER- INNISFAIL, 1900-1919 Searching for CENSUS, DEATH and BURIAL of g,g,grandmother, Phoebe Covey Sibley BROWNING. Born 1815, New York State; lived, Wabasha County, Mn.; Dunn County Wisconsin where I last find her on the 1900 census, living with her is her daughter Anna BREMNER/BREMMER Phoebe BROWNING and daughter Anna BREMNER/BREMMER moved to Innisfail sometime after the 1900 census. Phoebe may appear on the 1901 Canadian cenus as 86 year old widow. The daughter Anna BREMNER/BREMMER moved to Oakes, Dickey County, North Dakota in July 1919 and died there in 1920. Any and all help appreciated , Dickinson, ND USA

Bernie Schwindt - 2000-06-07 02:04:20

Boschee, August & Eva (Stroh), Cypress County, 1900 – any info about them or the Robinson School. Thanks! , Lynnwood, WA USA

Cynthia Buhler - 2000-06-05 10:03:00

Anderson (Thomas) Edmonton, 1880s+; Many thanks to the research group of the AGS Edmonton branch for helping reunite the Canadian, English and Australian branches of the Anderson family. Some old letters in a trunk owned by an elderly cousin in England lead me to search for Canadian relations whose existance I was unaware of to that point. A query on this page was answered by an AGS researcher and the wealth of information she provided then lead, via a second Canadian web site, to me being contacted by a relation in Calgary who never knew of the Australian Andersons! We are now planning a reunion in Calgary! It should be quite an event as we have more than 100 years to catch up on! Thank you so much for your help. If any other descendants of Thomas and Adelaide Anderson read this, please contact me. , Perth, WA Australia

Owen Nichols - 2000-06-03 04:04:40

FEATHERSTONE, EDMONTON, 1907 or 1908. I am look- ing for a Arthur Feather- stone who emigrated from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, to Edmonton. His father’s name was John George Featherstone. Arthur was in the Canadian army and was at Vimy Ridge. He was my father’s first cousin. Arthu , st george, nb Canada

shirley parsons - 2000-06-02 12:50:00

Ex-Mounties, Albert, 1897 I have photo showing ex-mounted police men taken in Medicine Hat, AB, 1897 They are: Robert WATSON, George CONNORS, Robert McCUTCHEON, William JOHNSTON, J.H.G. BRAY and James SANDERSON. Are any of these men your ancestors? My grt. grandfather, Thomas Frederick Clarke WILTON is in the photo. He was posted at Fort Walsh 1875-78. Anyone else researching NWMP in that area?? , Stony Plain, AB Canada

Penny Deib - 2000-06-02 12:41:32

Pearce, Thomas Albert, Edmonton Any Information on Thomas Albert Pearce who brought a group of settlers to the Edmonton area known as the “Parry Sound Settlers” He was also credited with coining the phrase “Sunny Alberta”. I am his great-grand-daughter and would like to expand my knowledge of that part of Alberta history. , Calgary, ab Canada

Loretta Pearce - 2000-06-02 10:40:20

Pearce, Thomas Albert , Calgary, ab Canada

Loretta Pearce - 2000-06-02 10:35:00

EBL, CROWSNEST PASS, early 1900’s; Looking for more info on EBL family (Josef & Emily, Frank, Joseph, Charlie, Rosie) who came to the Crowsnest Pass area about 1905. They may have gone first to Michel BC to work at the coal mine there. Josef died 1919 in mine cave-in at Nordegg. The family settled around the Evergreen area. Some descendants still live there. Original spelling of Ebl may be Ibl. Any info would be appreciated. , AB Canada

mj - 2000-06-01 21:20:42

ARGUE, EDMONTON, 1956 In order to assist with research, I am hoping to locate obituary information of Albert Benson Argue, who died in 1956 and is buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery – 22 Nov 1956. I am hoping to find further info on family members. Thanks kindly. Debbie Prince , Newmarket, ON Canada

Debbie Coxon Prince - 2000-05-27 10:34:15

Looking for Whitfords,Monkmans,Hendersons. Most of these are from the RRS. , Vancouver, BC Canada

Michael Melen - 2000-05-26 12:41:23

Quiqley, Crownnest,1914 I am seeking info on James and Thomas Quigley who were lost in the Hillcrest Explosion of 1914. , St. John’s, NF Canada

David Rose - 2000-05-25 20:20:20

Swan, Cluny, 1929 we are currently looking for information on my father Wilfred(Anthony) Swan’s birth place, his parents Olivia(Caroline)Soloway and Joseph J swan. My father was born on August 3-1929 in the Cluny area as far as we can tell and any information no matter how little would be greatly appreciated. Thank you , cold lake, ab Canada

corrine swan - 2000-05-24 23:05:00

Would like to know if there is some one who would do a cemetary “Lookup” for St.Albert, Alberta. Needed for someone who has e-mailed from a rootsweb -L Do not knbow where this person lives. If you could do this I will pass on the e-mail address to you. , Grande Prairie, Ab Canada

Norma - 2000-05-24 10:42:50

Ed brawn or Le Brawn married to a Flora Knoke lived in Ambrose North DAKOTA in 1907 was from alberta , st george, ut USA

Arden brazil - 2000-05-23 21:41:42

JAMES TAYLOR GREGORY-BORN 1926, HIGH RIVER. I am looking for information on my grandfather’s birth family. He was born in 1926 in High River. Have very little info to go on. Please e-mail at noahzark@telusplanet.net , Canada

Sherilyn - 2000-05-23 10:54:00

MCLAREN, HANNA AREA, looking too complete family tree. Mclarens I am looking for had 2 sons, B 1929 and 1933, 2 daughters, B 1938 and early 1940’s. Wife was teacher…please info any information with thanks , vancouver, bc Canada

T Lewis - 2000-05-19 13:20:00

WYATT,Ernest John and Matilda. lived in Nestow Alta. around 1907 or later. He ran a General Store and was Justice of the Peace. A Couple of his sons worked for railway there.Must be a lot of history regarding this family. They were my Grandparents. E.J. was also Commissioner of Athabaska. Matilda was school teacher. Any pictures, documents, stories from local folks or library, would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Eileen. , Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Eileen Reddecopp - 2000-05-17 22:10:12

JUNKINS, ALBERTA-is/was there such a town in the early 1900s? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance. , Reno, NV US

Cheryl Jensen - 2000-05-17 14:20:21

TOM CLOVER, CLOVER BAR, EDMONTON,1858-1870,his wife ELIZABETH PAUL, do. PAUL PAUL & MARGUERITE LAVALLEE. Any information, especially MARRIAGE RECORDS. Tom worked some times for HBC,(no records) and Fr, Lacombe. Moved to Pembina, counted in 1870 census. , Apex, NC US

Shirley Olson - 2000-05-17 13:51:51

FORDE, EDMONTON after 1901; seek info. on John Whalen & Mary Ellen FORDE who went from Lanark Co., Ontario to Edmonton after 1901; both buried Edmonton 7Ave Cemetery. Did they have children? , Monument, CO US

Carolyn Murphy - 2000-05-15 14:20:52

Riley,Calgary ,1900’s Looking for family of James and Abbie Riley. Thought to have a daughter Hilda who married a Williamson and also a son Melvin C. Need information to complete family tree. , truro , n.s. Canada

Joan Baird - 2000-05-15 10:02:20

MELLON, Edmonton, 1901 The 1901 census shows John J Mellon, his wife Emilie and their children, Alice and Emilie. I have information about John J, his parents, grandparents and a slew of cousins. I would like to hear from any descendants of the above family. Depite the spelling, I am related. Morely Mellen , Kitchener, ON Canada

Morley Mellen - 2000-05-14 20:54:00

MELLON, GRANDE PRAIRIE, 1889-1965 I finally have some information on MONTAGUE MELLON. He is buried in Grande Prairie. Monty is a cousin to the John J MELLON in my previous query. Where can I find descendants who would like to trade family information? Morley Mellen , Kitchener, ON Canada

Morley Mellen - 2000-05-14 20:10:10

HANCOCK,BERNARD EDMONTON, MARCH 1926 I am considering taking up Canadian citizenship and need to know where I can obtain records of my father’s birth registration. I know his father’s name (John Hancock) but not his mother’s. He was born March 23 1926. Any info will be greatly appreciated. , Blackburn, England

Steve Hancock - 2000-05-14 15:10:00


Ernest R. Hamp - 2000-05-06 11:43:30

I have just begun to researc my family’s history, I was born on Feb. 27, 1979, and then adopted into the Speight family. I ws wondering if you could help me find the listings of adoption agencies in Edomonton (my birthplace). I have lived in the US for most of my life now and was curious to know what legalities there are to finding your biological parents in Canada. Yours Truly James Speight , Honolulu, HI USA

James Speight - 2000-05-04 12:30:50

ROTH,EDMONTON,1991 My cousin in Glasgow came across a copy of “The Law Family of Shettleston”written by Barbara (Law) Roth of EDMNTN. Would like contact with her re book but there are 93 Roth’s in Canada 411 in EDMNTN. Help!! , Paris, ME USA

Bill Bowman - 2000-05-02 12:30:32

FRIEDENSTAB.RED DEER.ALBERTA. Richard Friedenstab immig from Lodz,Poland early 1900, homestead in Sask before moving on to Alberta. He is my Fathers Uncle.Am told he died and is buried in Red Deer. Thanks for help and info. Florence Friedenstab Griffin fgnightingale@aol.com Prattville, Al 36067 , Prattville, Ala USA 36067

Florence Friedenstab Griffin - 2000-05-01 10:53:50

SOUTHWORTH,LYMAN, EDMONTON, ABT 1939. Just prior to the beginning of WWII my dad Lewis Allen LYMAN worked for a small truck delivery company on Jasper street and Dad stayed with the John Southworth family. John worked the passenger line for the CN. John had a son named John (with a wooden foot/leg?) and a daughter Kathleen who was a nurse in Edmonton. If there’s anyone that remembers this family I’d really like to hear from them as they might also have the name of the young lady that my dad was dating while he was in the Edmonton area. , Arlington, WA USA

Ruth Whetnall - 2000-04-30 21:11:32

NIPISSING,Marguerite married,L’Hirondelle,Joseph,Edmonton in fall 1842. may have come from Lac Ste Ann , Sooke, BC Canada

John McDonald - 2000-04-28 11:01:40

LOGAN, Lovett or Sarah, Edmonton, 1955. Any info you might have. Sarah was my Aunt. Maiden name PELLEY. Born Nfld. Member of Salvation Army One Child, Daughter Deceased late 50’s early 60’s Trying to complete family tree. , Edmonton, Alta. Canada

Don Pelley - 2000-04-27 10:50:00

Note: It was Sarah who deceased, NOT the daughter. Thanks. You can phone me at 709-663-1146. , Edmonton, Alta Canada

Don Pelley - 2000-04-27 10:25:00